Adventures in and around Paris for Thrill Seekers


For some people, long days of corner cafés, museums, sight-seeing and fine dining just doesn’t cut it. These people thirst for something that even summiting the tip of the Eiffel Tower cannot quench. They, the thrill seekers, will be glad to know that there are actually many different adventures and adrenaline pumping thrills going on within the city. They are not for everyone, but if you enjoy a slight brush with danger, the opportunities are endless.

The Carisiolas Adventure Parc

Another reconstructed medieval village in France – Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Located a little over an hour outside of Paris is the Carisiolas Adventure Parc. This spot if worth visiting even if you are not an adrenaline junky. The recreation park is twelve acres of land that has been reconstructed as a medieval village.

It sits in the middle of the woods and houses everything from traditional bread-bakers, blacksmiths, and many other types of artisans. The idea is to recreate medieval life using ancient techniques and period costume. Hands on classes are available for adults and children.

Now to the adventure. Along with the medieval flare comes a melange of games and “supervised adventures.” The most popular of these is the interactive tree climbing. There are 13 different tracks containing planks and ropes in which to test your maneuvering ability.

There are also games to be played. If you so desire you can participate in a round of archery tag (paint ball but with arrows). Activities change and fluctuate throughout the year. Click here to find out more.

The park is not open year round.

The rides of Disneyland in Paris

Main Street in Disneyland Paris – Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Easily accessible by train or car is the famous Disneyland Paris. It has been open since 1994 and has slowly risen to the top of Paris’s most beloved destinations. Its theme parks are known for their thrilling rides and impressive architecture.

There are tons of attractions for younger children to dwell in the world of magic and glittering disney characters. There are also thrilling rides that promise to leave you with white knuckles and a sore throat.

Take a balloon ride over Paris

Hot air balloon – Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

There is not much danger involved in this, seeing as the balloon is secured to the earth and only flies on sunny, clear days. You will, however, get the chance to see Paris in a totally different light.

The balloon that I have seen is located in the 15th arrondissement of Paris and reaches 150 meters when in the air. It is very popular and can therefore prove to be difficult to book. If you are interested in riding a ballon above the City of Lights, I would suggest looking into it a little in advance.

Click here to find out more about prices and schedule.

Take a tumble in the Seine

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

I say “take a tumble” because, when water skiing, it is almost inevitable. Oddly enough, you can actually book a day with a bonafide company to be pulled along the seine by a motorboat, trying to stay afloat with skis attached to your feet.

It does not take place in the city itself but rests only a few kilometers outside. There is no real danger in it thanks to the floating device and boat provided for you. The real thrill, as I see it, is to risk falling into the murky depths of the Parisian river. There is no telling what polluted creation sits in Paris’s water. Stay dry.

Click here to find out more about pricing, schedules, and promotions.

Indoor skydiving


Watch this video on YouTube.

At the northern tip of Paris, in the 19th arrondissement, is the largest science museum in all of Europe. The building is massive and contains everything from interactive activities, movie theaters and an indoor skydiving arena.

The wind vortex, designed to mimic falling through the sky at high speeds, is brought to the city of Paris by iFly. The classes tend to be filled with twelve students. Everyone has a chance to feel the thrill of flying. Afterwards there is an aerial performance by a trained instructor.

Even though indoor skydiving may provide less adrenaline, it will still be a memorable experience. Click here to find out more about pricing and scheduling.

Canyoning in France

Watch this video on YouTube.

I am kind of stretching this one because, due to the terrain, canyoning isn’t really going on inside Paris. Canyoning, however, is popular in France and there are many different spots and companies that will take you on a guided tour.

Canyoning is basically the act of suiting up in wet suits and slowly descending a canyon with a guide. The path has already been laid out by experts and there is a limited amount of risk involved.

That being said, you are still jumping from cliffs, slipping down rock slides, scaling rock walls, and sometimes zip lining over canyons.  Due to the physical requirements, children of a certain age may not be allowed to embark and people with health issues are told to remain behind.

Different tours offer different packages and prices, but it tends to be relatively expensive for something that asks you to risk your life. If you are looking for a chance to test your natural athleticism and outdoor ability, canyoning is for you.

Click here to find out more about the different canyons and companies offering guides. Stay safe.

Roller blade on Friday night


RollerbladingCourtesy of Wikimedia Commons

This is one of the coolest and dorkiest things you can do in Paris. Every Friday night, a huge group of rollerblading tourists and Parisians come together at the Montparnasse Tower and embark on their route.

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