Paris is an endless city, the kind of city in which you could come a dozen times, without being able to know it fully. Of course, you may know the main streets and the big boulevards, the oldest districts and the historical facts. But what about the secret neighborhoods, what about the little streets and their anecdotes? After all, this is also what Paris is all about: these unknown places made Parisian and french history, sometimes just as much as the main monuments made it. But not to worry, there is always a way to discover these places: all you need is a private tour. So here are my Top 5 best tours in Paris.

Tour to the Main Monuments of Paris


The first in my top 5 private tours is a Tour to the main monuments of Paris in the very famous Citroen 2CV with a Parisian chauffeur dressed in the typical « marinière and beret ». In this tour, you will not only visit Paris and its most beautiful places from the Garnier Opera, to the Louvre museum, and Notre-Dame, but you will also take part in the most Parisian experience of your life.

Your local chauffeur will also be your guide and will lead through the best of Paris with anecdotes and a humour only he as a local can have. However, if noisy tours are not your type of thing, this tour might not be the best option but if it is not a problem, I would highly recommend this tour as it is a good way to discover the charms of the French way of life.

Paris Bike Tour

The second tour in top 5 private tour is the Paris bike Tour. In summer, Paris is so pretty that wasting your time in the metro would be such a shame. Buses could be a nice alternative, they are useful to see Paris without having to walk, but the thing is Paris is full of little streets to which buses cannot go, and what would be Paris without the little streets and the secret places…

The bikes are a very good alternative: first of all, it will change you from the usual walking you do every day, and second of all it will allow you to take a look into what is hiding behind the main streets. Along with your guide who, as a local will tell you all about Paris, you will discover a more secret and charming Paris, the one that locals see in their daily life.

Top 5 best tours in Paris Paris-bicycle

Discover Walks Tours

The third tour in my top 5 best tours in Paris is the Discover Walk tours. This one has pretty much nothing to do with the ones before as all the Discover Walks tours are walking tours. Their specificity is that all the guides are locals and Parisians. So they will not only take you to the streets you would never go to on your own but they will also give you tips on the best deals and places in Paris, to help you avoid tourist traps.

What is another great thing about the Discover Walks Tours is that tours are available for every budget: from the free customizable tours, to the night private tours and the neighborhood private tours: you can chose a private tour based on what you want to see in Paris and how much money you want to spend on it. With these English speaking tours: the history of Paris and the Parisian humour won’t have any more secrets for you.

Black Paris Tour

The fourth tour in my top 5 best tours in Paris is the Black Paris Tour. Now, in my opinion, this is one of the most original tour in Paris. This black tour is a walk through the black Paris, you will see how the black Parisian figures have influenced french history, how and where the Afro-french community lives in Paris, and how the African culture was mixed up with the French one in today’s multicultural Paris. The guides will lead you through different neighborhoods that mattered in the evolution of the African community in Paris. From Saint-Germain-des Prés where black intellectuals used to talk about colonialism in jazz clubs, to Chateau-Rouge where still today, the African community lives and hangs out. At the end of the tour you will know everything about the Black Paris.

Paris Private Boat Tour

And last but not least, the fifth tour from my top 5 best tours in Paris has nothing to do with the tours before. It is a tour on a private boat for a nice ride along the river Seine to watch Paris from a boat. The Green River cruises are made for those who want to avoid the noise and the crowd of the usual touristic river cruises, but who still want to see Paris from the river Seine.

The boats are equipped with extremely comfortable couches and the driver will do his best to show the main monuments on the river banks and to show the famous and secret islands around and in Paris which even Parisians have not heard of. While sipping a glass of white wine and eating the apéro, you will be able to enjoy your private cruise with your friends or family, and what is better than a cruise on the river at sunset, to end a beautiful trip to Paris.

So those were my top 5 best tours to do in Paris. Whether you like to discover Paris, on the ground or on the water, you can now chose, but either way I’m sure Paris will be magical.

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