The Best Fashion Shops in Paris


This is a tricky subject to narrow down, considering just about every possible nook and cranny of Paris is occupied by some sort of worthwhile fashion establishment. This is the fashion capital of the world, after all. 

I’m going to take you through a number of fashionable hubs where I find the best shopping opportunities present themselves. Some are on the more affluent end of the scale, and others offer wonderfully affordable, pre-loved options. 

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Galeries Lafayette Champs Elysees 

The Galeries Lafayette is a family run retail empire that spans most of the globe. They have an establishment on the famous Champs Elysees, which is a reclaimed Art Deco landmark that was formerly the Virgin Megastore. 

The fashion store spans an astounding 70,000 square feet over four floors. Male and female clothing is mixed in the space, which encourages shoppers to take in every inch of the building as opposed to simply flocking to two or three designated zones. 

Galeries Lafayette Paris – by Falcon® Photography – Wikimedia Commons

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Label wise, you can expect to come here to spend. Unless you’re met with the welcome surprise of a sale, you’ll be forking out top dollar for quality textiles that have been brought in from all over the world. 

This is the epitome of accessible luxury fashion while in Paris. 

The Golden Triangle

The aforementioned store may one fashion epitome, but it’s not alone. This next spot is known as the Golden Triangle, and is merely an affluent shopping hub in Paris’ 8th arrondissement. 

The irony is that The Galeries Lafayette on the Champs Elysees actually falls within this triangular area. In addition, the triangle boasts the flagship stores for brands like Dior, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Balenciaga. 

Hermès – by Moonik – Wikimedia Commons

While not everyone who visits Paris can afford to shop in this zone, the stores themselves are design masterpieces and worth seeing, even if you won’t be buying. 

Hermès is one fashion store you don’t want to miss whilst you’re in the area. Also, who wouldn’t want to treat themselves to a Hermès silk scarf straight out of Paree? I say go for it.   


In the northern Marais neighborhood you’ll find quite the shopping scene. Empreintes is an old 1930s workshop that once belonged to the original Woloch jewelry manufacturers who were famous for being partnered with Chanel. 

This is where the magic happened, to say the least. In 2016, the space was taken over by Ateliers d’Art de Franc, and this concept store was born. 

Today, you’ll shop fashion, homeware, design, curios and more. It even hosts a selection of collectible fine art and jewelry. 

Empreintes – by Empreintes – Uploaded by them

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Also in le Marais, Merci is a conceptual boutique that spans three floors in typical loft fashion. 

Come for clothing, accessories, book and design of genius standards. This is where you’ll find the best up-and-coming designers and labels from all over France, as well as Merci’s own in-house brand that really steals the show. 

A top tip? Don’t leave without enjoying a tea and a book in their library themed cafe. Compared to the chaos of the streets outside, this is a welcome break for any busy traveler. 

Merci – by Merci – Uploaded by them

Le Bon Marché

A must visit for fashion lovers who want that old timer, blast from the past experience while in the city of love. Le Bon Marche dates back to the 1850s, and is the oldest department store in all of Paree. 

It’s an iconic space; worth visiting even if you’re not in the market for some trendy new garments. Again, you’ll find the world’s best designers housed in this space, and the shopping experience to be a little more intimate that that of Galeries Lafayette. 

Le Bon Marché – by Daderot – Wikimedia Commons


Walking through Montmartre will give you an alternative fashion shopping experience. Seasoned shoppers know to visit this village on the hill for the best independent boutiques and vintage stores in town.

Chinemachine is one of them, and it’s the most wonderfully chaotic place you’ll ever visit in your life. It’s astounding just how much stuff is crammed into this tiny space. Get ready to rummage and sift through clothing from every era until you find the gem you came for. 

Chinemachine – by Chinemachine – Uploaded by them

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Centre Commercial

Near the Canal-Saint Martin, the Centre Commercial is a multi-brand boutique with sustainability in mind. This is the go-to for environmentally friendly menswear and womenswear sourced from designers around Europe. You might even recognize some of them, do Veja, Mara Hoffman, Maison Château Rouge, and Patagonia ring a bell?

Centre Commercial – by Centre Commercial – Uploaded by them

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