Here is our list of the best wine tasting places in Paris.

Ô Chateau

The best wine tasting places in Paris

Considered one of the best, if not the best, wine tasting places in Paris. Why is it so? Because of the great quality of the wine tested and the real love for wine of all the people who work there of course. However, the real plus is that whether you are an expert or a total beginner in wine tasting, you will be delighted by what they have to offer. Located in the posh Paris suburbs of Neuilly-sur-Seine, it is however easily reachable by public transportation. The company sometimes mixes wine tasting with cheese tasting and organizes day trips to regions of France such as Champagne in case you are interested.



Close to the Marais district, BiboVino could just be a typical wine shop if not for its real plus: it serves only « bag-in-box » wines, who are cheaper and more ecological for a superior quantity of wine. But, while bag-in-box is often associated to cheap and mediocre wine, BiBoVino’s focus is on real quality, making it a very interesting place if you want to taste but also buy!

Le Baron Rouge

Le Baron Rouge

One of Paris nicest wine bars and definitely one of the best wine testing places in Paris, where you will enjoy wine directly from one of the bar’s own wooden-barrel casks in a friendly and authentic atmosphere. The perfect place to enjoy French culture and befriend the locals – wine can always be of great help. Not to mention that, it’s cheap.

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