The Cheapest Areas to Live in Paris


Paris is known for being one of the most glamorous and one of the most expensive cities in the world. And that may be true – especially when it comes to things like housing! But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t bargains to be found if you know where to look. Keep reading to discover the cheapest areas to live in Paris. 

How do housing prices work in Paris?

Generally speaking, the central arrondissements of Paris (1-9) are the most desirable, and thus command the highest prices. The same is true for the ‘upscale’ residential and more family-oriented districts like the 8th and the 16th which have more family-sized apartments (tougher to find in the center).

However, the further East or North from the center you go, the quicker prices tend to drop. Whether you’re renting or buying, there are a few important aspects to take into account, and ones that largely affect the price you’ll pay: location, size, modernity, and of course the proximity to transport.

The 10th Arrondissement

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Straddling the border between the hip Marais district and Paris’ Eastern arrondissements, the up and coming 10th district is one of the cheapest areas to live in Paris. But that’s certainly not to say that it’s undesirable or without charm. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. 

While being home to two of the city’s major train stations (Gare du Nord and Gare de l’Est), the 10th is also home to the charming Canal Saint-Martin as well as a whole host of cool eateries, hip boutiques, and trendy bars. 

The 10th is also a true melting pot of cultures and ethnicities. This area has both prominent immigrant and student populations, drawn in by the centrality and lower costs of living. And over the past decade, this district is becoming more and more popular with young couples and families, who appreciate the diversity and lower prices there. A one bedroom apartment goes for €1,200 on average.

Apartment purchase prices in France are calculated on an overall basis, but also include the price per square meter. This is generally a good indication of how expensive (or cheap) a certain area is. The average price per square meter in the 10th hovers around €9,000. And while that may seem astronomical, it’s a bargain compared to the sky-high prices in other Parisian neighbourhoods such as the Saint-Germain-des-Prés area where the price per square meter climbs to a cool €21,000. 

The 20th Arrondissement

Situated on the Eastern border of Paris, the 20th arrondissement has exploded in popularity during recent years. Previously a decidedly immigrant and working-class neighbourhood, the district has taken on a new personality over the past decade or so, lending itself to increased desirability. 

Once a no-go zone, the 20th has transformed into a cool and edgy place to live. And not to mention one of the cheapest areas to live in Paris! Nowadays, the vast assortment of non-traditional flats, lofts, and artists’ studios in this area have made the 20th a haven for artists, musicians, students, young families, and those just hoping for a little more space amidst the bustling city. 

It should also be noted that the cheapest areas to live in Paris also depend on other costs of living: food/groceries, basic amenities, and an outing. The 20th has retained a lot of its working-class nature, and is great for this reason. Affordable cafés and brasseries abound, groceries are more than fairly-priced (especially if you hit the local farmer’s market) and rent is definitely reasonable. 

All that being said, a simple one bedroom flat here will run you €1,000 a month on average. And the price per square meter to buy comes out to €7,200 on average – making the 20th easily the cheapest area to live in Paris!

The 13th Arrondissement

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Situated in the Southeast portion of the city, the 13th arrondissement is truly a unique part of Paris. Bordering the Latin Quarter on one side and the suburbs on the other, the 13th has long been one of the city’s more industrial neighbourhoods. It’s here that you’ll find Paris’ impressive Chinatown, as well as plenty of futuristic buildings, high-rises, and street art.

Of course, you can find classic Parisian architecture here too, it all depends on the exact neighbourhood you choose. In Paris, everything can change from one block to the next – almost making you feel as if you’re in a different city all together!

The 13th arrondissement is central, safe, and due to the high-rises, actually offers a lot more housing than many others. And for very reasonable prices. Actually, a simple one-bedroom flat in the 13th goes for around €1,250, while the average price per square meter is €9,700 if you’re looking to buy. All in all one of the most affordable areas in the city!


Well, know you have a better idea about some of the cheapest areas to live in Paris! Which one would you choose? 


See you soon in Paris!

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