The Best Champagne Tours in Paris


If you’re a lover of bubbles, you’ll want to set aside a day during your trip to Paris for visiting the Champagne region of France. As you’ll know, it is here that the only genuine variants of Champagne (the beverage) can be made. 

This region sits in the North West of France, close to the Belgium boarder. It is easily reachable from Paris, making it a sought after excursion for a boozy day trip. 

These are some of the best tours available, so you won’t have to lift a finger (literally). 

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One of the most recognizable names in Champagne on the planet, the house of Moët & Chandon can be visited in just a short journey starting from Paris’ city center. 

It’s true that one doesn’t need an exclusive tour to get to these Champagne farms from Paris, but it does make life a lot easier knowing you don’t have to worry about transport or logistics, and are free to focus on the enjoyment of the day. 

by Nico Jacobs – Unsplash

This particular farm holds a lot of history, and is best experienced from the very capable hands of a tour guide. There are over 40km of cellars to be explored, which is admittedly not possible in just one day. That said, visiting the cellars and doing various tastings over the course of the day is a lot of fun!

Note that no meals are included in this tour package, only guides, transport and tastings. I recommend packing a picnic lunch for you and your friends/family to nibble on as you venture. 

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A visit to the Veuve Clicquot farm in Reims is one of the most sought after Champagne tours in France. This product holds quite the legacy in many cities around the world, so the rich and famous love visiting the land of its origins when they’re in Paris. 

This particular tour will keep you busy for a full day. You’ll visit the farm, enjoy the tastings, followed by a tour of the Cathedral of Reims (which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site), followed by a Champagne inspired lunch and a tour of the entire estate. 

by Aleisha Kalina – Unsplash

As a package experience, it doesn’t get much better than this for day trips from Paris. Unfortunately, hotel pickup and drop off is not included and you’ll need to get yourself to the central meeting point on the day — still worth it, trust me!

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For travelers on a budget, self guided tours of the Champagne region are the latest and greatest options for seeing what the area has to offer, without forking our hundreds of euros to do so. 

The biking tour is good fun if everyone in your group is up for the challenge. It starts at 9:30am sharp, where you’ll collect your bike from the HQ in Mareuil-sur-Ay. Though the tour is left to your discretion, the team there will give you pointers and maps so that you can make the most of your day. 

by Sebastian Herrmann – Unsplash

When you feel you’ve seen enough, you’ll make your way back to the HQ where a Champagne tasting will be served. 

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The name says it all with the exclusive tour on offer in the Reims Champagne region. This hefty price tag gets you access to a small (albeit not private) Champagne tour that will visit both the Moët & Chandon and Paul-Etienne Saint-Germain farms. 

by Becky Fantham – Unsplash

This is an immersive and carefully curated tour that offers a lot of attention to detail compared to other experiences on the market. You’ll end your day at the Dom Caudron collective, before being treated to a three course dining experience at a local Reims restaurant. 

The cost of the tour is all inclusive, including your hotel pick up from anywhere in Paris. 

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Finally, a look at the most exclusive way to enjoy the Champagne region during your visit to France. The price tag of this tour package speaks for itself, and is about as inclusive as Parisian day trips come. 

With this private tour experience, you’ll be taken through to the six most esteemed Champagne houses in the region: Vve Clicquot, Pommery, Mumm, Taittinger, Mercier and Moet & Chandon. 

by Mads Eneqvist – Unsplash

In between, you’ll be treated to numerous tastings and a lavish lunch experience for a much needed midday break. 

Pickup is only included if you are staying in Reims or Epernay. From Paris, you will need to arrange to get to either of these areas. Don’t let this deter you from booking this particular tour; it is repeatedly rated a 5 star experience by many happy customers. 

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