Traveling to Paris with a baby


Hi everyone! Today I’m writing an article about traveling to Paris with a baby! Because traveling with a baby is a big adventure and one needs to be prepared. So, I want to make sure you will have everything you need to fully enjoy Paris with your baby. Having a baby and traveling with it is a responsibility but you really don’t have to worry. This article will provide useful information and tips so that you and your baby visit Paris in the best conditions and have fun the whole trip.

Where to stay


First of all, you need to know where to stay! So my advice is for you to stay in the 1st or 2nd arrondissement. Central Paris is the best Paris! If you manage to stay in one of these arrondissements, you will be close to almost everything important there is to see in Paris. You will be about a 15 minutes walk from all major landmarks. My favorite neighborhood is the Quartier Montorgueil. In my opinion, it’s the most Parisian place of Paris. It’s very charming and it is very pleasant to live in this neighborhood.

Another great area to stay in is the Marais. Parisians love to hang out in this neighborhood! And you will too. The atmosphere is one-of-a-kind. Plus, you will have Bazar de l’Hôtel de Ville, a huge department store, close to you. So, if you forgot something back home you desperately need, you will easily find it in this store.

Another advice I can give you is for you to prefer staying at an apartment rather than renting a room in an hotel. It’s much more comfortable! Your baby will be likely to feel at home. Plus, it’s a great choice if you want to live Paris like the locals. To stay in a Parisian apartment is an amazing experience! You can rent an apartment through websites, such as Airbnb. Nonetheless, don’t forget to check the amenities. For instance, some apartments won’t provide a washing machine or a high chair. Also, note that in Paris most buildings don’t have elevators and buildings usually go up to 6 floors! So, try to travel as light as possible!

What to bring


When traveling to Paris with a baby, some items are essential because you will most definitely need them! You don’t need to be bringing diapers, baby wipes and baby food, since you can get those in Paris. But there are some stuff that will come very handy, such as:

  • A stroller! But, please, leave the typical North-American gigantic stroller back home. In Paris, the sidewalks are narrow and made of cobblestones. The best option will be a light umbrella stroller! It is easy to fold, practical and comfortable! Parisian parents only swear by those. In Paris, it is the wisest choice because you will have to fold it and unfold it numerous times when getting on buses or metros.
  • Another great item to bring to Paris is a baby carrier. It is very common in Paris and very practical! It’s much easier to walk the city, visit the greatest landmarks, and enjoy the views with a baby carrier. A lot smaller than a stroller, it doesn’t take space. Plus, babies love to be close to their parents, they feel a lot more safer and at peace. Your baby feeling comfortable and safe is even more important if it’s in a city he’s not familiar with. Moreover, Is there a better way to enjoy the beautiful city of Paris than with your baby close to your heart?
  • As soon as you get to Paris, you will quickly find out that it’s kind of difficult to find public places providing changing tables. So, the best thing you can do is bringing changing pads. Bring disposable ones if you don’t have a washing machine at your apartment. Traveling to Paris with a baby will turn out to be much easier if you bring changing pads. Because this way you will always guarantee your baby a clean area to change its diaper!
  • When you will come to Paris, you will obviously want to eat out from time to time. So, I highly recommend you to bring a portable high chair. Pick one that’s lightweight, and easy to fold so it can fit in your handbag or backpack! Most restaurants in Paris won’t provide high chairs and the ones that do might have high chairs that are a little too large for your baby to fit in. So I suggest you to bring your own so that you and your baby can both peacefully enjoy the meal in the best conditions!

What to do


If you’re wondering what to do while traveling to Paris with a baby, read on to find out a few tips. First of all, I think free walking tours are a must. You get to discover the city with a local guide who loves Paris and knows it by heart! The tours cover a great amount of landmarks, along with Paris History and stories of Parisian lifestyle. It’s the best way to visit Paris and experience the city. I would recommend joining the tours with your baby in a baby carrier. It may be more practical, especially for the Montmartre tour because it’s uphill!


After a walking tour, the best thing to do is to relax with your baby in a park or a garden in Paris. After walking Paris all morning, you can have a picnic in one of Paris parks and take a nap with your little one!

Another thing the whole will surely enjoy is going to Disneyland! Everyone turns into a kid again once they set their feet in this theme park! Your baby will be amazed by all the colors, the Disney characters, the many kinds of smells and universes! It’s most definitely a must for the family.

My little guide on traveling to Paris with a baby is now over! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it and thought it was useful! See you in Paris with your baby!

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