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I’m writing about Paris for vegans to help you all find the best vegan places in Paris! Because the most famous French dishes are made with meat and we all know France is known for its good food. Nonetheless, veganism is amazingly increasing. Being vegan is now kind of common. This model lifestyle is now very popular!

The city of Paris hosts several vegan events during the year. Every year, usually during the month of March – around the 20th – , la “Journée Sans Viande” happens. In english, it is the “MeatOut day“. Every day should be a Meat Out day, but that’s a good start. Many campaigns take place throughout the city to raise awareness about meat consumerism. Its main purpose is to show people that there are other kinds of lifestyle, and better diets that don’t harm any life.

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Another vegan event is the Veggie Pride. This demonstration happens during three days, on October 6th, 7th and 8th. The first and the last days are dedicated to congresses and meetings, and on the 7th, there’s a huge parade to spread the message. This event is really cool, fun and innovative. It raises awareness of the cruelty and the violence animals have to endure, and wants to show everyone that we need to respect animals lives.

There are indeed cruelty-free diets, and Paris is very vegan-friendly!

Basically any place you’ll go to eat in Paris will now have a vegan dish. Being vegan is now kind of common, that all the restaurants have now at least one vegan meal. But, in case you want more specific vegan places, let me give you some advices on the best vegan addresses in Paris.

Good Vegan Restaurants

The first thing you need to know is that vegan food is not as easy to find in Paris as it is in other cities, because you will rarely find “Vegan Food” written on a storefront.

But generally, you will always find a vegan meal in the restaurant’s menu. However, if you don’t want to spend all your time in your stay in Paris only eating salads, you will have a wider choice in one of these restaurants:

Vegan Folie’s: 53, rue Mouffetard

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Vegan Folie’s is found in the Latin Quarter, located in a street of Paris that you can’t miss if you want to understand the Parisian way of life (click here if you need ideas to hang out in this neighborhood). Vegan Folie’s is perfect for a vegan snack, specialised in cupcakes, vegan sandwiches and pies. They use only the best products to cook their food. For sure, it is a must-do in Paris for vegans!

Le Potager du Marais: 24, rue Rambuteau

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Le Potager du Marais is located in le Marais, the area Parisians love to go to when shopping (read more about shops in Le Marais). Le Potager du Marais is very small, but very charming. This rustic Paris vegan restaurant is decorated with lush plants. They serve traditional French cuisine in vegan versions: soups, tarte, paté, patty, gratin, and desserts (cook your own french vegan meal). It is totally worth a try! Even for the carnivorous people!

A pastry chef prepares all the vegan desserts including lemon bars, carrot cake and blueberry cake. Offers a 3-course dinner menu for around 25 euros. One of my advices is to book a table in advance.

My Kitch’n: 82, rue Lemercier

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Before joining our Montmartre free (tip only) walking tour, you might enjoy My Kitch’n. It is an organic vegan restaurant and a green smoothie bar. It is perfect for a casual meal in one of Paris’ oldest covered markets.

It serves Marley Coffee, specialty tea blends, veggie burgers and burritos, raw food, gluten free, and vegan desserts. Fresh food is served every day.

Café Ginger: 9, Rue Jacques Coeur

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It is not very far from the Marais, so you really should try this vegan place! Café Ginger is a little café that serves soups, pies, salads, wraps, and much more! Everything in this café is so delicious! The atmosphere at Café Ginger is very cosy, relaxed and it also had an outdoor seating. Plus, it is pretty affordable! Nonetheless, note that it is closed on Mondays and from Tuesdays to Thursdays the opening hours are 12.30 pm to 3.30pm! On weekends: 12.3 pm to 10.30pm!

Sol Semilla: 23, rue des Vinaigriers

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Sol Semilla is a plant shop, a restaurant, and a juice bar. The shop sells Amerindian plants mainly from the desert, the Andes mountains, and the Amazonian basin. The juice bar features hot and cold beverages made from the plants and from products that can be sold in the shop. But it also turns out to be a vegan restaurant. Many of the dishes are South America inspired, which allows you to discover new flavours! And the soups are simply delicious!

Vegan Food Stores

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If you want to buy your own food, that’s not a problem at all. Paris has more and more healthy food shops selling organic, natural, environmental-friendly products.

  • If you’re a tea lover and you love your planet, go to Lov Organic, located at 15 rue Montorgueil. Their teas are excellent, so you really should try it!
  • If you want fresh fruits and legumes, go to Bio c’Bon. The fruits and legumes are much more tasteful and organic. You will feel like you’re reaping the legumes and the fruits directly out of their trees! Plus, Bio c’Bon is not more expensive than the popular supermarkets, which is what usually happen! Many people don’t buy organic products because they think these products are much more expensive – they’re not!
  • Other shops selling organic food include La Vie Claire and the famous Naturalia shops. You’ll find many of them when walking Paris. In those shops, you’ll be able to buy all kinds of products. From organic cruelty-free beauty products, vegan biscuits, sweets and cakes to rare products that could only be found in these shops, all the vegans among you will be very satisfied when shopping there.

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Then, my last and best advice I could give you if you want to buy your own food is to, go to a Parisian open market. There are many open markets all around Paris (take a look at our top 5 food markets). By going to one, you will experience an important part of the Parisian lifestyle and have the assurance of eating fresh and vegan products that you choose yourself. If you have doubts or need some guidance, contact us.

You can also join our free (tip only) walking tour in Montmartre neighborhood which is one of my favourites, for its cheerful and truly parisian atmosphere!

Walking Montmartre always puts me in a good mood and inspires me so much.

At Discover Walks Paris, we also run a vegetarian and gluten-free food tour. Check out the details on our website.


My Paris for vegans article is now over! I hope it’s been helpful and that I’ve provided some guidance on where to go when you’re a vegan in Paris. A cruelty-free lifestyle is pretty fun. Being vegan in Paris allows you to walk your favourite city through a new perspective, living new experiences and tasting unique flavours!

See you around Paris!

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