How to enjoy the River Seine

The Seine is considered as the blood of the city for Parisians. Each of us is linked with it, because we have to cross it everyday for work, leisure, or university. As a visitor during your stay, you wouldn’t miss what make the river so important for me as a native. Here are our tips on how to enjoy the River Seine.

The River Seine is pretty stunning and you will love walking along the banks, no matter what the weather is. The city gains even more charm near the river, because of all the lights reflecting on the water and the sunset and sunrise colors of the sky. Walking by the River Seine will definitely allow you to have a different perspective on the city. In this article, you will know a little more about how to enjoy the River Seine, according to a local!

How to enjoy the River Seine

Walk the banks

The banks are one of the most important debates in Paris! Should they be for cars or for pedestrians? Hopefully for you, every Sundays they are all closed to cars on the Right Bank. The Town Hall keeps launching projects to turn the city of Paris into a traffic-free city!

By restricting traffic, the Town Hall allows every Parisians and its visitors to have the most beautiful walks in Paris along the river. You will enjoy the view over the landmarks for sure.


The banks are also the place where Parisians of all ages meet their friends during the warm evenings. In Paris, the rent is so high, that it is easier to organize dinner and have a few drinks outside. You will love the atmosphere of the banks, and you will understand why this hobby is loved by us Parisians. Most of the time there are also people playing music, giving another lively aspect.

Enjoy some time in the parks


Square du Vert Galant in Paris

You shouldn’t miss the Square du Vert Galant on the west end of Cité Island. This space of nature has a beautiful view over the Arts Bridge and the Louvre. And it is only known by Parisians!


Also, close by the Eiffel Tower, there is the Swans Island on the river. There, you will enjoy a nice stroll till one of the two replica of the New York’s Statue of Liberty in Paris. The other one is hidden in the Luxembourg Garden in the sixth district.

These parks are also very loved by the Parisians to have a rest, or to enjoy time with friends and family. Right in the middle of the river, it is one of the nicest ways to have a break from the noisy streets of Paris.

Cross the bridges


Along the river in the inner Paris, there are thirty seven bridges. They link the two banks, but also the two identities that make Paris unique. My favourite one is the bridge Alexander the IIIrd that links the Grand Palais to the Invalides.

In my opinion, Parisian bridges are the most marvellous in the world. I am sure you will like this about our bridges as well, after you get to cross a few of them! Try to decide which one is your favorite!

Join a boat cruise

Paris isn’t known as an important commercial harbour, that’s why the main part of the traffic is constituted by sailing boats. Several companies offers river cruises. My favourite one is organized by the Vedettes du Pont Neuf company. I really advice you to do it at night. In one hour and a half, you will understand why Paris is known as the city of lights. These boats departure every thiry minutes under the Pont Neuf, close by the Square of Vert Galant.

My article about how to enjoy the Seine River is now over! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it and that it has given you a few ideas. I’m sure you will love spending some time by the river, getting to meet the locals and admiring the beauty of the city. If you need further information about anything, don’t hesitate to contact us! Also, feel free to join our walking tours, we would love to share with you the history of our city, show you the best places and its hidden gems and take you to its greatest highlights! See you soon in Paris!

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