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By Alexandre Gourevitch

Katie Chavez on Her Lifelong Passion for Travel and Cultures

“Travel Stars” is an interview series created to get to know people in the travel industry who are making a difference; writers/influencers, producers, and travel executives. In this article, we had the joy of interviewing Katie. Katie Chavez is a Kiwi travel blogger and world traveler based in the U.S. that has been living abroad […]

By Ethan Delany

A Possible Guernica For The Spurs When They Land Wembanyama

French Prodigy Has Potential To Become San Antonio Spur’s Own Pablo Piccaso Guernica is a name that needs no introduction. This is one of the most well-known pieces and is hailed by many art critics as the most stirring and potent anti-war artwork ever created. Painted by Pablo Picasso from Spain in 1937, the artwork […]

By Ethan Delany

Modern-Day Twin Towers For The Spurs When They Land Wembanyama And Teammate

Wembanyama And Bilal Coulibaly Possibilly Teaming Up At San Antonio Spurs The San Antonio Spurs have all the bragging rights to some of the best duos in basketball. From George Gervin and Larry Kenon to Tim Duncan and Tony Parker, the San Antonio Spurs have had their fair share of formidable forces over the years. […]

By Ethan Delany

Victor Wembayama’s Superpower

Victor’s Shot-blocking Capability His Most Outstanding Strength A generational talent rare to come by is here and ready to take over. Victor Wembanyama is the name and he is set to join the NBA when the NBA draft happens on June 22, 2023. Victor is projected to be the first overall pick in the upcoming […]

By Kylan Jacobsen

Amazon Using Generative AI To Simplify Shopping

Amazon Implementing AI To Tackle Growing Fake Reviews On Products In recent months, Amazon has been grappling with rampant fake reviews as a result of brokers. In response, Amazon has decided to adopt machine learning models to combat sad reviews. The company is currently experimenting with a generative AI model that will sum up customer […]

By Benson

Widespread Strikes Impacting Public Transport and Airports in Italy During June and July

Milan airport security will be on strike for four hours In Italy, summertime transportation strikes are common. Italian unions that represent employees of public transportation, train companies, and airlines have already declared a series of strikes for this year. Check before you travel since there may be regional interruptions due to walkouts at local transportation […]

By Benson

Are protests in Paris a Headache for tourists?

Travelers are cautioned of ongoing pension demonstrations in France Unions in France have been fighting against rising the retirement age from 62 to 64 for years. After President Emmanuel Macron chose to implement the reform without a parliamentary vote, protests broke out all throughout the nation. Travel has been severely disrupted by continuing strikes since […]

By Kylan Jacobsen

Linda Yaccarino Says Elon Musk’s Twitter Will Drive Civilization Forward

Twitter CEO Outlines The Platform’s Mission Under Her Tenure A week after taking over billionaire and Mogul Elon Musk as the CEO of Twitter, Linda Yaccarino has begun her campaign, outlining her plans for “Twitter 2.0.” In a series of Tweets posted on Monday, 12th June, Yaccarino has touted Twitter as the “Global town square” […]

By Ethan Delany

Wembanyama’s Poor Way Of Saying Goodbye

Victor Fails To Put Up A Show In Game 1 Of Monaco – Metropolitans 92 Final Nearing an exit from France and about to join the high-rated NBA league, Victor’s journey to the top has been nothing short of superb. Wembanyama has been at the top of his game ever since he joined Metropolitans 92 […]

By Ethan Delany

Monaco Too Witty For A Toothless Wembanyama-led Metropolitans 92

Metropolitans Thrashed In Game 1 Of the LNB Pro A Finals After a week-long rest for the Metropolitans 92 after eliminating ASVEL in the semifinals of the LNB Pro A, Wembanyama-led Metropolitans 92 began their finals game 1 with a whooping from the formidable top-seed Monaco. Despite a spirited fight by the Metropolitans 92 in […]

By Ethan Delany

Wembanyama’s Hands Of Hope Amid The Struggles

Victor’s Block During Finals Electrifies The Crowd The LNB Pro A Finals are underway with Wembanyama-led Metropolitans 92 going head-to-head with Monaco. Such a fearsome rivalry with these two teams finishing the regular season at the top two with Monaco sitting at the top and Metropolitans 92 following a close second. Game 1 of the […]

By Kylan Jacobsen

Elon Musk Flirting With The Idea Of Buying The World Health Organization?

Twitter User Asks Elon Musk To ‘Buy The WHO’ Replying to a query on Twitter by an entrepreneur, Elon Musk sparked intrigue as speculation began on the possibility of him purchasing the World Health Organization from Bill Gates. On Saturday, June 10th, entrepreneur Dr. Eli David in a tweet addressed to Elon Musk asked him, […]

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