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Top 10 Things to do in Dortmund


Dortmund city is in the North Rhine-Westphalia region. This city is famous for its Westfalen Stadium, home to the Borussia Football Club. Borussia FC was founded in 1909 and is one of the most successful clubs in Europe.

The Westfalen Stadium is the biggest stadium in Europe. There is also a museum that celebrates this football club’s success. This city is an exciting cultural centre; it is also home to Ostwall Art Museum that exhibits Expressionist art.

Dortmund has been described as one of the greenest cities in the country. Most of its abandoned industries are now museums.   

This city started as a brewing centre, coal and steel industries and it evolved to a buzzing high-tech industry. 

Other top attractions in this city include the Dortmund U-Tower, museums, Rombergpark botanical garden and the Christmas markets. 

Let’s now look at the top 10 things to do in Dortmund.

1. Enjoy nature at Westfalenpark

Photo by Itti – Wikimedia

The Westfalenpark is the largest green space in Dortmund. It is found in the southern part of the city in an area of about 500,000 square miles. There are several attractions and activities here suitable for children and adults.

This park has beautiful flower gardens with more than 2600 rose species, animal parks, playgrounds, children’s museum. Restaurants as well as cafés. The park has beautiful small lakes too.

Take advantage and ride the small train that goes around the park. If you prefer picnics, then get your picnic baskets and set them by the lake.

Also, check out the 696-foot-high Television Tower in the park.  

Address: An der Buschmühle 3, 44139 Dortmund

2. Shop at the Alter Markt

By Lucas Kaufmann – Wikimedia

The Old Market in Dortmund has been active since the 12th century. It is in the Old Town District and is a great place to stroll, shop and relax in one of the chic cafés. There are several boutique shops, art galleries, restaurants.

Another landmark within the Old Market is the Old Town Hall. This is a beautiful Neo-Renaissance building that was constructed in 1899. Check out the old fountain that was added in 1909.   

What is lovely about this place is that it is pedestrian-friendly. On days that Borussia Dortmund have a match, fans meet for a celebration at the Old Market.

Address: Markt 3, 44137 Dortmund

3. Take a tour of the German Football Museum

Football or soccer fans are going to have a field day at this next place. This museum was opened in 2015 and it showcases the history of local football teams as well as the national team.

Relieve some of the historic matches in this museum-like the 1954 World Cup finals. Also, check out the World Cup and European Championship trophies exhibited.

There are other fun memorabilia, quizzes and interactive exhibits. If you want to kick balls, head over to the indoor pitch in the museum. You will get a new profound understanding of how historic events shaped football. 

Address: Platz der Deutschen Einheit 1

4.  Hohensyburg Castle

Photo by Riessdo – Wikimedia

Just 12 kilometres South of Dortmund are the ruins of a medieval Hohensyburg castle. This is a popular location for hikers but there are other interesting attractions.

There is Vincketurm, and the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Memorial, built-in 1902. On the hilltop, you will find a miniature golf course and a casino. 

The castle was built in the 8th century. It started as a fortress called Syburg. What is left now are the remnants of the old wall, the ruins date back to the year 1100.

A War Memorial was added in 1930 to commemorate the fallen soldiers of World War I.

Address: Hohensyburgstraße, 44265 Dortmund

5. Go to the Dortmund Zoo

The Dortmund Zoo is the place to be to see different animals. You will find meerkats, penguins, giraffes, kangaroos, seals and rhinos.

Children will also enjoy some time at the large tropical house with fish, snakes and other reptiles. This park is home to endangered South American animals.

Dortmund Zoo has a running breeding program for South American animals like giant anteaters.

There are well-manicured gardens as well as family-friendly atmospheric restaurants. It is one of the cleanest parks in Dortmund with efficient management. 

Address: Mergelteichstraße 80, 44225 Dortmund

6. Dortmunder U

Photo by Mbdortmund – Wikimedia

This was a former high-rise brewery building with a Dortmund landmark on it since 1927. The U sign on the roof was added in 1968 and is 9 metres tall.

Sometimes the U is changed to celebrate important events like in 2010 when it was turned into a C; this was to celebrate Ruhr becoming the European Capital of Culture.

The building hosts the Ostwall Museum, exhibition rooms, restaurants, as well as a campus for the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences.

As the day progresses, the grid of panels under the U displays flying pictures.  The panel was installed by the cinematic artist Adolf Winkelmann.

Address: Leonie-Reygers-Terrasse, 44137 Dortmund

7. St Reinold’s Church

Architecture lovers will have a great time here. This church was built in the 13th century and it features a Baroque spire. The original building was destroyed by fire.

Take a look inside the church and see the Romanesque nave and the Gothic chancel. There is also a stool that dates back to 1462 as well as the splendid table on the high altar. It was carved by the Flanders-born Master of Hakendover 1420

St. Reinold’s church used to be a spiritual centre and it served as the main parish church until the 16th century.

Address: Ostenhellweg 2, 44135 Dortmund

8. Marienkirche

Another medieval church worth checking is this histrionic Marienkirche. It was destroyed in the Second World War but was renovated after the war.

It is also a perfect place to go for special music events. Those that appreciate ancient Romanesque and Gothic architecture need to check out this church.

The earliest sections of this church were built in the year 1100; the Gothic features were added in the 14th century.

Address: Kleppingstraße 5, 44135 Dortmund

9. Christmas Market

By Mathias Appel – Wikimedia

This market hosts the largest Christmas tree in the world. the towering tree has a collection of 300 traditional wooden stands selling toys, decorations, and holiday-season delicacies.

At night, the tree is quite a spectacle with more than 48,000 lights illuminating the tree. Sip the hot mulled wine in custom made cups with new designs every year.

The children will also have treats at the Christmas Village Sing, bake, build crafts corners and fair rides and horse riding tours. There are dancers at the market you can join during the annual QDR 4 Christmas concert.

Address: Markt 3, 44137 Dortmund

10. Signal Iduna Park

The Signal Iduna Park was opened for the football World Cup in 1974. It is home to Borussia Dortmund Football Club. There are scheduled guided tours for detailed history about the club.

It has a seating capacity of 81,365, both seated and standing.  

Address: Strobelallee 50, 44139 Dortmund