Top 10 Authentic Pasta Restaurants in Rome


*Originally published by Giulia  in October 2019 and updated by Francesca  in June 2021

When we talk about Rome and Italy, we immediately think of good food and in particular, pasta. In this wonderful city, you will be spoiled for choice with regard to restaurants that will satisfy you and delight you with the best cuisine in the “Belpaese”. 

Good food is an essential topic of the Italian tradition and every year the many roman restaurants strive to further enhance their culinary experience, made up of simple recipes that know how to enter into the soul …and in the palate of tourists who go to Rome.

Here below you will find a list of those that I believe are the top 10 authentic pasta restaurants of the Italian capital! Book a table and you won’t regret it!


Pasta Roma

Sourced from Felice’s Instagram

From the early 1930s, Felice a Testaccio represents a veritable institution of traditional Roman cuisine. Located in the Testaccio district, one of the most fashionable and youthful areas of Rome full of all kinds of bars and restaurants, you will be enveloped by the Roman charm as you enter this area.

Meatballs Roma

Sourced from Felice’s Instagram

From Felice a Testaccio you can find the best Carbonara pasta ever, but every day the menu changes, bringing to the table the most traditional dishes of the Italian and Roman kitchen. In my opinion you must try the Tonnarelli Cacio and Pepe, and the Penne all’Arrabbiata – you will be delighted! These are famous dishes of Roman cuisine –  you will taste Cacio, a Roman cheese, and the staple Italian spicy tomato. The waiters are very friendly here and you feel extremely welcomed.

Felice a Testaccio is situated in Via Mastro Giorgio, 29 Roma

Open every day for lunch : From 12.30 to 15.00 & dinner: From 19.30 to 23.00.

For Reservations call the number 06.5746800.


Pasta Roma

Sourced from La Tavernaccia on Yelp

Some restaurants can be defined as real places of the heart, where not only can you find dishes cooked in an excellent way, but you also get a feeling of home.

La Tavernaccia da Bruno is one of these.

This place is bound to the name of Patrizia (Patty) and her husband Giuseppe, who administrated the restaurant with all of their love. Serving simple but refined cuisine, this place is for you if you want to take a dip in the past to discover the most genuine flavors of the Italian land.

The must trys are the Pappardelle al Ragù, a dish rich in meat sauce with just enough spice, and the Gricia, a pillar of Roman cuisine, defined as the best in Rome prepared with pecorino and guanciale. It will be one of the best memories of your trip in Rome! For us Italians, meal time is sacred and this place embodies the slow spirit of our culinary culture.

Pasta Roma

Ragù, sourced from La Tavernaccia on Yelp

The Tavernaccia da Bruno is located in the Portuense district, in Via Giovanni da Castel Bolognese 63 Rome.

It’s open all days, except Wenesday.

For reservations you can call the number: 06 5812792


Lamb Roma

Sourced from Antica Pesa’s website

A restaurant that combines innovation and tradition Roman cuisine better than any other is the Antica Pesa.

Pasta Roma

Sourced from Antica Pesa website

Located in the heart of Trastevere, since 1922 the Panella family has been running this “Osteria” that over the years has turned into a sought-after restaurant of undoubted taste.

With the warmth of Roman hospitality you will be welcomed by Chef Simone Panella and his staff who will make you sit in the beautiful outdoor garden in summer, and in winter in the equally beautiful main room full of paintings by roman artists.

Pasta Roma

Sourced from Antica Pesa website

At the Antica Pesa you can enjoy the great classic Italian cuisine like Cacio e Pepe and Carbonara Pasta, and a rivisitation of traditional dishes like Saltimbocca alla Romana and Trippa – all thanks to the influence of Asian and fusion cuisine.

A special mention deserves the wine list, a veritable enology bible, where you can find hundreds of bottles with for a range of prices, but it remains worth ordering just to see the wonderful book with their names.

Pasta Roma

Sourced from Antica Pesa website

My advice is to go into this restaurant to be captivated by the magical atmosphere you breathe…it’s unique!

Pasta Roma

Sourced from Antica Pesa website

Antica Pesa is located in Via Garibaldi 18. Rome

It’s open all days for dinner from 19.30 until 23.00, except on Sunday.

