Top 10 Things to Know about People from Nairobi

Kenya’s capital city, frequented by those looking for an unforgettable African experience, always delivers on its indelible feel that attributes to its people.

Covered with fantastic mountain ranges, scenery, natural life and advanced skyscrapers — it is the Safari capital of the world. From sprouting business people to natural life lovers, Nairobi has people come in all forms, making this East African city undeniably appealing.

Home to around 3,000 types of jeopardized creatures, natural life asylums, woodlands saves and a recreation centre, Nairobi is a paradise for individuals seeking genuine adventure and excitement.

‘The youth’ comprises of a large percentage of Nairobi’s population — so before you travel to Nairobi, here are ten things to know about Nairobi people as a first time visitor.

1. Kenyans are multilingual

Kenya has two official languages: English and Swahili. Most people will speak a mix of the two as well as their tribal dialect.

We have about 42 tribes in Kenya with different languages and cultures that all merge to become the unique mix of Kenyan culture. However, Kenyans are friendly people, and communication barriers have never proven to be a hindrance to their hospitality.

Here are a few of the most common Swahili phrases you will hear, and you should learn before you arrive: ‘Jambo’ meaning “How are you?”, and ‘Asante’ saying, “Thank you”.

2. Nairobi People love good food

In Nairobi, there are many cafés. Aside from being home to nyama choma, which is a term, used to allude to roasted meat, there are American fast-food eateries, for example, KFC, Subway, Domino’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, Hardee’s and Burger King which are well known.

Cafés, doubling up as eateries, generally frequented by the upper working classes, for example, Artcaffe, Nairobi Java House and Dormans are popular.

Customary food joints, for example, the well-known K’osewe’s in the city centre area, offering practical experience in African cuisine, are widespread.

Upscale cafés frequently have some expertise in specific cooking styles, for example, Italian, Lebanese, Ethiopian, and French. Nevertheless, these are almost certain situated in five-star lodgings and the wealthier rural areas in the West and South of the city.

Nairobi has a yearly eatery week, dubbed Nairobi Restaurant Week, toward the start of the year, January–February. During this week, Nairobi’s cafés offer culinary experiences at discounted costs for foodies to explore.

3. Nairobi people are innovative

Nairobi is the regional office of several international companies and organizations. Africa’s largest companies have offices in Nairobi.

Nairobi is also a part of the FinTech phenomenon that has taken over the world. It has produced several tech firms that have been at the forefront of technology, innovation and cloud-based computing services. These company’s products are used locally and exported.

Goods made Nairobi include clothing, textiles, building materials, processed foods, and beverages. Several foreign investors have offices based in and around the city.

Nairobi has a vast tourist industry, being both a tourist destination and a transport hub. Most of the buildings in this region are the headquarters of businesses and corporations.

The American Embassy bombing took place in this district, prompting the building of a new embassy building in the suburbs.

4. Nairobi people are creatives.

The name Nairobi originates from the Maasai expression Enkare Nairobi, which means “cool water”, a reference to the Nairobi River that courses through the city.

As the name suggests, Nairobi people’ cool’ people. The youth are a fashionable lot, and you will often see this on the streets, with dancers and musicians, photographers and college students often out expressing themselves.

5. People from Nairobi are primarily religious,_Kenya)_-_interior_(2).jpg

Nairobi people are quite religious. There are predominantly Christian churches and temples, examples are, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Nairobi, Anglican Church of Kenya, and Presbyterian Church of East Africa, and Assemblies of God. There are also Muslim mosques scattered through the city.

6. Nairobi People are well educated

Majority of schools in Nairobi follow either the Kenyan Curriculum or the British Curriculum. There are also International Schools of which support the North American Curriculum. Nairobi also has specialized schools catering to those of a particular language like the Swedish school, French school, and the German school located in Gigiri.

Nairobi has several Universities and Colleges, to mention a few — The University of Nairobi, United States International University – Nairobi, Strathmore University and Daystar University and The Catholic University of Eastern Africa.

7. Nairobi people love sports fitness and good health

Nairobi is the African Great Lake area’s sporting centre. The chief games office in Nairobi and primarily in Kenya is the Moi International Sports Center located in Kasarani. The complex finished in 1987, facilitated the All Africa Games in the same year.

Football is the most loved game in the city by viewership and participation, apparent from the number of football clubs in the town, including Kenyan Premier League sides Gor Mahia, AFC. Panthers, Tusker and Mathare United.

Golf is popular too. The Kenya Open golf competition, which is a part of the European Tour, happens in Nairobi.  Nairobi also has horseracing, Rugby and Basketball.

8. Nairobi people are global talents

Among the most recent Kenyan entertainers in Hollywood who relate to Nairobi is Lupita Nyong’ o. Nyong’ o started her profession in Hollywood as a creation right hand. In 2008, she made her acting debut with the short film East River and in this manner came back to Kenya to star in the TV arrangement Shuga (2009–2012).

In 2009, she composed, created and coordinated the narrative In My Genes. She at that point sought after a graduate degree in acting from the Yale School of Drama. Not long after her graduation, she had her first component film job as Patsey in Steve McQueen’s verifiable dramatization 12 Years a Slave (2013), for which she got necessary approval and won honours, including the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. She turned into the main Kenyan on-screen actor to win an Academy Award.

9. Nairobi People love a good time

Nairobi is the hub of Kenya’s music scene — Benga is the Kenyan genre. A fusion of jazz and Luo music. Mugithi is popular too.

Nairobi is the centre of Kenyan hip-hop. The genre is trendy amongst local youth, and domestic musicians have become some of the most popular in the region.

The city boasts a famous and vibrant nightlife, as unlike Western countries, Nairobi clubs close when the sun rises or remain open even longer.

10. Nairobi people love being unique, and Nairobi markets support it.

Nairobi offers a unique shopping experience and an opportunity to find beautiful goodies which you could never imagine – both locally and International made goods. There are many thrift markets in Nairobi, Maasai market, Toi market, Sunbeam market and many more.

Here you will find all sorts of intricate beaded jewellery and decorations, wooden crafts, leather sandals, African home décor and souvenirs to take home. All the items, locally made, are often exported too.

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