5 tips for a great family vacation in Paris


Visiting Paris with family is a great idea! So, here are five tips to guarantee you and your family have the best time in Paris together!

One often takes their family for granted, but they actually have to cherish their family. Family bonds and relationships need to be nourished and maintained just as any other. To keep these ties strong, there are many things one can do. Activities, such as visiting foreign countries, is definitely one of them! Each member can grow and learn about each other through mutual experiences. It is important for families to share and treasure the moments they spend together.

Love is about sharing. Growing happens through sharing too. Not a day goes by without a lesson in it. Your age doesn’t matter when it comes to learning, because one grows and learns new stuff everyday! I believe there’s a lot to learn from the oldest, but also from the youngest. Since Paris is such an enriching and interesting city, there’s so much to discover for both young and older people! In this article, I will share with you five tips for a great family vacation in Paris! Read on to find out!

Plan your trip in advance and include the kids in the planning process


Coming to Paris with children implies a lot of organization and patience. Planning your trip in advance is advised! If you want your children to enjoy the trip to Paris and to get excited about it, try to engage them in the planning process! Schedule each day of the trip and include some of the things they want to do in it. Ask them a few questions. Get to know what they expect from the trip.

Visiting Paris most famous landmarks is obviously part of your plans. Try to read a few things beforehand about these landmarks, so you can get awaken the interest of your little ones. Teach them a few things about Paris monuments. For instance, if you want to know more about the Eiffel Tower, I advise you to read this article which gives a few fun facts about the iconic monument. Then, you also have another one dedicated to the Sacré Coeur Basilica in Montmartre, read it here. Then, if you want a few tips on how to travel to Paris with kids and a few suggestions of places to visit with them, check this article!


If you plan on visiting the Eiffel Tower, the Arc of Triumph, and the Louvre Museum in one day, take the time to walk through the Tuileries Garden. This lovely place is great for children. You can grab an ice cream there, on your way to the Louvre. There’s also a typical Parisian carrousel for your kids to enjoy, and a few ducks and pigeons they can feed near the fountains of the garden. Get your children involved and excited about all the activities you plan on doing throughout the days. This is why it is important to engage them in the planning process. Ask them what they wish to see while in Paris!

Rent an apartment


Renting an apartment rather than an hotel room is definitely the best choice for a great family vacation in Paris! You and your family will feel like the locals. By renting an appartment, you get all the comfort of a home while abroad. You have a kitchen, household appliances, and plenty advantages. Your children will feel at ease and in a much better mood, which means you will too! Plus, it always turns out to be much cheaper than a hotel room, because depending on the number of guests, you would probably need more than one room. In an apartment, you have room for everyone and the atmosphere is much more pleasant.

If you need a few tips on how to pick the best airbnb apartment in Paris, you can check this article. Then, I also recommend you to read this article that will introduce you to some of the best neighborhoods to stay in Paris. Central Paris is the best, because you get to be close to all Paris greatest landmarks. All the highlights of the city will be just a few minutes walk away from your apartment. It will be easier to get around for you and your family!

Have picnics


The best way to relax and take a rest with the children while visiting Paris is to have a picnic in one of the many parks and gardens the city has. In this article you will find out some of the best parks and gardens in Paris, according to a local!

Paris has a lot of green spaces. It’s important that your children connect with nature. Show them the trees, the plants, the insects. Explain them how nature works and how essential it is that we respect it. Moreover, after lunch, you will be able to enjoy some quiet time with your spouse while the kids run around and play in the grass.


Join our food tour to explore one of the loveliest neighborhoods of Paris and buy some delicious traditional French food for the picnic! Having a picnic in Paris is definitely the best. You get to enjoy a quiet time with the family while tasting some French specialities!

It’s best to walk rather than take the metro


If you don’t feel too tired, you should walk rather than taking the metro. You and your family will get to see much more stuff! There are plenty of churches, gardens, cafés along the way from one landmark to another. Look at the details and let your imagination flow. Try to involve the children in all the activities. Walking enables the family to have a different perspective on the city and the locals lifestyle. The banks of the Seine river are also full of surprises! Don’t hesitate to get on a boat ride over the river! The kids love these rides! You will experience the city in a different way!

Don’t deny the kids any treats


Paris has plenty of delicious goodies! Macarons, crepes, chocolates, pastries, viennoiseries, ice cream are some of the yummy sweets you and your children won’t be able to resist! Sugar is known to function as a stimulant for the body, which means the kids might get a little more excited than usual but they will be exhausted by dinner time with all the walking the family will do during the day! So I think they will be fine!

I hope these five tips for a great family vacation in Paris were useful! Let me know your thoughts! If you’re coming to Paris for the first, I recommend you to read this article that gives some tips for first-timers in Paris. If you plan on going to the Eiffel Tower, you will probably find this article helpful, it provides a few tips for your first visit to the monument. And, if you’re traveling to Paris with a baby, read this article! In all these articles I’ve shared with you, I think you now have most of the necessary tips for a great family vacation in Paris. But, if necessary, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need further information about anything! See you soon in Paris!

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