Best food delivery apps in Paris


How many times have you been too lazy to walk to the store? Or maybe you’re simply not feeling social enough to go sit at a restaurant and talk to people. That’s quite alright! Sometimes, amidst the hectic lifestyle that is Paris, we need things to be easy. There is nothing easier than imagining a delicious plate of spaghetti, and then  30 minutes later it’s in front of your face, like magic! If you’re in a big city like Paris, it’s important to know the best food delivery apps.

Though Paris is known for being one of the best places in the world to dine out and experience first hand the amazing restaurants around the city, there will be times when you’re sitting in your apartment, hotel, Air B&b, etc. and will want to take advantage of the transforming world of technological advancement that are food delivery services.

Food delivery app services have taken Paris by storm, and I am a huge fan for a variety of reasons. I use food delivery apps almost every week, especially because I don’t have a kitchen! I like how as opposed to where I lived before in the states, the delivery men here use bikes, so I can eat a delicious meal and save the earth at the same time. It’s a win win.

These food delivery apps made my top list because of their insane offers and promotions. Read below for the top food delivery apps in Paris.

These are all personal recommendations of the apps, and not in any way paid advertisements. Try all of them out, I highly recommend it!


Frichti isn’t your typical food delivery app and I’ll tell you why. First of all, for your first order you get 10 € off! That goes a long way, especially if you can order a couple of meals worth of food. Frichti is a food delivery company which sources its food from its own warehouses around Paris. This kind of company focuses on developing a network of ghost kitchens , which are kitchens located off-site from restaurants for the preparation of delivery-only meals.

They offer ready to eat meals of all variety, groceries, alcohol, and more. I use it at work and it’s so simple. You simply crate an account, choose your food, choose your payment method, and the time you want your food delivered. I indulge in their Italian dishes quite often which are amazing. Pay attention to what you’re ordering as a lot of it does require re-heating, so you should have a way to heat it up. If you don’t, they offer a variety of salads and other items that don’t need heating.

Use this code for a discount. Bon appetite!

Food Cherie

We can say Food Cherie is mon cherie because I simply love it. They have amazing healthy food options, and they deliver right to your door. Delicious healthy food is hard to find in France, so take advantage of Food Cherie, especially their 10 € discount off your first order. Food Cherie is just like Frichti in that their food is delivered packaged, ready to eat, and from ghost kitchens. (As opposed to most other delivery apps which deliver straight from restaurants). I recently ordered a salmon salad with goat cheese, potatoes, beets, and tomatoes and it was extremely fresh tasting. I paid little to nothing for restaurant quality dining which I didn’t even need to lift a finger for. It’s almost ridiculous how easy satisfying hunger has become these days! Definitely something to take advantage of. And with all the healthy options this site offers, you won’t feel guilty.

Simply create an account on the website and immediately receive your 10 € discount!


Deliveroo is originally based in London, and made its way over to France. It’s a basic food delivery app where you select from available restaurants and cafes.  Do keep in mind that there is a delivery fee of around 2.50 euros per order. Deliveroo also prides itself on delivering food from restaurants that don’t have their own delivery service, making the selections wider. As with the other two food delivery apps, most of their deliverymen  deliver the food on bikes, an eco friendly alternative to most other delivery methods. Deliveroo is easy to use, and offers a large selection of choices in all food categories. They also offer promotions and discounts for first time users!

Uber Eats

I’m sure you know about Uber Eats, but I am including it on this list because every time I order using Uber Eats, I am extremely satisfied with the service.  The delivery guys are always on time, pleasant, and that’s important. Uber Eats is simple to use, simply order from the available selection of restaurants and the food will show up at your door. Live in a 5 story walk-up? Don’t worry, if you include a detailed list of instructions with the door code and directions, the delivery guys will still bring the food to your door. Just make sure to tip if you have them hike all the way up the stairs! (tipping isn’t mandatory but I suggest leaving a little something.) Also see in mind the delivery fee of around 3 euros per order. Like all the other delivery apps staying up do date with the competition, Uber Eats offers a promo and discount for first time users. Share your code with friends to receive further deals!

Try some of these out on rainy days, and on lazy Sundays! Remember it’s common courtesy to tip your delivery drivers!

If you enjoyed reading about these apps, check out this list on some more apps that are useful in Paris!

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