Where To Eat Gluten-Free In Paris


Of all the places on earth to be gluten-free, perhaps Paris is the worst. Not because of the lack of gluten-free friendly options, but rather because of all of the fluffy, buttery temptations hiding around every street corner and café. When my doctor told me last year that she highly recommends me no longer eating gluten, it felt like France was breaking up with me. 

Croissants, baguettes, macarons, tarte tatin…the list goes on. Bread should honestly be the national symbol of France, because believe me—you don’t want to run into a Parisian with an empty stomach on a Monday morning. 

Although not being able to eat gluten in a country that worships it is a challenge, there are some pretty good options—especially in Paris. In general, Paris is starting to slowly climb on the organic ‘bio’  bandwagon and offer more vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free products for those of us with restrictions. 

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Below are some of the top gluten-free places in Paris that nearly allow me to forget my french ex-lover gluten: 



Located at 16 Passage des Panoramas in the central 2nd arrondissement near the Louvre, Noglu is apparently one of the best restaurants in the city for gluten-free pizza. Noglu prides itself on providing traditional french cuisine (think boeuf bourguignon) while also sticking their foot in the modern dining cuisine. It’s also vegetarian friendly, which can also be a challenge to find in Paris. 

NogluNoglu dishes, sourced from Noglu

A main course here will set you back roughly 17-21 euros, and since it’s in a busy district be sure to make a reservation. If you’re looking for something more casual but equally delicious, check out their own bakery that is located just across the passage.


Perhaps one of the cutest places on the list, BigLove is a must-try restaurant for any gluten-free readers out there. Located in the popular 3rd arrondissement at 30 Rue Debelleyme, BigLove is an Italian-run restaurant with a very hip vibe. 

BigLoveBigLove dishes, sourced from BigMammaGroup

You know anything you order here will be a big hit, as they rotate the menu every month depending on what is in season. In general, you can expect things like avocado toast and meat boards for starters, as well as gluten-free gnocchi, pasta, and pizza! 

What more could you want? 


Bears and Raccoons

This place might just be my favorite gluten-free place on the list. Located in the trendy 11th arrondissement at 21 Rue Richard Lenoir, Bears and Racoons is the perfect lunch spot for anyone craving a great gluten-free sandwich and beer. That’s right, they offer an amazing selection of gluten-free beer! 

Bears RaccoonsBears and Raccoons dishes, sourced from Bears and Raccoons website


Not to mention, the restaurant itself is absolutely charming and reminds one of a forest getaway far from the concrete jungle of Paris. Like most Parisian businesses, Bears and Raccoons is closed on Sundays but you can hop on in any other day at 9:30 until 5:30 pm. 

Oh! And a little bird told me that they will soon be serving brunch! 

Café Mareva 

One of the biggest things I miss out on as a gluten-free gal in Paris is fully participating in the café life. It’s hard to drink coffee for hours without a little pastry pick-me-up, but this probably can be fully solved if I head over to Café Mareva. Boosted for being both gluten and dairy free, this place is a godsend. 

Cafe MarevaCafé Mareva dishes, sourced from Café Mareva website

Located at 38 Rue du Faubourg du Temple, Café Mareva is more than just a café. At Café Mareva, you can fulfill your hearts desires for curry chicken waffles, avocado waffles, and gluten-free tartines.

 Even better than that, us gluten-free folk can finally satisfy our craving for pancakes! I know where I’ll be brunching Sunday. 

Le Loulou

Although not exclusively gluten-free, Loulou in the 5th arrondissement should certainly be a place of interest for anyone gluten-free in Paris. This cheerful, colorful cafe is full of delight and lots of delicious eats! 

leloulouDishes from Le Loulou, sourced from the website

One of their best features is their healthy cold pressed juices, which you can enjoy on the terrace overlooking the Cluny gardens. On their website, they also suggest trying the grilled prime rib, ceviche, or a juicy burger. 

Located at 90 Boulevard Saint-Germain, Loulou has a fresh, fun vibe that will revitalize you in the at-times chaotic city of Paris. 

Biosphère Café

Located at 47 Rue de Laborde in the ritzy 8th arrondissement, the Biosphère Café is a unique little stop on our gluten-free journey. Both organic and gluten-free, this cafe is a wonderful place to stop in for a gourmand treat. 

BiosphereDishes from Biosphère Café, sourced from their website

Although they do serve more savory items such as pizzas and quiches, I do recommend heading straight for their decadent pastry selection: tiramisu, macarons, cheesecake—you name it all. The Biosphere Cafe is proof that even if you are gluten-free in Paris, you don’t have to miss out on the french pastry tradition!


As far as shopping goes, there are two grocery chains that I highly recommend for anyone gluten-free staying in Paris. 

The first is Naturella, which is basically a french version of whole foods. With a fine selection of organic, high-quality products you won’t feel like you are starving without gluten. Although the stores tend to be on the smaller side so they don’t have the best range of gluten-free substitution products, they have a large range of whole foods, veggies, and fruits. 

For lots of gluten-free substitutions, I haven’t found a better grocery store chain than Casino. Typically bigger than its competitors Monoprix and Carrefour, Casino provides by far the best selection of gluten free treats, snacks, and bread.

My only reservation is that they are usually spread throughout the store, so it can be somewhat of a treasure hunt looking for them. 

Although being gluten-free can feel like a limitation, especially in a culinary heavy city such as Paris, these gluten-free places will remind you that there is a world of possibility out there.

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Be sure to let us know if you try and enjoy any of these gluten-free restaurants in Paris! 

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