If you ask any Parisian about the most important student area in Paris, the answer will almost always be that Latin Quarter is the place to hang out if you are young. The term Latin Quarter covers a large area that goes from Saint Germain des Prés along the Seine banks to the Pantheon. Because it is such a large area, you can find very different places depending on what you are looking for. We have selected for you the Best students hang out in the Latin Quarter.

Best students hang out in the Latin Quarter

What I can recommend are a few very nice places where you are sure you will find a good place to chill with some friends, but never forget that the best way of finding your favorite bar is just to walk in the streets and to enter the one that looks best in your eyes.

My favorite place in this area is the bar 10 near Odéon. This very small bar with a complete vintage decoration mostly serves sangria. To understand the very special atmosphere of this place, you have to go there. The best description I could give of this special bar is homey, vintage, young and familiar. The owner is very nice and manages to give his bar this very special atmosphere, thanks to his presence on the walls.


Another students hang out in the Latin Quarter to go out and have a drink is the Gentleman, thirty seconds away from the Saint Michel square. There you’ll find pints at 3, 5 Euros, giant leather sofas, and a dark and trendy atmosphere. Even though it is often crowded, there is a room upstairs, even nicer than the main room. The perfect place to spend an evening with a bunch of friends!


If you head a bit more towards Saint Germain, there is at the corner of the rue Grégoire de Tours and the rue de Buci, a very special place. It is a bar that actually has no name, but that students have nicknamed the ‘Pakistan’ because it always crowded and so lively. The specialty of this bar is the Mojitos. They serve giant ones with different tastes: classical, strawberry, peach… And what is even cooler is that they give you free pralines as much as you want. The pralines are a caramelized almond, one of the most delicious candies ever! Be careful not to eat too much of them. It is simply impossible to stop when you have started!


Paris Latin QuarterOf course there are many clubs in this area. But my favorite is rue des Saints Pères and is called le Saint Père (the Holy Father). This club always organizes some nights with really funny themes, and is always full of students that come from all around to attend those very delirious evenings.

These were my few favorite places, but I’m sure that there are many others, you just have to walk around a bit. Have fun!

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