Top 5 Places to Eat the Best Fondue in Paris

As far as history goes, fondue is originally of Swiss descent. Since France and Switzerland share the Alps, the dish very quickly made its way into Paris, where we now enjoy it as a seemingly local cuisine.

Fondue is a heated pot of melted cheese in which “scraps” of food are dipped and enjoyed. The French use a variety of local cheeses to make their fondue pots; namely Comté, Beaufort, Reblochon, or Abondance.

You’ll find the most traditional renditions of the dish at the following spots in Paris:

by Arnaud 25 – Wikimedia Commons

1. Pain Vin Fromages in Paris

When looking for fondue in Paris, it is imperative you go somewhere that actually understands the many different cheeses of the country and how to melt them in flavor harmony.

Over in le Marais, Pain Vin Fromages specialize in the very things that make up their name: bread, wine and cheese. Safe to say this is a top spot for fondue in the capital, so much so that you usually need to make a reservation a week in advance to eat here.

by EquatorialSky – Wikimedia Commons

Their fondue is done perfectly, but it’s a hefty meal and one should arrive hungry!

Note that the minimum order for fondue is for two people. Prices on the menu are written per person, so don’t get a fright when your bill arrives in double or triple.

Address: Monday to Sunday — 7pm to 11:30pm
ADDRESS: 3 Rue Geoffroy l’Angevin, 75004 Paris, France
Metro STATION: Rambuteau

2. L’Assiette aux Fromages in Paris

For a more affordable fondue dining experience we cross the water over into St Victor, the neighborhood on the edge of the Left Bank.

L’Assiette aux Fromages brings authentic French fondue to the city, but at extremely reasonable prices. In fact, their whole menu is priced to please, without any quality of food being compromised.

Their fondue is what brings in the crowds. They do both French cheese and chocolate fondue options, the former served with breads/meats and the latter with fruits. Contrary to popular belief there is nothing wrong with having a cheese fondue as a main meal followed by a chocolate fondue for dessert — it’s done more often than you think!

L’Assiette aux Fromages in Paris – by L’Assiette aux Fromages – Uploaded by them

Note that if you are not a big fan of white wine, or you don’t drink at all, you might not enjoy the taste of their cheese fondue. There is a lot of white wine present in this dish.

Address: Monday to Sunday — 11:30am to 3pm // 6pm to 11:30pm
ADDRESS: 25 Rue Mouffetard, 75005 Paris, France
Train STATION: Place Monge

3. Le Chalet Savoyard in Paris

While in Paris, you’ll probably notice that fondue dining and raclette go somewhat hand in hand.

Raclette is when cheese is fashioned into a rock hard giant wheel, and then heated at the edges before scraping portions of it onto a plate of food. It’s essentially just melted cheese straight from the wheel, and it will drench whatever is on your plate in a tasty, melted mess.

Le Chalet Savoyard in Paris – by Le Chalet Savoyard – Uploaded by them

Le Chalet Savoyard in the 11th arrondissement is a raclette and fondue haven. You are going to want to hold off on any heavy meals prior to your dinner here; it’s a lot of food, and dense eating at that.

Nevertheless, the flavors are phenomenal and everything is perfectly portioned to your dining party. On that note, le Chalet Savoyard is definitely best enjoyed with a large group! Great spot for kids, too!

Address: Monday to Sunday — 12pm to 2:30pm // 7pm to 11pm
ADDRESS: 58 Rue de Charonne, 75011 Paris, France
Metro STATION: Charonne

4. Heureux Comme Alexandre in Paris

Back to the 5th arrondissement we go for another spot doing chocolate fondue alongside cheese.

Heureux Comme Alexandre is famous for their chocolate fondue that features salted caramel as a serving side. Sweet treats aside, their cheesy fondue is something to write home about as well; served with breads, meats and vegetables of your choice.

Heureux Comme Alexandre in Paris – by Heureux Comme Alexandre – Sourced from their Facebook

They also do hot stones instead of precooking everything for you. The meats and mushroom stones are easy to manage while preparing your fondue bites. I found the menu to be incredibly reasonably priced considering the portion sizes and quality of the cheese.

Be aware that there is a second location with the exact same name. This one on the Left Bank is where you come for fondue; they two spots do not have the same menus!

Address: Monday to Sunday — 12pm to 2:30pm // 6:30pm to 11pm
ADDRESS: 13 Rue du Pot de Fer, 75005 Paris, France
Metro STATION: Place Monge

5. Fondue Factory in Paris

Being the diverse and eclectic city that it is, it’s no surprise that Paris offers other traditional fondues as well.

Chinese fondu is a thing, and you can eat it at a few spots here in the French capital!

Chinese fondue is also called a ‘hot pot’. Instead of cheese, a steaming bowl of broth is placed in the center of the table and raw meats & vegetables accompany it. Guests then proceed to cook their choice of bites in the broth, making for a very similar experience to fondue.

Fondue Factory in Paris – by Fondue Factory – Uploaded by them

At the Fondue Factory, in northern le Marais, you can enjoy traditional Chinese fondue.

It runs as an ‘all you can eat’ experience where you pay €27 per person. This gets you the main broth and all you can eat foods to dip into your pot for the duration of the evening. Drinks are charged separately.

This dining experience takes time; don’t arrive forty five minutes before closing and expect to leave satisfied. Book in advance!

Address: Monday to Sunday — 6pm to 10:30pm
ADDRESS: 183 Rue Saint-Denis, 75002 Paris, France
Metro STATION: Réaumur – Sébastopol

If you’ve not yet booked your free guided walking tour in Pairs, then you should do so as well! Cheesy French fondue followed by a historic walk through the Latin Quarter? Sounds like a day well spent.

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