For Reservation you can call : 06 5809236



Pasta Roma

Sourced from Zia Rilla’s Facebook

This restaurant located in Prati, near San Peter Church, we will take you into the past. Wonderful wooden sideboards and shelves embellished with flowers will remind you of the cottages in the English countryside with a Roman culinary taste.

The owner Enrica Sutrini, a former goldsmith, has placed all the passion handed down to her by her grandparents in this splendid restaurant and has been able to develop a simple but absolutely excellent menu.

Every day you can enjoy fresh homemade pasta, long and short, which vaires depending on the season. A point of excellence are the Ravioli with pumpkin and apple mustard and the Fettuccini with Meat ragù. This is a Bolognese ragù, which is very full bodied and prepared according to the most ancient recipe, boiling it for three hours.

Zia Rilla is located in Via Famagosta 18 Rome.

It’s open from 8.30 until 20.00 every day, except Saturday afternoon and Sunday.

For reservations you can find Zia Rilla on its website.


This small restaurant is located in the heart of Rome and is a fundamental meeting place for romans and tourists who can buy fresh pasta or eat it in the pasta factory itself. This is where you find cheap, quality pasta!

Pasta Roma

Sourced from Pastificio Guerra on Zomato

Every day you will find different varieties of pasta made at the time strictly according to tradition and as if by magic, during lunchtime the owners will start serving steaming first courses to those who will be seated inside the pasta factory to eat.

Very rustic but traditional, I advise you to taste the Gnocchi with Sausages and Tomato, and the Matriciana, another typical dish of Rome!

Pastificio Guerra is located in the historical centre of Rome, Via Della Croce 8.

It’s open all days from 13.00 until 21.30.

For reservations call number: 06 6793102.


Sourced from Trattoria Sora Lella 

If you want to taste the typical dishes of the Roman tradition this is the right place for you.
The Trattoria boasts 80 years of history and “hands-on”.
Once here you should definitely try their fantastic amatriciana potato gnocchi.
But while you’re there, also try the Viterbo cured meats. Without forgetting the Panzanella and anything that tickles your palate!
Another favourite dish of Sora Lella is the Ravioli pasta  with cacio cheese and black pepper.
Heavenly goodness to try!
The trattoria is located in Via di Ponte Quattro Capi, 16 
For reservation contact  the number 06 686 1601 


 Sourced from Emilia’s Crafted Pasta official website.

In via Sicilia n. 29 you will find this pasta factory that makes all kinds of pasta and that will make you feel at home.
Right here in the Monti district, you can enjoy a quick and fresh plate of pasta. Without forgetting the excellent value for money!
You can taste the typical Roman first courses that suit you best
For information contact the number 328 875 5900


Rigatoni all’amatriciana sourced by Piatto Romano

In the heart of Testaccio, you will find Piatto Romano restaurant.
Their best specialities are “the straws”, fettuccine with chicken giblets, “fregnacce all’arrabbiata” and their famous amatriciana.
There is plenty of choices, I know, but the products are fresh and excellent.
I advise you to try the fantastic “fregnacce” a particular kind of pasta with spicy tomato sauce called amatriciana. And don’t forget to try the wine!

Augusto’s restaurant is located in Via G.B. Bodoni n. 62 for reservation contact the number 06/64014447


Carbonara dish sourced by Lilli


In Via Tor di Nona you will find the Trattoria da Lilli.
His generous portions of pasta will make you think again! Trust me!
Lilli will offer you only the best of Roman cuisine. The restaurant is suitable for couples and families.
Once there you will feel at home! Get ready to undo your pants button! The menu is small but each dish is made with fresh and delicious products.


Sourced by Primo Italian Street Food

At Viale America n. 141 you will find Primo Italian Street Food.
Here you will discover many different types of pasta even the traditional roman one.
The menu changes often and according to the seasons and the products that can be found seasonally.
The dishes are express and seasoned with a lot of imagination.
It is a must for lovers of pasta and traditional Roman and Italian dishes. I always suggest trying their Lasagna dish, it will leave you speechless, I know!
After a good feast of pasta, you can’t miss a post-meal walk at the Eur lake to relax.