Top 10 Most Enchanting Libraries near Lisbon


*Originally published by Natalie on July 2019 and Updated by Vanessa on April 2023

As far as architecture goes, Lisbon’s is reflected in the century old history that clings to the city. Any free guided walking tour through the winding streets will tell the tales of years gone by, and how the buildings and monuments came to be what they are today.

When I think of the buildings of Lisbon the age old saying “as without, so within” comes to mind.

Streets of Lisbon – by David Marcu – Unsplash

Please note that I’m fully aware that this saying was definitely coined in reference to something far less tangible than Pombaline style architecture. Nevertheless, the metaphor seems perfectly applicable to much of the aesthetic appeal that the Portuguese infrastructure carries.

The interior spaces that are housed behind closed walls are some of the most exquisite in the world — particularly those developed after the great Lisbon earthquake in 1755.

Buildings in Lisbon – by Fulvio Ambrosanio – Unsplash

In true European style, Portugal is also home to some of the most enchanting libraries on the continent; many of them just a short distance from Lisbon centre.

Century old buildings that form refuge to the thousands of books and manuscripts preserved through tumultuous European history. With walls that could tell a million tales and architecture that could make even the harshest of critics swoon.

Here are the top 10 most enchanting libraries near Lisbon that you simply must pay visit to while in town.

1. Mafra National Palace Library in Lisbon

Terreiro D. João V

Start with the best first? Why not.

Mafra Palace is enchanting enough on its own without the addition of a world-class library between its walls. Located just outside of Lisbon, Mafra is a great spot to take a day trip out of the city for a few hours.

To put it bluntly; Mafra National Palace is absolutely massive. In fact, it is the largest monument in the entire country and a pristine, preserved example of Portuguese baroque design.

Mafra National Palace Library – by Diogo Nunes – Unsplash

The Palace’s library, dating back to 1771, houses a collection of over 36,000 books. Amongst them are many rarities; such as preserved prints from the year 1500 and all of the forbidden works of the eras long before.

The library space itself is somewhat of a marvel. “Enchanting” is probably putting it mildly; the white and cream woodwork bouncing off of the flesh-toned leather backs is rather spell bounding.

Rumor has it that it takes an army to keep all of these books in pristine condition… an army of bats that is. By night, hundreds of bats are released into the library wherein they eat the insects thats seek to eat through the books. During the day they live in boxes elsewhere in the palace grounds.

Mafra National Palace Interior – by Diogo Nunes – Unsplash

Bats or not, the Mafra Palace Library is pure magic from the marble floors to the hand carved ceilings.

If you ever want to feel immersed in a culture and history so foreign from what you’ve been accustomed to thus far, head over to the Mafra library and let it slowly entwine into each of your senses.

2. Lello & Irmão

R. das Carmelitas 144

In a building not quite as old as the Mafra Palace, but equally as beautiful (in a different way), we find another lavish library collection known around town as the Lello & Irmão Bookstore.

In 1906 the building that houses this library was inaugurated, and the book collection began. Like Mafra, the space is old and ornate, but instead of marble and beige Lello & Irmão opted for the old school wooden theme to house their works.

Lello & Irmão – by Ivo Rainha – Unsplash

The library is exceptional — and the collective works are a bit more contemporary than the leather bound series at the afore mentioned library. At Lello & Irmão you can actually work with and enjoy the books, it is less of a museum and more of an actual library.

For some reason it seems all Portuguese libraries come with some sort of rumor attached to them. In the case of Lello & Irmão, the story goes that this is the spot where renowned author of the Harry Potter series, J.K Rowling, experienced here inspiration to write the works that she did.

Lello & Irmão back in the day – by Lello & Irmão – Sourced from their website

The author was a resident to this town for over ten years and used to frequent this library for a cup of coffee quite often.

It’s undeniable that the library looks like something straight out of Hogwarts itself. Another not-to-miss attraction not far from Lisbon.

3. Biblioteca Joanina

Pátio das Escolas da Universidade de Coimbra

Words fail me when asked to describe the space of the Bilioteca Joanina. Perhaps the best way to put it is to imagine that if the interior of the Mafra Palace Library and the interior of the Lello & Irmão had a love child; it would look like the Bilioteca Joanina.

Biblioteca Joanina – by Biblioteca Joanina – Sourced from their website

This exquisite library is the seemingly perfect fusion of baroque royalty and wood craftsmanship. Ironically, the wood used within the Bilioteca Joanina was actually brought in from Brazil and crafted by an Italian!

