The Best Vietnamese Restaurants in Paris

Wondering where to taste the better phô of Paris? Are you looking for a flavorful yet cheap bò bún?  Vietnamese cuisine is one of my favorite to discover in Paris, because of its comforting and fresh flavors.

Did you know that Deliveroo’s most ordered dish in Paris was a bò bún? Vietnamese cuisine has become a stable of Parisian culinary habits, so this article is to guide you in your discovery of the best addresses in Paris.

If phô and bò bún are the two cult favorites of Vietnamese cuisine in Paris, the country of course has much more typical dishes to be tasted, and Paris has excellent addresses to satisfy your cravings of Vietnamese food.

I have selected my top 10 Vietnamese restaurants in Paris; to explore them, read on!

1. Bonjour Vietnam

Vietnamese Restaurants Paris

Bonjour Vietnam Restaurant – Source: TripadvisorThis tiny address if definitely one of my favorite in Paris. Nestled at the heart of the Latin quarter, it is well known in the neighborhood, for its incredible dishes and cheap prices (lunch menu at 12€). Everything I have ever tasted there was worth it, so I can only recommend it. Their nems and bò bún are to die for.

However, be careful: the restaurant closes on Tuesday, and is really tiny. It is not well suited for a calm and intimate evening – more for a convivial moment around delicious staples of Vietnamese cuisine.

Bonjour Vietnam
6 rue Thouin
75 005 Paris

2. Pho Bida

Vietnamese Restaurants Paris

Pho Bida Paris – Source: Trip AdvisorAt the heart of the 13th arrondissement, rumor has it that Phô Bida serves the best Phô of Paris, and believe me, they live up to their reputation. The restaurant is always packed and the indistinct conversations you pick up from customers are often in Vietnamese.

The appearance of the restaurant is not pretentious and the decoration is average, but it is absolutely worth the go: the address is well known of all lovers of Vietnamese dishes.

Pho Bida
36 rue Nationale
75 013 Paris

3. Song Heng

Song Heng Pho – Source: Song Heng official facebook page

Another well-known canteen in Paris, you will often spot a queue in front of the restaurant at rush hours. What I like most about this place is their phô and bò bún, of course, but especially the prices: count 7.20€ for a really filling dish, and busting with flavors too!

Song Heng
3 rue Volta
75 003 Paris

4. Paris Hanoi

Paris Hanoi – Source: Paris Hanoi official website

Paris Hanoi, yet another classic of Vietnamese cuisine in Paris. I recommend their nems and shrimp dumpling, absolutely fresh and cheap. However, the restaurant is tiny and you cannot call them to reserve, neither pay by credit card: my advice to you would be to go there and take away your food if the queue is too long.

Paris Hanoi
74 rue de Charonne
75 011 Paris

5. Do&Coco

Do&Coco is to my mind one of the best place to explore Vietnamese dishes other than phô and bò bún. Their prices are really low and everything on their menu is mouth-watering. Do & Coco was open by the same team as the famous Do & Riz (located on the opposite side of the sideway), and I actually recommend both addresses.

24 rue de Cotte
75 012 Paris

6. Khai Tri

Vietnamese Restaurants ParisBánh mì  – Source: Wikimedia Commons

If you want to taste a really good Banh Mi (Vietnamese sandwich with French baguette), Khai Tri is the place to go! This really simple and original address in the 13th arrondissement is located in a Vietnamese library, and at lunch hour, it is not rare to see clients queuing outside.

Khai Tri
93 avenue d’Ivry
75 013 Paris

7. Atelier Annam

Atelier Annam – Source: Atelier Annam official facebook page

Atelier Annam is another great place to go if you want to taste traditional Vietnamese dishes other than cult classics phô and bò bún. Their cuisine is resolutely traditional and incredibly fresh and flavorful. I strongly recommend their Bun-Cha (caramelized pork and sautéed veggies).

The restaurant is a well-known address for connoisseurs of Vietnamese food, so be careful to call beforehand and reserve your spot.

Atelier Annam
25 rue de Cotte
75 012 Paris

8. Chamroeun-Crimée

Chamroeun-Crimée is one of the cheapest places on this list. They serve an excellent and really copious bò bún. Count 7.50€ for a medium and 9.50€ for a large (but the large was too big even for my hungry football-player of a friend, so I would advise you stick to medium except if you are terribly hungry).

4 rue Mathis
75 019 Paris

9. Un jour à Hà Nôi

Vietnamese Restaurants ParisBobun at Un jour à hanoi – Source: Tripadvisor

In the Montparnasse neighborhood, Un jour à Hà Nôi is one the only places I know in Paris which serve banh xeos: Vietnamese stuffed crepes. The cuisine they serve is traditional and fresh; and bonus point: they have a lot of vegetarian options.

Un jour à Hà Nôi
46 rue Daguerre
75 014 Paris

10. Cô My Cantine

Co My Cantine in Paris – Source: Co my cantine official website

With its long wooden benches and tables and its generous cuisine, Cô My Cantine is a great address to taste classics of Vietnamese Cuisine. Their phô and bò bún are worth the go if you are passing in the neighborhood, and really copious too.

Cô My Cantine
18 rue de Menilmontant
75 020 Paris

Bonus Address : Le rouleau de printemps

Le Rouleau de Printemps in an address I recommend less than the rest of this list (it is really too tiny and the service can be less rigorous than the other addresses in this top); however, they serve excellent spring rolls, and most importantly, their prices are really affordable, with dishes costing up to 7€.

Le Rouleau de Printemps
42 rue de Tourtille
75 020 Paris

I hope this article was useful to you. The restaurants listed here are all affordable and some of them count in my all-time favorite addresses in Paris to eat out. Whether you are looking for classics of the Vietnamese cuisine or more traditional and rare dishes, this list has what you need!

If you want to explore more of Paris’ foreign cuisine, do not hesitate to check out our list of new middle-eastern restaurants to try in which I reveal my best addresses.

And if you want to live the quintessential Parisian experience and explore the neighborhoods where you will be eating, some local Parisian are giving free tours to discover the city. Book here, and looking forward to hearing from you!

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