The Phone Applications You Must Download for Paris

Updated by Jordan on 23/02/2020

Paris is a beautiful city, but when it comes to moving around, looking for the right place to have a drink or a bite to eat, Paris becomes difficult. Luckily, some applications are very convenient in Paris. Discover these applications that will change your life in Paris!

Applications for Transport in Paris: Maps

Paris is so big that when you want to go to a specific place, it is better to use your smartphone.

When you are pedestrian, you can use the Google Map application which allows you to have a direct geolocation as well as several routes to choose from.

To take the metro, the Google Map application also works, but to be up to date and know the problems on the lines, it is better to download the RATP application. With the app, you’ll be alerted about strikes and social movements by notifications.

Image courtesy of Citymapper application

City Mapper is also one of the most used applications by pedestrians and bicyclists in Paris. It’s also possible to use the map offline which is very handy if you’re abroad and do not want to use data. You can either plan and save your journey in advance or download a map.

Transport Apps in Paris: City Bikes

From now on, Parisians use the metro, but also bicycles and electric scooters!

There are several bicycle services: the Vélib’, which is a self-service bicycle system available in Paris. The prices are reasonable. There are also bicycles owned by private companies such as Ofo’s. They are recognizable because they are yellow and they are available in one click! Just download the mobile application, find a bike, scan the QR code to unlock the lock and you’re gone! To complete your journey, you park in an authorized area and simply lock the lock.

Click here to read my guide to renting a bike in Paris: The Vélib’.

Image sourced from Wikimedia Commons

Transport Apps in Paris: Scooters and Motorcycles

Concerning electric scooters, there are also two companies in Paris, Bird and Lime. Lime electric scooters are quickly recognizable because they are green. You simply need to download the application and unlock a scooter. The price is 1 euro per rental and then 15 cents per minute. A journey of a quarter of an hour will therefore cost 3.25 euros. The advantage is that you can find them from anywhere in the center of Paris, you can move quickly and without any effort!

Image sourced from Wikimedia Commons

For the bravest, it is also possible to travel by scooter in Paris!

CityScoot and COUP have self-service electric scooters throughout Paris. For Cityscoot, you need to find an electric scooter on the map and then book it. You can unlock it with the 4-digits code you have in the app. The helmet is under the saddle. The only last thing to do is to enjoy your trip! 

Image sourced from Wikimedia Commons

Transport Apps in Paris: Rideshare Apps

Otherwise, when you want to come home late from a party and there are no more subways, the Uber application will save your life. You can use the UberPool function to share the trip with another user, and thus make it cheaper. Heetch is also a cheap taxi service and the advantage is that you can pay in cash. These days, there’s a thirs player in the Paris ride share game, Kapten. It works pretty much the same as Uber or Heetch, but is quicker and usually cheaper.

Applications for Eating in Paris

To choose a restaurant in Paris, TripAdvisor is your friend. You will find opinions, photos and contact details of the restaurants.

You also have Too Good to Go – it’s an application that can be very useful in Paris. The idea is to fight against food waste. You can help by ordering a meal through the app, collect it at the store at the specified time and enjoy it, knowing that you have just helped reduce food waste. Meals are cheap and you are doing something for the planet! In Paris, you have the choice because more than 200 shops that play the game!

Personally, I also use this application at the grocery store or at the greengrocer’s shop. It’s great because I often discover new products!

Food Delivery Apps in Paris

Otherwise, we all know the Netflix and chill evenings on the weekends, and the least we can say is that we don’t want to go out at all to buy food at that time… Paris is great because there are several applications to have food delivered. Uber Eats is one of the most famous, but there are also Deliveroo and Foodora.

Uber Eats allows you to choose from hundreds of restaurants. When you open the application, you can browse the list to find ideas, or search for a particular restaurant or type of cuisine. When you find something you like, click to add it to your shopping cart, then just order and you can track your order in the application until it is delivered by hand by the delivery man.

During your parties, Kol also delivers alcohol to you! It is a 24/7 service, so whether it is 4am, 2pm or 11pm, just connect to the app to choose the drink of your choice, which will be delivered in less than 30 minutes in Paris and the close suburbs.

Applications for going out in Paris

When you are looking for the right cheap spot to have a drink, don’t bother any more, just download the Mister Good Beer application. This one can geolocate you automatically and gives you the price of pints nearby, it’s the right plan to find nice bars with pints at 3€ in Paris!
Toot Sweet is also a very practical application when you are looking for what to do at the moment. You will have access to concerts, ephemeral spots of the moment with all the practical information.

Le Bonbon and Time Out offer articles about current events as well as good addresses for eating, dancing, walking and shopping. There are new articles every week.

In the same vein, Dojo is the right application for you because it provides a daily selection of the best events , so you always have the answer to the classic “what are we doing today?”.

Otherwise, Secrets de Paris is the mobile application that reveals to you every day a wonder about the most beautiful city in the world. The best rooftops, hidden passages, the most unusual streets or monuments, new restaurants with innovative concepts…

Applications for well-being and healthcare in Paris

Moving to another country or even just changing cities can be stressful. Everything is new, you don’t know your way around yet and it can be tough navigating even simple tasks in another language.

When I first moved to Paris, something as simple as making a doctor’s appointment or joining a gym could be a whole day’s mission. Really, it involved a lot of research, rehearsed phone calls in my then broken French, and was overall stressful. But thanks to some amazing applications, all this is a breeze now. Download them now to avoid the same hassles I had!

Healthcare in Paris: Doctolib

If there’s only one app you download for Paris, let it be Doctolib. This is your one stop shop healthcare app; you can find doctors, book appointments and even have online consultations – all within seconds right from your phone! I really like Doctolib because you can browse doctors by specialty, by area, by price or by language. Once you’ve booked in, the app sends you the address, code, and any extra information to bring with you to your appointment. No phone calls or running around necessary.

Click here to download Doctolib.

Well-being in Paris: ClassPass

ClassPass is a great app if you want to try out some different fitness classes or wellness practices without committing to a gym. Basically, you buy a certain number of credits each month on ClassPass, which you can then use to book workout classes all over Paris. There are hundreds of activities and courses to choose from, so you’re sure to find something that first with your schedule. There’s really a little of everything from Kickboxing to Hatha Yoga to Gong Baths and even Cryotherapy.

Click here to download ClassPass.

I think I shared with you all my favorite applications that I use very often in Paris! I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and that it has been useful!

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