The library holds a collection of over 250,000 books dating back between the 15th and 19th centuries in Europe. While the collection is impressive, my favorite thing about the Bilioteca Joanina must be the painted ceilings and the utter whimsey of the scenarios that they depict.

It seems that the Mafra library knew what they were doing when they let the bats out by night. Bilioteca Joanina does the same, and these bats work through the darkness chomping on any critter that poses threat to the ancient bound works.

Note that there is a €7 entrance fee for this library. It is open every day of the week and well worth it, I promise.

Biblioteca Joanina – by Biblioteca Joanina – Sourced from their website

4. Biblioteca São Lázaro

 R. do Saco, 1 – Lisboa

Readers have been captivated by Biblioteca So Lázaro for more than a century, a historic library in Lisbon, Portugal. The library was first created in 1883 as a reading area for employees, but in 1900 it was given a new name in honour of the nearby church of So Lázaro.

For book lovers and enthusiasts alike, the library is a must-visit location because of its elaborate design and sizable collection of books, which includes rare volumes from the 16th century. Biblioteca So Lázaro has served as an important cultural centre for the neighbourhood over the years, sponsoring a wide range of activities and exhibitions while still fostering a love of reading.

5. Biblioteca Palácio Galveias

Top 10 Most Enchanting Libraries near Lisbon

Hipersyl, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

 R. Academia das Ciências, 19 – Lisboa

In the centre of Lisbon, Portugal, stands Biblioteca Palácio Galveias, a wonderful library. The structure which was built as a palace in the 18th century, went through a renovation in the 1930s to become a public library. Anyone who likes books will find this particular library to be stunning, when you enter you’ll find grand stairs, tall columns and intricate ceilings.

If you’re a researcher or academician you’ll find this library helpful because of its rare books, manuscripts and maps. Guests can easily stroll through the library’s landscaped gardens while taking in literary performances and exhibitions, you can also take a breather in any of their reading rooms.

6.Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal

 Campo Grande, 83 – Lisboa

Ever wondered which library is the oldest in the world? The National Library of Portugal is the largest and oldest in the world which is founded in the 18th century. You’ll find this jewel in Lisbon’s capital and has more than 3 million items, including books, manuscripts, maps and multimedia materials.

The library focuses on Portuguese and culture and has a wide variety of literature from former Portuguese territories. This library serves as both a research organisation and a national library. 

7.Biblioteca da Academia das Ciências

 R. Academia das Ciências, 19 – Lisboa

Biblioteca da Academia das Ciências is located in Lisbon, Portugal, it is a part of the Academy of Sciences of Lisbon. It has a sizable collection of books and especially that have scientific information and a has subjects such as chemistry, physics and mathematics and astronomy. Researchers from all over the world now rely on this library since provides a range of services that helps scholars achieve their desired goals. 

8. Biblioteca Passos Manuel (Assembleia da República)

Av. D. Carlos I, 128-132 – Lisboa

The Bibiliteca Passos Manuel is located in Lisbon, Portugal, inside the Assemblia da Repblica, which is the legislative branch of the Portuguese government. This library is named after António José de Sousa Manuel who lived in the 19th century. Lawyers, aspiring politicians and academicians can easily find a useful collection in this library. If you ever need access to legal or political resources then this is the right library to start with, they also offer a number of services like document delivery and reference support, to help its users locate the materials they need.

9.Biblioteca da Cruz Vermelha

Jardim 9 de Abril, 1 a 5 – Lisboa

The Portuguese Red Cross owns and operates the Biblioteca da Cruz Vermelha (Red Cross Library). The library offers a lot of books in the field of the health sciences, the books here would be perfect for nurses, doctors or anyone in the medical field. Students who need additional health-related materials will find this library to be beneficial. For those who require document delivery or reference aid, you don’t need to worry because they have these services for the general public.

 10. Biblioteca Fernando Pessoa

 Rua da Oliveira ao Carmo nº 8 – Lisboa

This interesting library in Lisbon is devoted to the writings of Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa. The library features books, manuscripts, letters, pictures as well as other artefacts. For anyone who is interested in literary life and work this library has priceless resources, especially for those who value Portuguese literature and poetry. 

Although it’s a small library it is fascinating for those who value Pessoa’s work, it has dedicated their work to the memory of the poet. The staff at the library are quite informed and can always assist if you’d like more information about Pesso’as writing. If you’re a fan of Portugal’s history and Pessoa’s work then this library is a must-visit.

Feeling inspired? Feeling enchanted? I hope so.

Sometimes the exterior beauty of Portugal can make us forget to go inside from time to time. As you walk the streets take note that you may be in close proximity to one of these marvels to venture into for a while.

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As without, so within… right?


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