Best Cheese shops in New York City


Cheese store in Amsterdam

Cheese store by Marek Ślusarczyk from Wikimedia Commons

There aren’t many better things in the world than cheese, and New Yorkers are extremely picky about their preferred Fromage.

New York has the greatest places to sample and purchase cheese, from fancy establishments to neighbourhood cheese stores. The top 10 cheese stores in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens have been chosen by our team.

1. Beecher’s Handmade Cheese

Handmade cacioricotta cheeses

Handmade cacioricotta cheeses by Andrew Green from Wikimedia Commons

Some of the tastiest mac and cheese can be found at this dairy which is inexpensive. The New York facility of Beecher’s Handmade Cheese, established in Seattle, has a place for every event.

The upper level is ideal for a relaxed meal, and the cellar at the lower level hosts a fantastic happy hour with ample amounts of cheese. Additionally, since they produce cheese in-house, you can see them create it. You must sample their special brand of cheese that is exclusive to Beecher’s. The Flagship Cheddar cheese is a white, creamy, mellow, nutty cheese.

2. Murray’s Cheese Shop

Murray's Cheese

Murray’s Cheese by kmf164 from Wikimedia Commons

The West Village branch of Murray’s Cheese Shop is cheese nirvana. This massive New York institution has existed since the 1940s. There are more than 200 distinct varieties of cheese available, all imported.

They also provide cheese-making lessons, as if the whole cheesiness wasn’t enough. Murray’s Cheese Bar offers all the cheesy dishes you could possibly desire, including grilled cheese sandwiches, cheeseburgers, cheese pasta, and even fried cheese.

3. Bedford Cheese Shop

Cheese shop

Cheese shop by Hu Totya from Wikimedia Commons

For cheese, charcuterie, canned or preserved seafood, and European sweets, Bedford Cheese Shop is a Bedford Avenue institution. Compared to a major store like Murray’s, they have a wider, more carefully chosen range. A thorough origin and taste description is provided for each cheese.

Although this cheese shop is more expensive, you are paying for high-quality cheese and informed employees who are generous with the cheese samples. The local cheese producers who are committed to the craft of cheese production are supported by this modest neighbourhood shop.

4. Lucy’s Whey

Cheese display

Cheese display by Daderot from Wikimedia Commons

The Prairie Breeze sandwich with white cheddar and fig spread is one of the inventive grilled cheeses offered by this Chelsea Market eatery. Local and homegrown cheeses are the main emphasis of Lucy’s Whey.

It’s a terrific location for creating a cheese board. Before attempting to sell you a cheese, the staff will endeavour to understand your preferences. It costs money, but it’s money well spent. Although modest, the Chelsea Market location is cosy.

5. Cheese Counter at Fairway Market

cheese collection

cheese collection by Geoffreyrabbit from Wikimedia Commons

Fairway Market’s cheese counter seemed to go on forever. This is not your typical cheese selection from the grocery store. The wide variety challenges its rivals and is available in pre-cut and proportioned pieces.

Also affordable is all the cheese. It’s simpler to justify purchasing fine cheese with your regular shopping because the cheese department staff are informed and this is a reputable grocery store.

6. Astoria Bier and Cheese

Best Cheese shops in New York City

Best Cheese shops in New York City by Peachyeung316 from Wikimedia Commons

There are many delicious foods that go well with cheese, such as bread, figs, and macaroni, but beer has to be one of the better options, and Astoria Bier and Cheese understands this.

All of their cheese platters include a selection of cheeses, and you may order these platters with matching beer flights. Beer and cheese are well paired by the staff. This is a terrific location to unwind and try something new because of the welcoming and cosy ambience.

7. Di Palo

In and outside of Little Italy, Di Palo boasts the most incredible collection of imported Italian cheese. They will give you samples of cheese and provide suggestions as part of their extensive service. The handcrafted ricotta and burrata cheeses are amazing.

Every element is new. For all of your meals based on Italian cheese, Di Palo ought to be your first choice. The costs are in line with what you would anticipate for genuine, imported Italian cheese. Instead of being in the middle of a large American metropolis, the Italian-run market gives off the impression that it is in a little town.

8. Stinky Brooklyn

Stinky Brooklyn is essentially paradise. The store itself is spotless and roomy. There are shelves packed with gourmet goods like specialized bread and honey before you even have a chance to examine the vast assortment.

Although it would be simple to leave right there, you should check out the cheese and meat options. They have a huge foreign assortment, including world-changing brie. They also provide cheeses from Asia, North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Middle East. The staff offers samples and is educated about cheese.

9. Saxelby Cheesemongers

Saxelby Cheesemongers has some excellent cheeses, but the Hudson Truffle cheese is my personal favourite. The cheeses available here are made by small farmers that treat the environment and animals well.

Due to the artisanal quality of their selection, availability fluctuates from month to month. Fortunately, they have a seasonal menu that only offers the finest products available at that time of year.

10. Barnyard

Cheese at Fort Ross State

Cheese at Fort Ross State by Sarah Stierch from Wikimedia Commons

Barnyard offers a fantastic assortment of cheeses in addition to mouthwatering sandwiches. Pick up “The Vito,” a baguette topped with prosciutto, mozzarella, sundried tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, and basil. The Iberico meats and other goods are excellent and really fresh, despite being a touch costly. There is also a delivery option.

The greatest cheesy products are sold in these shops and we hope that when you visit these places you’ll let us know.