Top 10 Facts About The Czech Republic

Although most travelers only know about Czech’s capital city, there is much more to the Czech Republic than the Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, and the Vltava River.

Let’s check out some interesting facts about the Czech Republic that can influence you to venture outside of the bustling capital on your next holiday to this beautiful country. 

10. The Czech Republic Is Famous For its Beer!


Pilsner Urquell Mug – By By Steven Walling – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Have you ever been to – well, anywhere – in Europe and seen people sitting around outside, enjoying the sunshine,e and sipping on a cold beer? Well, that’s pretty commonplace for most people during the hot summer days. 

Fortunately for those who visit the Czech Republic, you’ll find it is no different here. Hundreds of locals and tourists alike take advantage of the thousands of acres of green space scattered around the city to sit, take in the views of the Vltava and the Castle, and sip on a Pilsner. 

If you’re worried about being the only one sitting outside and enjoying a cold one, think again – Czechs consume the most beer per capita in the world. 

9. ‘Bohemian’ Is A Way of Life 

Statues on Old Town Bridge Tower – By By Bjørn Erik Pedersen – Own work, CC BY 3.0,

You may think you know what being a Bohemian truly is – it’s just like being a hippie, right? You build a camper van and go off-grid, taking in nature? Well, kind of – but not really.

Being Bohemian in the Czech Republic isn’t about being cool or trendy, but more about honoring their heritage. The area of Czechia was once part of the Kingdom of Bohemia, a medieval and early modern monarchy in Central Europe, with inhabitants who spoke Czech, Latin, and German. 

8. Czechs LOVE Mushrooms 

Champignon Mushroom – By By chris_73 – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Czechs really love their mushrooms – not just to cook with for an added kick in your pasta or fancy omelet, but for the adventure of finding them scattered across the land. Going fungi-picking in the open land or the crowded forests, hunting for mushrooms is a traditional hobby that has remained a popular activity for young and older adults to do today. 

If you are lucky enough to be in the Czech Republic during the weather-perfect Fall season, St. Wenceslas Day is a popular time to go mushroom picking.

7. The Czech Republic is Safe For All!

Image: Wikimedia Commons

The Czech Republic ranks as the 7th safest country to live in – in the entire world, not just Europe. Considering various factors like social situations, tolerance, economic stability, the psychological state of locals, the presence of art and cultural events, and quality of life, the Czech Republic is a safe and smart place to relocate to at some point in your life.

In fact, the Czech Republic is the most stable and well-off of the post-communist states, with an astonishingly low unemployment rate of just 2.2%. 

6. Czechia Has TONS Of Expats – Just Like Yourself

Prague Food Festival 2010 – Palickap [CC BY-SA 4.0 (]

If you’re thinking of a place to move abroad, why not choose a safe and beer-loving country? If you think this sounds too good to be true, thousands of foreign-born now-residents had the same idea as you.

Over 535,000 people living in the Czech Republic are from other countries across the world, with 200,000 of these ex-pats settling down in the bustling capital city of Prague. This is great for newcomers – you know you will have at least a few people to teach you some beginner phrases in the tough Czech language. 

5. Castle-Lovers Head Here For Your Next Vacay

Prague Castle at Dusk – By Andrew Shiva / Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 4.0,

There are over 200,000 castles in the entire Czech Republic – with more historical and royal buildings than any other country in Europe. We recommend checking out Karlstejn, Orlik, or Hluboka on your next trip to Czechia with various cities and towns to visit housing historical fortresses and royal houses. 

If you are centered in Prague for your holiday, there is no better place to go in the capital city than Prague Castle. The world’s largest ancient castle, this complex houses historic buildings, cathedrals, colorful houses, and ancient statues. 

4. The Most Popular Sport is Ice Hockey

Jagr Czech – By By s.yume . – Originally posted to Flickr as Russia vs. Czech Republic, CC BY 2.0,

Although it can get quite warm in the Czech Republic during the summertime, ice hockey is still the national sport. The men’s national ice hockey team is one of the top contenders globally, with many Czech players accomplishing their dreams of making it to the NHL in the USA.

With the highest level being the Czech Extraliga in the Czech Republic, many Czech citizens enjoy watching the games in person, broadcasted on the television, or pretending to be a professional of their own at one of the many ice rinks located around the country. Since the season typically occurs between September and April, you may be able to score some tickets for a game if you head to Prague in the wintertime.

3. There May Be Churches, But They’re Not Religious

Church of Our Lady before Týn, photo by Martin Vorel, sourced from LibreShot

Although one may assume that the Czech Republic citizens are extremely religious due to the prevalence of churches around the cities and small towns, you would be surprised to find that the Czech Republic is one of the least religious countries in the world. 

Around 38.9% of Czechs consider themselves atheists, while 13.4% are undecided about their religion. 

2. The Czech Republic is Known for Tennis

Navratilova and Sukova – By By Parklands cobbler – Own work, CC BY 3.0,

Not only ice hockey reigns king in the Czech Republic. Tennis is the sport that takes the cake in this department. Although ice hockey is a male-dominated sport, tennis is equally played by both males and females – with female tennis players being some of the most renowned and popular athletes in the Czech Republic.

Martina Navratilova has been the second-best player of the 20th century, paving the way for the now-8 female Czech players in the top 100 world rankings. 

1. The Country Is Known For Its Architecture

Prague st. salvator church – By Radler59 [CC BY-SA (]

If you have ever visited Prague, we bet you have been blown away by the different styles of buildings, the various castles, the beautiful churches, and the eye-catching sculptures. We’re not surprised – the Czech Republic is home to various types of architecture, like Baroque, Gothic, Renaissance, Romanesque, Classicism, Art-Noveau, Cubism, and Functionalism. 

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