Top 10 Best Italian Perfumes


Italy is known for its iconic, long-lasting fragrances and top-notch fashion brands.

As we search for our favorite perfume brand, we will certainly take a look at the latest scent offerings from top Italian designers.

From the fruity scents of Prada to the always-trendy products of Gucci, the Italian perfume brands have no equals when it comes to freshness and long-lasting quality.

 What Are the Top 10 Italian Fragrances To Choose From?

 1. Prada Infusion d’Iris fragrance, €93

Image by Loja

Prada is the Italian ‘’go-to’’ fashion brand for the seekers of comfort, luxury and beauty products.

Fragrance fans should not miss the brand’s Infusion d’Iris with a mix of woody and citrus scents that reflect  the aromas of cedar, mandarin, and vetiver all well masterfully combined together to provide top-notch pleasures for the senses.

2. Bottega Veneta Knot eau de parfum, €72.99

With its exotic mix of orange flower,  white musk, rose and clementine,  this perfume brings beauty lovers into the secrets of the Italian riviera and its uplifting scents on a breezy summer evening.  This particular fragrance sets you right into a vacation mode.

3. Bulgari’s Eau Parfumée au Thé Noir

Image by Fragrantica

Bulgari’s Eau Parfumée au Thé Noir is an elegant infusion of black tea, Damascus rose, tobacco and leather. Please be aware that this is an evening scent and it’s suitable for formal occasions and ‘’nights out on the town.’’ Combine the fragrance with chic evening outfits for an optimal effect.

4. Acqua di Santa Maria Novella perfume, price on request

If you enjoy citrus scents, you should check out Acqua di Santa Maria Novella. One of the brand’s most iconic fragrances was initially introduced in 1533 by Catherine di Medici. Its bottles are always unique of creative glass designs which the brand has tried to distinguish itself with in the past years. Calabrian bergamot is the base of the perfume fragrance.

5. Carthusia Fiori di Capri Parfum, 120 Euro

Image by Granha

This perfume has an interesting history;  its fame dates back to 1380 when a visiting queen experienced the magic of Capri for the first time and the locals created this perfume to give it to her as a gift. The perfume has been initially bottled by the monks.

The fragrance’s popularity comes from its famous customer base. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (she even donned it on her wedding day to JFK) and Michael Kors are among its well-known admirers. The perfume is a rich fusion of gardenia, orange blossom flowers,  tuberose  and Turkish rose.

6. Verde Erba I, STORIE VENEZIANE  400 Euro

Image by WAG magazine

This perfume is expensive but totally worth the big price tag. Its fresh scent invokes the fresh Venice air and creates a spring paradise with its special mix of lilac and vanilla that comes out as spicy and slightly woody.

This particular fragrance line features five scents, with a Murano glass bottle face in various colors. However, the main color of the bottle remains golden!

7.  But Not Today, UNUM, 220 Euro

This perfume masterfully mixes jasmine, lily, carnation and animal notes for a unique scent, and is also named after a specific episode in the “Silence of the Lambs” when Dr. Hannibal Lecter smells FBI agent Clarice Starling and makes the eerie (but fun) comment: “You use Evian skin cream and sometimes you wear L’Air du Temps, but not today.”

This iconic masterpiece will be yours for 220 Euro.

8.  Atelier Cologne, starting at 160 Euro

Image by Nordstrom

Atelier’s signature mixtures of Amalfi lemon and juicy zegamot combined together with Grand Neroli’s honeyed special fragrances result in a unique mix of pleasurable scents.

The Atelier’s perfumes are known for their long-lasting quality. We favor this one because of the special scent of warm amber and sweet vanilla that it leaves behind.

9.  Omnia By Bvlgari

Image by Perfumes

Omnia is a combination of pepper, cardamom, ginger and fresh mandarin orange.  And after all that mix, its creators have added more to bring spice and exotic flavors to its general impression. Among its ingredients, you will find cinnamon, cloves, lotus, chai and nutmeg, most of the flavors you will add to your morning latte.

A mix of chai and orange will bring your senses to another level! You can wear this cologne at the office as it leaves a strong impact behind you.  It’s long-lasting and you don’t have to re-apply it throughout the day!

10.  Violeta di Parma, 180 Euro

This perfume which is based on flowers and violet leaves has been specifically designed to appeal to the tastes of Maria Luigia Duchesse of Parma –  that was how the famous Violetta di Parma was created and now it has turned into one of the best Italian brands of all times.

The perfume is offered in a pleasant vintage bottle and a matching box of various forms and shapes, depending on the size of the perfume.

Italian fragrances are not only unique and long-lasting, but they also have history behind them. Most of the Italian perfumes feature woody or citrus scents, and many of them convey memories from exotic destinations.

Now that we have described our favorite perfume brands, you can easily make a list of what you look for and sample it in the Italian stores.  Indulging in some exciting perfume exploration in the Eternal City is an unforgettable experience.

Also, an Italian perfume is a perfect gift to bring home for your relatives and loved ones. You can combine the fragrance with a same-brand lotion or a candle of similar scent.