Top 6 Luxury Hostels in Lisbon


Lisbon is the capital of the world’s best hostels…

Lisbon hostels often fall into the ratings of the best in the world, and because of the high growth of tourism, the number of enterprises of this type in the city grows like mushrooms after the rain: over the past year and a half, their number has more than doubled. Increasing competition, and with it the quality of the services provided. Prices, on the contrary, are falling and Lisbon today is one of the cheapest European capitals.

Hostels in Lisbon always include breakfast – this is already the local standard. If you want to visit Lisbon without spending a lot of money and at the same time get the service, which is often even higher than in hotels of 3-5 stars, then we recommend that you stay in a hostel.

Why Lisbon is the best place for hostels

A hostel is not necessarily a room that you have to share with strangers.

Many hostels in Lisbon also have private rooms for 2 or 3 people. The only thing you have to accept is a shared bathroom, which will be located not in the room, but separately, on the floor.

All hostels in Lisbon have equipped kitchens, where you can store food and cook, saving on restaurants. In the hostel, you will always be met by an employee who will answer all your questions, tell you what to see and give you attention, as a rule, much more than the receptionist of a large chain hotel.

For your convenience, I have selected a list of the 6 best hostels in Lisbon. I chose them in accordance with the ratings of the largest hotel aggregators, based on real reviews, taking into account that there were at least a few hundred reviews.

1. Yes Lisbon Hostel

Yes hostel in Lisbon, sourced from yeshostels

Address: Rua São Julião, 148, Santa Maria Mayor, Lisbon.

It is a cool hostel in the heart of Lisbon. To make it easier to navigate, the closest to it is the Commerce Square. It is enough to go outside, and in front of you is the whole historical part of the city, with cafes, shops, and sights. Why is it so “cool”, you ask?

It ticks my boxes in every way: from stylish design to cheerful staff (who entertain guests but do not forget about duties). Also note the ubiquitous cleanliness, comfortable mattresses, and delicious breakfasts.

2. Home Lisbon Hostel

Home Lisbon Hostel, sourced from homelisbonhostel

Address: Rua de São Nicolau 13, 2esq, Santa Maria Mayor, Lisbon

Located 5 minutes from the area of Chiado. It is cozy and clean with tasty food. Despite the fact that there is a shared kitchen, you can order dinner for 10 euros. By the way, this is one of the most booked hostels in Lisbon, as its target audience is European and American youth.

The design and location are excellent. Anyway, Home Lisbon Hostel is a worthy option. Having said this, the price is the highest in our rating – you can rent a bed for one night for 25-30 euros.

3. Lisbon Poets Hostel

Lisbon Poets Hostel, sourced from lisbonpoetshostel

Address: Rua Nova Da Trindade 2, 5º Andar, Santa Maria Mayor, Lisbon.

Lisbon Poets Hostel is one of the most booked!

Another luxury hostel in Lisbon. Near cafes, restaurants and bars, shops and supermarkets, transport and bus tours of the city. For those who have architecture and history in the first place, the popular sights of Lisbon are within walking distance. You should like the interior arrangement of the hostel: the rooms are spacious and bright, and you can leave valuables in the lockers, use free wi-fi and even book a separate room with a private bathroom. Free parking is also available.

4. Alfama Patio Hostel

Alfama Patio Hostel, sourced from alfama-patio-hostel

Address: Escolas Gerais 3, Patio dos Quintalinhos 1, Sao Vicente, Lisbon

The design of the outdoor terrace Alfama Patio Hostel has become one of the recognizable places in the city. Captured on a faded wall, the legendary yellow tram attracts tourists and bloggers. Everyone has a desire to check in on social networks at the well-known address of Lisbon. Honestly, the living conditions in this hostel are quite average, despite the bright design. Yes, you will have breakfast in a beautiful place, but you will have to live in the most ordinary rooms. But nothing terrible is also expected. Hostel as a hostel: the reviews are quite decent, the location is great!

5. Lisbon calling hostel

Lisbon calling hostel, sourced from lisboncalling

Address: Rua de São Paulo, 126 3D, Misericordia, Lisbon.

Lisbon Calling – one of the coolest hostels in Lisbon.

To pay attention to Lisbon Calling Hostel is worth those who plan to see not only Lisbon but also other Portuguese sights (go to Sintra, Cabo da Roca, etc.) because Cais do Sodra train station is near. The subway station is also useful – it is a few meters from the entrance. But do not think that the Misericordia district is the outskirts. It is historical, but not the most central part of the city. For example, in order to get to Rossio Square, you will have to use public transport. But these are just a few stops!

The hostel has common rooms and private (family) rooms. Breakfast is served in the mornings, and lunches/dinners can be prepared in the equipped kitchen.

6. Good morning Lisbon Hostel

Good morning Lisbon Hostel, sourced from goodmorninghostel

Address: Praça dos Restauradores 65, 2º floor, Santa Maria Mayor, Lisbon

Good morning Lisbon Hostel is a famous place in the capital of Portugal. People come here not so much for “cheapness” as for the spiritual situation. In this hostel, you can easily find company to travel around the city and even make true friends.

The price, by the way, is quite average (they are more expensive), and the quality of living is high. This is reflected in the level of professionalism of the staff, and in the generosity of breakfast (here you can try a good half of the national desserts and dishes), and in general comfort.

Enjoy your stay!

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