Where to Eat the Best Avocado Toasts in Paris


Simple, nutritious and delicious; avocado toast is the breakfast food sweeping the nations. Seemingly endless variations exist, but whether you’re an avocado toast purist or like to see things mixed up a little, there’s a green tartine in Paris with your name on it. Here’s my guide to where to find the best avocado toast in Paris.

1. The Avocateria

Photo courtesy of l’Avocateria Paris – Sourced from their Instagram page

When searching for the best avocado toast in Paris it makes sense to go to the source, right? Avocateria in the foodie second arrondissement is Paris’ answer to Amsterdam’s cult favorite The Avocado Show – a restaurant dedicated to avocado-based food.

Avocado roasts remain the bread and butter of Avocateria if you will, but they build on the classic adding Middle Eastern variations with Zaatar and Indian flavors with a curry toast. They even have avocado milkshakes! If you’re in the mood for something a little more substantial, their grain bowls are generous and topped with plenty of hearty vegetables to fill you up.

Practical information:
The Avocateria – 42 rue du Caire 75002 Paris
Metro station: sentier
Opening hours:
Tuesday – Friday 11:30AM// 2:30Pm
Friday and Saturday 7PM//10PM
open Saturday and Sunday for brunch 12PM//4PM
Price range: €€

2. The Hoxton

Photo courtesy of the Hoxton Paris – Sourced from their Instagram

You’ll have to visit one of Paris’ coolest hotels of the moment to discover the next spot on my list of the best places to eat an avocado toast in Paris! Located inside the hip Hoxton Hotel in the up and coming 2nd arrondissement is Rivié, an old-school brasserie serving up modern cuisine.

Sink into the gorgeous mid century modern furniture in this cozy space, and enjoy some seriously good breakfast! Avocado toast is served on whole grain bread and you can add bacon or smoked salmon for extra protein. If you prefer a full breakfast menu with a coffee and juice included, try the Hox breakfast (set €20 formula).

Practical information:
Rivié at the Hoxton Paris – 32 rue du sentier 75002 Paris
metro station: sentier
opening hours: Thursday – Saturday 7am//2am
Sunday – Wednesday 7am//1am
Price range: €€

3. Maison Sauvage

Photo courtesy of Maison Sauvage – Sourced from their Instagram

Nestled in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Maison Sauvage is a hip restaurant where you can eat some of the best avocado toasts in Paris. Famous for its impressive floral façade, this aesthetically – pleasing eatery follows through every step of the way.

Their avocado toast is perfectly portioned, topped with crumbled cheese, pomegranates and cilantro sprigs. You can opt to add a poached egg or smoked salmon, too.

Practical information:
maison sauvage – 5 rue de buci 75006 paris
metro station: Odeon
opening hours:
open daily 7am// 2am
price range: €€-€€€

5. Buvette

Photo courtesy of Buvette Paris – Sourced from their Instagram

Situated in the trendy Pigalle area, Buvette is a cozy New York style brasserie where you can have a true Franco-American fusion brunch. The menu changes frequently but luckily, the avocado toast seems to be one of the mainstays. Chunky guacamole slathered generously on whole grain bread and topped with a perfectly-poached egg and piment d’espelette? Sign me up.

You’ll also find revamped classics in the form of small plates. These are perfect for sharing, even apéro style! Think carottes râpées, croque monsieur, or burrata. Buvette is ideal for a weekend brunch with friends, or just grabbing a bite and a drink during apéro hour.

Practical information:
Buvette – 28 rue Henri Monnier 75009 Paris
metro station: saint-Georges
opening hours: Monday – Friday 8:30AM//midnight
Saturday and Sunday 10Am//midnight
price range: €-€€


6. Obrkof

Photo courtesy of Obrkof – Sourced from their Instagram

If you’ve got a hankering for a classic avocado toast fix in Paris, look no further than Café Obrkof. Located in the Oberkampf neighborhood, this little place is located just a minute from the metro exit, and is the perfect place to spend a laid back morning. Café Obrkof is friendly, calm and has amazing food – giant, chewy cookies, delicious breakfast fare and of course, a killer avocado toast. You won’t want to miss their banana bread either, thick cut and slathered with butter, it’s tough to find a better pairing for some artisanal coffee (they use local brûlerie Belleville).

Practical information:
Café Obrkof – 41 boulevard voltaire 75011 paris
metro station: Oberkampf
opening hours: open daily 8:30am//5:30pm
price range: €€

7. Neighbours Paris

Photo courtesy of Neighbours Paris – Sourced from their Instagram

Looking for a taste of the UK in Paris? Neighbors Paris is your answer. Not only is service with a smile, but they make some mean French-British fusion food. But the reason we’re here is for the best avocado toast in Paris, and while this one isn’t a “toast” per say, one could argue Neighbours’ version is even better.

A lightly-toasted crumpet topped with fresh avocado slices and fried Halloumi cheese. That’s their rendition, and decadent as it is, it’s definitely a nice fresh take on the classic. Their other brunch style offerings are also worth a shot, this place is a local favorite.

Practical information:
Neighbours paris – 89 boulevard Beaumarchais 75003
paris metro station: Richard lenoir
opening hours: thursday – monday 9AM//4PM
price range: €€

8. 5 Pailles

Photo courtesy of 5 Pailles – Sourced from their Instagram

This name literally means five straws, and maybe that’s how many you’ll need to share their generous portions of milkshakes and veritable Californian brunch fare at this spot. Situated in Paris’ 10th arrondissement, this laid back coffee shop is far away from the tourist crowds, but you will have to queue with locals to get a seat. Not only does 5 Pailles have one of the best avocado toasts in town, but the rest of their brunch fare is well-known, too.

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practical information:
5 pailles – 79 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis, 75010 Paris
metro station: chateau d’eau
opening hours: monday – friday 8:30AM//4PM
saturday and sunday from 10AM//5PM
price range: €