You may have the same problem in your country: buying a good sandwich in Paris is also a challenge! But as we are the country of baguettes (the first and principal ingredient of sandwiches, go away white bread aficionado!), you have hope of buying a good sandwich! Here are tips on how to buy a good sandwich in Paris.

How to buy a good sandwich in Paris

Buy it in a boulangerie / bakery!


This is where the bread is cooked, this is where bread is born, and this is the place to buy a good sandwich. Try to go to a boulangerie that offers whole-wheat cereal bread, even if it’s not the bread you want for your sandwich, it’s a token quality. Homemade is better, so check if the croissants are all the same size and shape, if they are, it’s not a real bakery.

Choose the right type of bread!


If your teeth are young and healthy avoid brioche bread, it’s soft but a bit sugary, and if there is sauce in your sandwich it will be like a sponge, and this something to avoid when trying to buy a good sandwich. The best is whole-wheat cereal bread, according to me; it’s healthier and tastier.

Do they look tasty?

If not, don’t buy it, if they were prepared too long ago, the sauce will have soaked the bread, you can see if it is the case. The best is actually when they are made in front of you, but few can offer that, or at least when tomatoes and salad are added when you buy it, but it’s not common either, but if you see a Boulangerie which does that, you can be sure this is a place to buy a good sandwich.

Some good boulangeries to buy sandwiches.

Finally, here are some good bakeries to buy a good sandwich, according to me. My favorite one is not far from my apartment, it’s called Utopie, and it’s located on 20 Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, 75011 Paris. They have amazing sandwiches and pastries, if you’re around Oberkampf, please make a note to go there!

Then there are the Paul Boulangeries, it’s a chain, such as “Prêt à Manger” in England or USA, but you know that even if it’s not the most amazing sandwich, you won’t have something disgusting, making sandwiches is their job, and they do it well. Finally we also have some Prêt à manger, so if you liked it in your country you’ll probably like it in Paris as well!

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