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By Ethan Delany

Wembanyama Can Only Be Safe In Texas

The Best Bet For Wembanyama To save In Taxes Is Texas The crown jewel of the basketball game at the moment Victor Wembanyama keeps getting hype around him as days go by. He has been dubbed a generational talent with his unmatched skills and talents distinguishing him among the best young players getting into basketball […]

By Ethan Delany

Vince Carter Would Be Impressed By Wembanyama

Viral Dunk By The French Prodigy Would Leave NBA’s Best Dunker In Awe The 2023 NBA draft couldn’t arrive any sooner because this year’s crop of talent is unmatched. One player however stands out from the rest and is none other than Victor Wembanyama. Victor stands 7’4″ tall, has an 8-foot wingspan, and frequently makes […]

By Ethan Delany

Wembanyama To Philadelphia?

Here’s A Trade That Makes Wembanyama A 76er No doubt the highest draft prospect in basketball history along with LeBron James with a gap of 20 years apart, Wembanyama’s hype does not seem to relent. The buzz around the 19-year-old keeps growing day by day and it will only increase especially now that the NBA […]

By Ryan Stephen

ONE TO GO! Man City Claims FA Glory as Historic Treble Gets Closer

Man City Beats Man United in FA Finals closing one step away from the Treble To get one step closer to the treble, Manchester City won the FA Cup. At Wembley, Manchester United faced deserving opposition, but their neighbors ultimately prevailed. Their success can be attributed to Ilkay Gundogan, who scored both of his team’s […]

By Ethan Delany

Wembanyama Is A Chameleon

French Prodigy’s Trainer Praises His Ability To Blend In Quickly To be called a generational talent you have to possess that one thing that your regular player lacks. As a basketball player, a typical player might be good on the defensive end but poor on the offensive side. Another one might be good offensively but […]

By Ethan Delany

Wembanyama Is A Mismatch Nightmare

Tim Martin Wants Wembanyama To Find His Happy Balance Playing Basketball Everybody’s talking about the 19-year-old French prodigy especially now that the NBA draft is just a few days away. The 2023 NBA draft is set for June 22, 2023, and we are waiting to see where Wembanyama will end up. Victor has been surrounded […]

By Ethan Delany

Wembanyama’s Virtual Journey To Stardom

Victor Trained Via Zoom During The COVID-19 Pandemic To reach the top, you have to start from the bottom and so much unseen hard work involved in getting at the pinnacle shapes an athlete to be the best. This is the story of Victor Wembanyama who is the 19-year-old French sensation who is set to […]

By Ethan Delany

Wembanyama Bringing Back San Antonio’s Legends

Tony Parker and Tim Duncan Set To Mentor Wembanyama Wembanyama stands out among the highest draft prospects in the 2023 NBA draft and fans can’t wait any longer before they see him play his first official game in the NBA. As the NBA draft lottery was done on May 16, 2023, the San Antonio Spurs […]

By Ethan Delany

Wembanyama With The Jordan-Effect

French Prodigy Set To Replicate What Michael Jordan Did To Chicago Make peace with knowing that Victor is out here coming to wreak havoc in the NBA as his displays show a force is coming and is coming soon. The NBA has been put on notice of how much Victor will impact the game when […]

By Ethan Delany

Wembanyama Is Mr. Double Double

Wembanyama-led Metropolitans Blow ASVEL In Game 2 Of LNB Pro Semi-finals It is too late to put a leash on Victor Wembanyama right now, the lad is too far gone and the only thing that can stop him is himself. All this is to say that Victor is living up to the hype as he […]

By Ethan Delany

San Antonio Spurs Will Never Be The Same When They Draft Wembanyama

French Prodigy On The Verge Of Turning San Antonio Into A Booming Metropolis The greatest prospect in team sports ever, Victor Wembanyama’s hype is getting heated as the days go by. With his future team on the radar to pick him come June 22, 2023, during the NBA draft, we will know where Wembanyama will […]

By Ethan Delany

Wembanyama Made Joakim Noah and Derrick Rose Run Out Of Patience

Former Bulls Hoopers Went To Watch Wembanyama Play For Metropolitans 92 We can’t wait any longer, that’s for sure, the 2023 NBA draft should get here as soon as possible. June 22, 2023, is less than a few weeks away but it looks like a decade to come and we can all agree that the […]

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