Weather in Paris in September


Paris weather in September is still summer-like although it is the transition month into autumn. Paris skies in September are scenic as the sky builds up with clouds in readiness for fall. The result is a strikingly golden sky.

September weather in Paris is warm

Pont Alexandre on a warm day- by Moonik- Wikimedia Commons

The temperatures in Paris in September gradually drop as the month comes to a close, from between 13 degrees Celsius (55.4 degrees Fahrenheit) and 21 degrees Celsius (69.8 degrees Fahrenheit).

Generally, the temperature remains high and moderately warm and pleasant.

Expect steady sunshine for eight hours per day on average as the days remain moderately sunny.

September records 15.2 mm of rain, the least all year

Image sourced from Unsplash

The month of September in Paris is the least rainy month of all. While the days are moderately dry, some receive rain in the afternoon for up to eleven days within the month. The rain collected goes up to a paltry 15.2 mm, or 0.66″ precipitation.

The September rainfall is the least received in the year. Humidity also goes up to an average of 75%, thus you need to gear up to cold weather.

What to pack

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While fall attire is suitable for Paris in September, you need to bring some items of summer wear as a couple of days in early September have warmer afternoons.

As there will be chilly nights and cooler afternoons especially during the second half of September, bring a light jacket or coat and a couple of sweaters.

A good pair of walking shoes is necessary; after all, you are in Paris where it is almost guaranteed that you will want to take a walk. A light raincoat and umbrella are a must carry for the rainy days of September.

Staying fashionable, comfortable, and warm in Paris in September as fall checks in is possible. Bring tops that you can layer, as well as leggings that you can wear underneath trousers if need be.

Longer pants are suitable as they will keep the cold out, but you can fold them should it get hot.

Bring comfortable waterproof shoes as it may rain while you walk around, these shoes are the better option. Pair these with a number of quick-dry socks- these are sure to come in handy.

You will need a sturdy umbrella for your Paris September trip as well as a raincoat to help you keep dry while in the city.

A colorful scarf will dress up your outfits and keep your neck and shoulders warm at the same time.

Activities in Paris in September

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September in Paris affords you the opportunity to experience the city just like a local would. Even though the summer is winding up, there are still many festivals, events, exhibitions, and concerts that still go on to celebrate summer.

September also welcomes the cultural season in Paris where you will be treated to classical music concerts, ballet, and dance theatre events. Most of these are indoors.

You will not miss out on Paris day trips and long walks as the climate are cool.

The Eiffel Tower in September weather is spectacular as the weather changes from bright and sunny to cloudy and brooding- these changes will have you capture different kinds of pictures from the same location.

Catch the magnificent display of the fountains dancing to the rhythm of the music at the Palace of Versailles and its gardens. This summer evening display showcases the grandeur of the golden period of the French royalty.

On one of Paris’ rainy afternoons in September, you can immerse yourself in the world’s largest museum, the Louvre.  Here you will see the famed Mona Lisa as well as other 38,000 objects for your viewing pleasure. The Louvre puts up the “In Society” exhibition featuring exquisite pastel works of the 17th & 18th centuries only in September!

You could also visit Musee D’Orsay for the best collection of French art, and Musee de l’Orangerie for a vast repository of the world’s best impressionist and post-impressionist paintings.

The long September days in Paris leave you with more than enough time to explore Mont St. Michael. You will enjoy the medieval Gothic style abbey with its impressive architecture. Once a monastery, Mont St. Michael turned prison is located off the coast of Normandy.

Imagine harvesting grapes in Paris for a change! The month of September is traditionally the harvest of grapes. You could take a day trip to the Champagne region of France, where you can visit the vineyards and historic cathedrals.

You will enjoy Paris in September as the colors change from the bright greens of summer to golden autumn colors. The flowers are still in bloom thus quite attractive; you should venture outside and catch the last couple of days of summer.

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