Are you planning a trip to Paris (or want to go back home?). Here is a list of the different Paris airport transfers with approximate prices.



The first airport transfer for or from Paris we will talk about is the Taxi in Paris, which is also the most unpredictable in term of price and duration because of traffic jam.

But according to our estimations, it might cost you between 40 and 55 euros and it may last around 30 to 45 minutes (these are prices for a day fare from centre of Paris to Roissy Charles de Gaulle). What is convenient with taxis is that you can order them days before, something that is not possible with Uber.


paris-uber Paris Airport Transfers

For our second airport transfer to or from Paris we will study Uber in Paris. The company is offering a flat rate for the fare; it would be from 35 to 40€ (depends of where you are in Paris) if you want to go to Orly, and 45 or 50 to Charles de Gaulle. What is not convenient with Uber is that you don’t know when you will arrive because of traffic jam, but also that you can only order at the moment of your departure.


RER Paris Airport Transfers

Another airport transfer is the RER in Paris. The airport transfer go to Orly with the RER C it will cost you 6.85€ and last around 50 minutes if you leave from the centre of Paris. The airport transfer to go the Charles de Gaulle with the RER C would cost you 10€ and last around 45 minutes if you leave from the centre of Paris.

You can plan your trip with and In any case you should seriously make sure you have 1h30 because you never know what can happen with the RER!

Airport Shuttles

The last airport transfer I will broach are the airport shuttle in Paris, which are called Roissybus (to go the Roissy Charles de Gaulle) and Orlybus.

The Roissybus leaves from Opéra and costs 11€
The Orlybus leaves from Denfert Rochereau and costs 7.70€
You can find other airport shuttles but these are the ones of the city of Paris.


Or if you are arriving and willing to head directly to Paris you can book one of our best day tour in Paris in which one of our fabulous guide directly pick you up from the airport, and you get to choose from a range of private, corporate and even free tours!

Enjoy Paris!

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