Coming from the US and getting a little bit homesick? Or coming from anywhere else and just willing to discover how the French can make culinary art out of an American sandwich? Paris is filled with excellent restaurants serving food from all corners of the world, and good burger places are not lacking. Steak, bun bread and ketchup can definitely be gourmet and, after all, there has to be a reason why French fries are called that way, right? Check out the best burger places in Paris.

Paris New York (PNY)


Paris-New York

Despite its somewhat gloomy return-flight name, this restaurant is undoubtedly one of the best burger places in Paris. The interior decoration is simple, modern, and vaguely industrial: square tables, designer chairs, mirrors, spotlights and a big metallic bar. There, the bun is made of Viennese bread, the sauces are great classics revisited (BBQ, avocado or Secret sauce!), and the 9-months-matured cheddar is stunning.

12 euros a burger.
96 rue Oberkampf.
Metro station Oberkampf on lines 5 and 9.

PNY burgers

Big Fernand


You had better make a reservation if this restaurant tempts you. It is also at the top of our list of the best burger places in Paris, and it is usually crowded. Once you enter, you are likely to be welcomed by guys wearing check shirts and berets, which is a real statement of what the restaurant strives to represent: a French reinterpretation of the American burger. The big difference? Cheeeeeese! Yes, you can smile.

12 euros a burger.
32 rue du Saint Sauveur, metro station Réaumur-Sébastopol on lines 3 and 4.

Big Fernand burgers



The cheapest in our list of the best burger places in Paris, this successful restaurant (already four locations throughout the city) is also to be considered if you are craving for an American taste while visiting Paris. The French fries are delicious, and the atmosphere is always warm: you will probably get to share your table and chat with perfect strangers.

8 to 11 euros a burger, 2 to 4 euros a dessert.
An address in the trendy Marais: 1 boulevard des Filles du calvaires,
metro station Saint-Sébastien Froissart.

Blend burgers



A little bit more expensive, Le PDG is in the heart of the intellectual and chic Saint-Germain neighborhood. The place is quite small, even though there are two floors, but it is part of this restaurant’s charm. The waiters are efficient and cheerful, the veggie burger with cactus steak is awesome, and the Oreo cheesecake… no words to describe it!

14-16 euros a burger.
5 rue du Dragon, metro station Saint-Germain des Prés on line 4.

Pretty Damn Good Burgers

Le Bar A Burger (BAB)


I could not end this listing of the best burger places in Paris without having a word about BAB. There, burgers are served under a glass cover, and you can have paprika or squid ink bread. The French fries are perfectly cooked and the beefsteaks are very generous.

12 euros a burger.
18 avenue Claude Vellefaux, metro station Colonel Fabien on line 2.

Le Bar a Burgers

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