10 Best Loire Valley Wineries and Vineyards


A weekend in the esteemed Loire Vally is really all one needs to become fully immersed in the wine making industry of France. 

Situated in the very heart of the country, Loire is the epicenter for wine and sparkling wine from France to the world. The picturesque landscapes, and historical infrastructure, make this as much a cultural hub as it is indulgent. 

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Here are 10 spots not to miss if you’re in the area. In the summer, it is essential that you book in advance for all of them, should you wish to enjoy a wine tasting experience. 

1. Bouvet-Ladubay in Loire Valley

Bouvet-Ladubay are one of France’s most important producers of sparkling wine, laid out across hundreds of acres of green space through which one can roam free. The wine cellars themselves span an astounding 100 miles, weaving underground as the magic grows atop. 

What’s wonderful about this particular wine farm is that they have catered those who aren’t partial to walking such lengths; there are daily cycling excursions through the land along with guided tours. 

Chateau Bouvet-Ladubay – by Chateau Bouvet-Ladubay – Uploaded by them

The gardens not intended for wine making are idillic, and perfect for a short stroll in the sun. Bring a book!

2. Castle of Aulée in Loire Valley

You’ll only be able to tour the grounds at Castle of Aulée in season, the rest of the time the farm is simply open for tastings and lunch. 

A much more manageable wine farm in terms of size, tours are given in perfect English and are wonderfully informative. Purchasing wines directly from the Castle of Aulée premises makes them notably inexpensive, so if you’re a fan of this winery out in the real world, be sure to take some home with you. 

Castle of Aulée – by Castle of Aulée – Uploaded by them

3. Cave des Producteurs de Montlouis-Sur-Loire in Loire Valley

The name of this wine cellar is a mouthful to say if you’re not already attuned to the French language. All you need to know is that making a 45 minutes pit stop at the caves during a day out in Loire Valley is a great way to sample some unique sparkling wines without the overwhelm of an entire farm. 

The sparkling wines are produced here, and you’ll be given a historical tour of the process, as well as the opportunity to taste along the way. 

4. Domaine de Beauséjour in Loire Valley

In 1978, this small bed and breakfast was built right here upon the wine farm that spanned across these rolling hills. Still in business today, I can’t recommend a stay here during your time in the Loire Valley!

Enjoy daily tastings from over 15 wineries, and spend your days looking out over the gorgeous French countryside. Swimming is easy since the B&B has an onsite pool!

Domaine de Beauséjour – by Domaine de Beauséjour – Uploaded by them

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5. Chateau de Miniere in Loire Valley

This is the best vineyard in Loire Valley to visit with children! The Chateau de Miniere has many activities to keep them busy while you enjoy your time in the tastings: hammocks, swings, bunny rabbits and coloring in facilities. In the summer all visitors have access to their pool. 

Self-guided tours of the grounds are the way things work around here, followed by your wine tasting. I recommend doing the tasting that covers their entire range; prices are exceptionally reasonable. 

6. Pierre and Bertrand Couly in Loire Valley

There is something incredibly rustic and Earth-centered about this major wine producer in Chinon. The vineyards are in a low hanging valley, which makes you feel very secluded and remote, unlike other farms where one can see for kilometers in every direction. 

Pierre and Bertrand Couly – by Pierre and Bertrand Couly – Uploaded by them

Amongst their wide variety of wines, Pierre and Bertrand also offer an onsite escape room experience which is a wonderful activity for anyone visiting in a group larger than four people. Children are welcome and staff are friendly — 5 stars!

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7. Château d’Epiré – Savennières in Loire Valley

When the Loire Valley is in harvest, Château d’Epiré is in full swing. These world class wines can be tasted in a welcoming setting outside on the lawns, overlooking the breathtaking panoramic views of the valley itself. 

There is a steep hill to climb in order to reach the chateau; I wouldn’t recommend this spot for physically impaired individuals.  

8. Domaine aux Moines in Loire Valley

Some of the best wines you’ll try in Loire Valley can be found right here at Domaine aux Moines; though you’d never know it, and you’re likely to wader into this farm on sheer dumb luck having been drawn in by the incredible greenery. 

Domaine aux Moines – by Domaine aux Moines – Uploaded by them

The estate provides bikes so that visitors can enjoy the grounds to their fullest. This far began converting to organic in 2006, and are now in the process of moving towards biodynamic agriculture. 

9. Domaine des Baumard in Loire Valley

The facade of this winery looks like it could play host to a secret jazz bar in Paris, and the surrounding grounds look more like the South of France than central nation. 

Don’t leave Domaine des Baumard empty handed; going home without a bottle or two is the biggest regret of nearly all who visit this winery. The wine is phenomenal, but can be difficult to come by in store if you’ll be traveling to other parts of the country. 

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10. Château Soucherie in Loire Valley

The Château Soucherie is another winery based hotel, and staying here feels like falling into a fairytale from your childhood. The price per night is actually quite reasonable, and one should expect a quiet stay filled with much green space and opportunity for solitude. 

You’ll be given tours of the farm, the cellars and the individual wines. Spend the hot summer’s days at the pool!

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