Top 5 Most Beautiful Fountains in Paris

The fountains of Paris are really works of art in and of themselves. Some of them are well-known due to certain movie cameos or book appearances, but I’m willing to bet you don’t know all the others! Paris is home to over 200 fountains, but in this guide I’ve narrowed down the top 5 most beautiful fountains in Paris for you.

What are you waiting for? Come discover the most beautiful fountains in Paris with me!

Fontaine des Mers

Sourced from Wikimedia Commons

Definitely among the most beautiful fountains in Paris, and perhaps the most famous fountain in Paris, is the Fontaine des Mers. Maybe you even recognize this as the fountain from the hit film Devil Wears Prada. Located right in the middle of the bustling Place de la Concorde, it’s hard to miss.

There’s actually not just one, but two fountains here! Both fountains were designed by architect Jacques Hittorff, and were constructed during the reign of King Louis-Philippe back in 1840.

The two fountains face opposite directions, and commemorate different parts of French history. The south fountain commemorates French maritime victories, while the north fountain celebrates navigation and commerce on France’s many rivers. Each fountain features intricate sculptures, and golden accents; typical of the Belle-Époque period.

I suggest visiting these fountains and then heading for a walk in the Tuileries gardens, just a block away.

Fontaine des mers – Place de la concorde 75008

Place des Vosges

Sourced from Wikimedia Commons

Our next up on my list of the top 5 most beautiful fountains in Paris can be found in one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods. The place des Vosges is actually the oldest planned square or park in all of Paris! Places des Vosges was originally called the Place Royale since it was commissioned by Henri IV back in 1602.  This beautiful square framed with identical buildings was once a popular meeting place for the French nobility, up until the French Revolution.

Nowadays, you won’t spot French nobility lining the lawns at the Place des Vosges, but you will find plenty of chic Parisians. Today, the park is the border separating Paris’ 3rd and 4th arrondissements, right in the middle of the Marais neighborhood.

The Place des Vosges is home not one, not two, but four beautiful fountains, one at each corner of the square. It’s perfect place for a picnic in summer, and a nice spot for a walk in Fall or winter. Plus, the fountains at Places des Vosges really complete the beautiful backdrop and provide a sense of Parisian charm.

So you can see there’s a lot of history behind what’s now one of the chicest parks in Paris.

Fontaine Saint-Sulpice

You can’t visit the Saint-Germain neighborhood without stopping by to marvel at the Saint-Sulpice church. Just a few minute’s walk from the Jardin du Luxembourg lies a gorgeous Parisian monument.

Most people don’t know this, but Saint-Sulpice is actually the second largest church in the whole city, just after Notre-Dame. And now that Notre-Dame is being rebuilt, Saint-Sulpice has become the main cathedral in Paris. 

The churches two cylindrical towers and Baroque style architecture really make it stand out as one of the city’s most recognizable monuments. Saint-Sulpice has also been featured in some popular books and films! Maybe you remember the fountain at Saint-Sulpice being mentioned in Dan Brown’s bestselling book The Da Vinci Code.

Of course the 16th century cathedral is beautiful in and of itself, but my favorite part is the beautiful fountain in front! Easily one of the most beautiful fountains in Paris, the Fontaine Saint-Sulpice has an ancient charm. Standing over 5 meters tall, this limestone fountain is impressive to say the least.

If you visit during the daytime, you’ll see plenty of Parisians stopping by to enjoy their lunch by the fountain. A night time visit will showcase the magnificent fountain fully-backlit in all its glory.

eglise saint-sulpice – 2 rue palatine 75006

La Fontaine Médicis

Sourced from Wikimedia Commons

The next stop on our list of the most beautiful fountains in Paris takes us into the Jardin du Luxembourg, on Paris’ Left Bank. This expansive garden covers over 25 hectares, and features some gorgeous fountains too!

My personal favorite is La Fontaine Médicis which has quite the interesting history. As I mentioned before, the fountain is currently located in the Jardin du Luxembourg – but it hasn’t always been there! This fountain was originally commissioned by King Henri IV’s Italian widow, Mairie de’ Médici for her personal château elsewhere on Paris’ Left Bank. Since it’s construction in the early 16th century, the fountain remained at the château until the 1860’s when it was transferred to its present location.

During the years after the transfer, the fountain was extensively repaired and renovated. I think you’ll agree that the result is quite stunning. The banks along the fountain are lined with tall, leafy trees. And despite the fountain’s rather central location in the busy Jardin, it’s surprisingly calm and quiet. It’s the perfect place to come read a book and enjoy a coffee.

jardin du luxembourg – Rue de Vaugirard entrance 75006



Fontaine Saint-Michel

Sourced from Wikimedia Commons

This next stop on my list of the top 5 most beautiful fountains in Paris is within walking distance from the last spot. Enjoy a walk through the historic Saint-Germain-des-Prés neighborhood until you reach Saint-Michel. You’ll find yourself in front of a huge fountain, across from Notre-Dame.

The famous fountain was constructed under orders of Baron Haussmann, for the great Paris reconstruction. This transformation of the city took place largely during the 19th century and made Paris what it is today.

Just like in the Place des Vosges, this gorgeous fountain separates two distinct Parisian neighborhoods. East of the Fontaine Saint-Michel is what we call the Latin Quarter, one of the oldest areas in Paris. To the right is Saint-Germain, known for being a hub for artists and intellectuals during the 20th century.

Well, now you know where to find the top 5 most beautiful fountains in Paris. Which one was your favorite?

7bis place saint-michel 75006


See you soon in Paris!

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