15 Tips to Date Italian Men


*Originally published by Petia in October 2019 and updated by Francesca  in June 2021

What’s the purpose of your vacation? A sight-seeing adventure, a shopping spree or the pursuit of romance? In all cases, you will probably find much of what you look for in the Eternal City.

If you plan on dating an Italian man, you have to make sure you are completely familiar with their culture to avoid relationship discrepancies.

Imagine that you have landed your first date in Rome and now you are headed on a mission to impress him with the right techniques.

The American and English culture can be completely different, and some European cultures are quite similar to Italians.

What are the main tips for dating Italian men in Rome and all over Italy? I’ll share with you 15 tips to date Italian men. So you’ll know what to do and you’ll conquer him!

1.   Family Bonds.

Image by Italo-Living

Italian men put their family first. They adore their mothers and sisters, so you need to make a positive impact on the female part of their family in order to be accepted. Italian families are warm and welcoming and will feed you well over dinner, but they will expect the same from you!

Remember always to bring a present with you every time you visit them. You can take flowers, dessert or even wine. They will appreciate it and feel pampered! 

2.  Italians appreciate amazing cooks 

Image by Travel Channel

If cooking is not your thing, they aren’t Italian men either. Italian men enjoy a home-cooked meal. From baked lasagna to grilled fish and spinach ravioli, Italian home-cooked dishes have no equals,  and Italian men would enjoy a home-made dessert on Sunday which is the day for an abundant culinary spree.

But if you don’t know how to cook he will probably take you to have lunch or dinner at his mama’s!

3. Passion and loud voice.

Italian men like to talk in a loud voice, and they express their passionate emotions through their bubbly voices. But their loud voice is an expression of their passionate nature, so being emotional is part of their game.

They can flame up easily, and the good news is their anger can subside as fast as it has occurred.

4. Sense of possession

If you come from a more liberal culture, you may find Italian’s jealousy slightly disturbing.

Italian men have a well-expressed macho culture, and they want to make sure that you only belong to them. They do get slightly jealous and you make have to cut back on girls’ night out on the town.

As trust grows, they will become more liberal (but not too much!) Their ideal female counterpart is nurturing, caring and warm.

5. They enjoy the pursuit and the process of courtship 

Image by Culture Trip

The harder you are to get hold of,  the better. Italians simply love the chase! And they do not give up easily in the course of the courtship process. If you have stolen a piece of their heart, they will make sure they win yours too.

It might be a good idea to pose a challenge at the beginning of the relationship. Italian men would love to take the time to conquer you!

6. They love romance.

Images by Italy My Way

Italian men can be passionate and romantic, especially at the beginning of their relationships. They value romantic dates and will frequently surprise you with a candlelit dinner at a fancy restaurant or a picnic by the water. Everything works as long as there is romance!  As the relationship progresses, they will certainly make sure you feel appreciated with small gifts and gestures of affection. A colourful flower bouquet is often a great way to mark your progressing relationship. And if you get lucky, you can get a more expensive gift such as a piece of jewellery or a perfume bottle.


7. Style.

Image by Pinterest

Italians are representatives of some of the most stylish cultures on the European continent. So heading out on a date with your Italian flame might mean that you need to exhibit an irreproachable clothing style and choose fancy outfits.

The first date is important so do not underestimate the power of the first impressions that you are going to leave. We recommend masterfully done make up and ‘’looking at your best’’ when you meet an Italian man on your first date. Also, if you can afford to, book a professional hairstylist for your hair-do,  especially if the person has invited you to an upscale spot.

As the relationship moves forwards, you can switch to a more casual style.

8. They are social.

Endless texting is not their thing. They will do so only until they conquer you and take you out on a date. After that, they prefer one-to-one communication in a social setting to virtual communication.

Whatsapp is not as popular in Italy as it’s in the United States and Scandinavia. Italians like to pick up the phone and have an actual conversation. Also, dating applications, including Tinder and Bumble, are not as popular in the Bel Paese. That’s why if you want to land a hot date, head out to the bubbly bar for some quality social mingling time.

9. His sister can be frequently mentioned in the relationship.

If he has a sister, you have another sister too! Italians adore their sisters as much as they adore their moms. The good news to that is they know and respect women, but you need to make sure you live up to his family standards.

Often, he will compare your cooking to his mom or to his sister, but not in a negative way!

10. Italians will make you laugh.

Italian humour is bubbly, never dry. You will not be bored in the relationship. You will enjoy multiple jokes and fun times with your loved ones.

They will make sure they bring your smile back whenever you feel sad or down.

Dating an Italian man is easy and not a challenging experience. Once you get more familiar with their culture, you will know how to deal with any situation

The Italian culture is fun and easy-going in general and Italian men are remarkably charismatic. Dating them is a cool experience!

11. Share a passion

The Italian man is not as difficult to understand as it seems.
You will find those who are passionate about football or motorcycle. Without forgetting the love for Italian cuisine or a particular genre of music.
I recommend sharing a passion, this will make them feel more appreciated and pampered.
Let him take you on a trip with the motorbike along the roads of the Amalfi Coast or in Tuscany. Why not?
And if he loves music then run out and buy two concert tickets and have fun together!

12. Don’t use Google translate

Surely you are wondering how to communicate with an Italian man.
I advise you not to make much effort and not to use Google Translate to communicate. Otherwise, you’ll make a bad impression.
Be yourself and don’t pester them with messages.
They must contact you so they will strive to answer in your language!
If you want to learn Italian then ask him to teach you some words!

13. Feelings 

I must say that the Italian man ” is in love with love“. For this reason, I like to call them “Italian lovers”. This may seem like a stereotype but it isn’t.
They are enthusiastic and very expressive when it comes to proving their feelings.
So I suggest being very careful especially if love is a serious matter for you.
For others, it may not be, and this may create problems.

14. Football  and pizza

If your Italian boyfriend is a football lover then Saturdays and Sundays are days when they don’t want to have hassle.
That’s why I recommend you order a pizza and sit next to him. Or alternatively to go out with your friends.
The sports season is very long and this can become a problem!

15. Be yourself 

Being yourself is an advantage.
This is why I advise you not to deceive yourself and others, especially during a date.
It is better to be consistent with your personality, it will make you more beautiful in their eyes!
Talk about your passions, your favourite dishes, your travels and don’t be intimidated. Just be yourself and this will help a lot!
As Doris Day once said: Que sera, sera…Whatever will be, will be!