A useful guide to supermarkets, grocery shopping and food markets when visiting Paris

While in Paris, it is likely that you have to stop by a supermarket to make a few purchases. When we leave home, it may happen that we forget a few important things, such as toothpaste, shampoo, air conditioner, or any other thing! This is why I’ve decided to write a guide to supermarkets in Paris!

Thanks to this article, you won’t be completely lost once in the city and you will know where to go to get the products you need.

If you’re traveling only with a hand luggage, you need to know that you’re not allowed to travel with more than 100 ml of liquids per container. So, it is probable that you will have to buy your cleansing products in Paris, such as shampoos, shower gels, and soaps.

But it is actually pretty cool to go grocery shopping while in the city of Paris, because it will allow you to experience the Parisian lifestyle and grocery customs of the Parisians. You will get to try new products, discover French brands and actually meeting the locals. So, read on and discover this guide to supermarkets in Paris!

For regular grocery shopping


The supermarkets you will most see while walking the city are the Monoprix, the Franprix, the Marché U, a few Ed, and also a few others such as La Coccinelle, Casino, etc.

In these supermarkets, you will find almost anything you need! From beauty and hygienic products, household products, fruits and vegetables, to frozen food, if you only need a few items from the store because you forgot them back home or need something for the night, whatsoever, these few supermarkets suggestions will be just fine! Plus, since they are retail chains, they are scattered all around Paris, so any one of those are very easy to find!


Most of these supermarkets open at 9 am and only close between 9 or 10 pm. And are open everyday, except for smaller ones! Smaller supermarkets are only open until 1 pm on Sundays, for instance.

If you’re staying in the centre of the city, here are the locations of some of these supermarkets:

  • Monoprix:
    There’s one at Boulevard Sébastopol, which is open everyday from 9 am to 10 pm.
    Another one is located inside Les Halles in the first district.
    There’s another one at 23, Avenue de l’Opéra, which is only a few minutes away from the Jardin des Tuileries.
    Then, at 24 Boulevard Saint-Michel in the Latin Quarter, which is open from 8.30 am to 11.40 pm everyday but Sundays, from 9 am until noon.
  • Franprix:
    You’ll find several Franprix in the Marais neighborhood. There’s one at 135 Rue Saint-Antoine, that is open everyday from 7.30 am to 10 pm. On Sundays, it is only open during the morning. You’ll find another one at 20 Rue du Bourg Tibourg.
    If you’re staying in Paris second district, you have one at 25-27 Rue Montorgueil, however, note that it is closed on Sundays.
    In the Latin Quarter, you will also find several Franprix; one at 2 Rue Domat, another one at 121 Boulevard Saint-Michel, only a few steps from the Jardin du Luxembourg and then you’ll also have one at 106 Boulevard Saint-Germain in the neighborhood of Saint-Germain-des-Près.
  • Marché U or Express U:
    Staying in Central Paris is an advantage, because you will get to be close to all the greatest landmarks of the city. This is why I’m mostly sharing with you supermarkets locations in the centre of the city.
    If you’re staying in Paris second district, you will find two Marché U at Rue Montorgueil.
    In the Latin Quarter, you will find one at 16 Rue Monge, which is very close to the Sorbonne University. It opens at 8 am and closes at 9 pm.

The products prices can vary between the different supermarkets, but these are perfect if you’re only looking for making a few purchases!

If you’re staying in a flat while in Paris and have a microwave or a oven, don’t feel like eating out everyday but also not cooking, go to one of the many Picard stores you’ll find in Paris! Picard is an amazing frozen food, because they offer a wide variety of products!

From appetizers, main dishes to desserts, you will find everything to make a complete meal. Plus, their products is really delicious! Picard is both practical and so good! There is always something for everyone’s taste, no matter your food habits or diets! You will these Picard stores all around the city. There is always at least one per neighborhood!

For organic and natural products


Today, larger retailers offer more and more organic products, but I still find it much more pleasant to go grocery shopping at stores where you know you will exclusively find organic food. In Paris, there are so many stores that not only sell organic food, but also vegetarian, vegan, gluten and lactose free! You will love to go shopping at the supermarkets I’m about to share with you!


© Camille Harel (LSA)

Read on and find out the best organic food supermarkets in Paris:

  • La Récolte is one of the best organic food supermarkets, because it gets supplies from eighty small organic growers. At the store, you will be able to discover about each grower thanks to the little cards that go with each product. At La Récolte, dishes are also prepared on site. From soups, to veggie dishes, this is a great place for your lunch!
  • La Vie Claire is another organic food supermarket I recommend. There are several stores scattered around the city, but if you rather stay at home, you can also make your purchases online and you will only have to pick up your groceries all ready. It’s a great time saving, if you don’t particularly enjoy to waste your time grocery shopping! Also, its own brand is very good, especially its cosmetic products and essential oils!
  • Naturalia is yet another option! At the Naturalia stores, you will be able to find all kinds of products: organic cruelty-free beauty products, vegan snacks, and also unique products that could only be found in these organic stores. If you lead a cruelty-free lifestyle and love your planet and its inhabitants, you will love the Naturalia stores!
  • Last but not least, the Bio c’Bon stores are also an amazing place if you want to buy fresh fruits and legumes! The vegetables are so tasteful and organic. You will feel like you’re reaping the legumes and the fruits directly out of their trees! Plus, Bio c’Bon is not more expensive than the regular supermarkets, which is what usually happens! Many people don’t buy organic products because they think these products are much more expensive – they’re not! And Bio c’Bon is the proof!

For shopping at superstores


If you’re used to go grocery shopping at superstores, you need to know that you won’t find any in the centre of the city. You’ll have to go to the outskirts of Paris! Leclerc, Carrefour, Intermarché are a few examples of supermarkets in Paris! Clothes, furniture, food products, cosmetics products, beauty products, vegetables, everything is gathered in these supermarkets!

For those of you who come from the United States, I have a solution for you not to feel too homesick! We have a Costco superstore here as well! So, if you are used to your products and don’t want to switch, you can shop at our Costco.

It’s far from the city centre, so the best way to get there is definitely by car! But, if you want to use the public transportations, you’ll have to take the RER B line and go until the Massy-Palaiseau station. Then, from there, you will have to take the bus that will get you to Costco!

Better than supermarkets!


Whenever someone travels to a new city, they obviously want to experience all the best the city has to offer! Going grocery shopping can be an amazing experience, especially if you go to the right places!

If you want to live a unique moment, buy top quality and fresh products, while enjoying the company of the locals, head to Paris food markets! There are many around the city, you just need to check the ones that most interest you. For you to have an idea, I advise you to read this article where you’ll be introduced to some of the best Parisian food markets!


This guide to supermarkets in Paris is now over! But I still have two suggestions for you to experience supermarkets and grocery shopping while in Paris the best way possible! You can join one of our food tours or our cooking class! We have a “regular” food tour and a vegetarian and gluten-free one as well happening in Montmartre!

It’s the opportunity to try the best of French food in one of the loveliest neighborhoods of the city in the company of a local guide that will show you all the best places while sharing you all the history and culture of Paris!

Then, if you want to explore a food market with a Parisian and then prepare a traditional French dish with him, it is also possible, by joining our cooking class! It is so much fun! I hope this guide was fun reading for you and that it was useful! If you need further information about anything, don’t hesitate to contact us! See you soon in Paris!

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