For Australian people or people passionate about Australia, you can find many Australian places in Paris.


Hillsong Church. The most festive place among the Australian places in Paris is also the most religious one. Hillsong Church Sydney launched a church in Paris in 2005. Every Sunday, you can go in this place and sing passionate songs, which are the songs from the districts of Hills in Sydney.

Where is it: Théâtre Bobino (14-20 Rue de la Gaité 75014)

How to go there: you can take the subway with line 13 (station named Gaîté), with line 6 (station named Edgar Quinet) or with line 12 or 4 (station named Gare Montparnasse).

Australian places in Paris hillsong-church


Cinéma des Antipodes. This place created in 1995 is at the same time an Australian cinema and an Australian association. Its goal is to publicize in France the film and audio-visual production from Australia and New Zealand. The first way to achieve this goal is that the cinema plays movies that promote the Australian culture. The second way this cinema publicizes this film production is by organizing each year during the autumn a film festival that shows movies from Australia and from New Zealand.

Where is it: 42, rue Villiers de l’Isle Adam, 75020 Paris – 01 47 97 45 98 ou 06 08 78 91 95

How to go there: you can take the metro with line 3 (station named Gambetta) or with line 2 (station named Père Lachaise).


Librairie des Antipodes. One of the greatest Australian places in Paris is a bookstore. This bookstore proposes a great selection of books by Australian writers. The public targeted is all the new travellers who conceive Australia as a symbol of adventure and discovery and who want to inquire on the various regions of the country. They can find vary different books, as well tourist guides as novels or documents from Australian authors.

Where is it: 14, rue Servandoni, 75006 Paris – 01 43 25 51 93

How to go there: you can take the metro with line 4 (station named Saint-Sulpice) or with line 10 (station named Mabillon).


Food and Drinks

If you like Australian food and drinks, there are sadly rare places to find some, since Australian food is not so popular in France. But still, you can find some good places in Paris.

Le Café Oz. For the last ten years, this café gathers people who come from Australia or who are passionate about it. The Australian atmosphere comes from the decor: warm colours, wood furniture, giant crocodiles, surfboards, aboriginal paintings… The staff is also of New Zealand and Australian origins. Finally, and obviously, Australia is also reminded through the food: the restaurant offers a large selection of beers that were imported from New Zealand and Australia. All this creates the feeling to be in the heart of Australia!

Where is it: there are four of them in Paris, located in the districts of Blanche (1 rue de Bruxelles 75009), Châtelet (18 rue St Denis 75001), Denfert (3 place Denfert-Rochereau 75014) and Grands Boulevards (8 Boulevard Montmartre 75009).


Holybelly. This restaurant really looks like a Melbourne style café, and is actually one of the finest Australian places in Paris. The reasons are that it specialises in delicious food served from 9am, that they serve good coffee and finally that they have a really friendly service. They are well-known for serving Melbourne-style breakfasts (the pancakes are especially delicious).

Where is it: 19 rue Lucien Sampaix 75010 Paris

How to go there: you can take the metro with line 5 (station named Jacques Bonsergent) or with line 4 (station named Château d’eau).


Australian culture gathers both Anglo-Saxon culture and aboriginal culture. The second one is really appreciated and increasingly popular. You can then find in Paris many galleries dedicated to this specific type of art.

Galerie Arts d’Australie. This gallery is one of the most interesting Australian places in Paris. This gallery exposes contemporary aboriginal art in order to promote Australian and aboriginal paintings, objects and sculptures. They receive on simple appointment.

Where is it: 179, Boulevard Pereire, 75017 Paris – 01 46 22 23 20

How to go there: you can take the metro in Paris with line 3 (station named Porte de Champerret) or with line 2 (station named Ternes).

Galerie YAPA. This gallery presents international artists, and particularly aboriginal artists from Australia. It aims to favour cultural exchanges. It exposes many objects, such as painted shields, boomerangs or spears.

Where is it: 18 bis rue Saint Roch, 75001 Paris – 01 42 96 24 45

How to go there: you can take the metro with line 7 or 14 (station named Pyramides) or with line 1 (station named Tuileries).

Galerie Art Aborigène: This gallery is entirely dedicated to the aboriginal art. It exposes artworks by many Australian artists.

Where is it: 70 passage de Choiseul, 75002 Paris – 09 81 07 86 22 ou 06 10 25 55 00

How to go there: you can take the metro with line 7 or 14 (station named Pyramides) or with line 3 (station named Quatre Septembre).



Sport is important is Australia, in particular rugby and cricket. If football is also appreciated, it is a very particular version of the game that Australian people play. The “footy” is indeed a sort of mix between European football, basketball, handball and rugby: 8-players-teams playing on an oval field, with an oval ball, having the right to use their hands and to jump one over the other… And only 8 football clubs actually practice it in France!


Comité national de football australien (CNFA). This is the most athetic of the Australian places in Paris: it is an Australian football club. The club in Paris is named Paris Cockerels, and practices at the Stade Polygone (Route de la Pyramide 75012 Paris/Vincennes). They welcome men, women, experienced and beginners as well.

Where is it: 12 rue Auguste Chabrières 75015 Paris – 06 88 12 75 13

How to go there: you can take the metro with line 8 (station named Balard) or with line 12 (station named Convention).


Martin Grant. Born in Melbourne, Martin Grant is an Australian fashion stylist who created his first brand at 16 years old. He installed a few years ago his workshop and showroom in Paris, in the heart of the Marais district, the trendy and fashion neighbourhood of Paris.

Where is it: 10 Rue Charlot, 75002

How to go there: you can take the subway with line 8 (station named Saint-Sébastien-Froissart), with line 5 (station named Richard Lenoir) or with line 11 (station named Rambuteau).


So now you have all the Australian places in Paris and the whole the starter pack to be or become an Australian in Paris! Take a Paris walk to discover all these, in addition to finding all those other hidden areas in Paris!

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