Top 10 Remarkable Facts about the Mall of America


mall of america

mall of america by Joe Chill 2 from Wikimedia Commons

The Mall of America is a legitimate tourist destination as well as a retail mall. For more than a quarter-century, the massive shopping mall has drawn tens of millions of visitors to Bloomington, Minnesota in search of designer bargains and thrilling roller coaster rides. Here are a few facts about the iconic retail complex that you might not know.

1. It’s the biggest mall in America 

Until 2015, the Mall of America and Pennsylvania’s King of Prussia Mall competed for the title of “biggest” vs “largest” mall in America on a regular basis. While the Mall of America has always had the advantage in terms of overall square footage, King of Prussia has more genuine retail space. When the Mall of America extended its area in 2015, that changed.

However, the Mall of America’s reign will come to an end soon, as Miami’s American Dream Mall is slated to dethrone it when it opens (but it could be a while, as the shopping center is still in the development phase).

2. The mall has its own ZIP code

If you’re curious, the number is 55425. (or just need it).

3. More than 12,250 parking spaces are available 

parking space

parking space by Uncle Bash007 from Wikimedia Commons

How many parking places do you think would be sufficient with 5.4 million square feet to cover, more than 500 businesses, a theme park, an aquarium, a movie theatre, a wedding chapel, and much more? The mall, on the other hand, has a total of 12,287 shoppers. If you find yourself at the mall with 12,287 other people and can’t locate a parking place, there are a number of choices, including hotel shuttles, IKEA parking, and bus and train services that will transport you right to the mall.

If you don’t want to waste time hunting for a parking place, the MyPark app allows you to secure a premium parking spot for your visit.

4. The mall has its own app 

In addition to MyPark, the Mall of America offers its own app that allows you to get the most out of your visit. The software allows you to virtually visit all 500+ businesses in the shopping center, build a digital to-do list so you don’t forget anything, set parking reminders for your car, and map out the facility so you know where you’re going—and don’t get lost.

5. It was a stadium before it was a mall 

Before the Mall of America, there existed the Metropolitan Stadium, where Vikings and Twins were more likely to be found than bargain seekers. In 1965, the Beatles also performed there.

6. There are a couple of MONUMENTS to the old stadium

There are a few of relics of the mall’s former existence as a stadium if you wish to go back in time. The first is a bronze plaque placed on the floor of Nickelodeon Universe’s northwest corner, marking the spot where home plate originally stood.

If you’ve ever gone on the Log Chute and spotted what looks to be a random chair mounted to the wall that has nothing to do with the attraction, you’ll understand why. It depicts the place where Minnesota Twin Harmon Killebrew hit the Old Met’s longest home run, which was 520 feet from home plate.

7. To keep it warm, the space relys on body heat

The mall’s entryways are the only common areas (areas that aren’t really inside of businesses) that are heated. Skylights, lighting fixtures, and good old body heat from all of the personnel and customers are used throughout the remainder of the mall. Even in the sub-zero temperatures of Minnesota’s winters, an air conditioning system is required to maintain the mall at a comfortable shopping temperature.

8. You can married there

If you want to be married in the Mall of America’s Chapel of Love, you’re not alone: more than 7500 couples have wedded there since the chapel first opened over 25 years ago. Wedding packages range in price from $249 for the couple and up to 12 guests to over $4000 for a catered event. (This does not, however, include flowers or photography.)

9. Each guest spends more than $160

During a single trip to the mall, each visitor spends an average of $162. Outside the mall, the same tourist spends around $1.25, yet the retail attraction attracts more than 40 million people each year.

10. It’s not the largest mall in North America 

Despite the fact that the mega-mall is the largest mall in the United States, it is not the largest mall in North America. The West Edmonton Mall in Alberta, Canada, holds this distinction.

The New South China Mall in Dongguan, China, is the world’s largest mall, with an 82-foot-high replica of the Arc de Triomphe and a 1.3-mile-long canal with gondolas. Despite its reputation as the world’s largest “ghost mall” due to its lack of residents or consumers, the New South China Mall appears to be making a return.

Why should you visit this mall? The Mall of America is essentially a town within a town. It is the largest mall in the United States and the fifteenth largest in the world, with a total size of 4.2 million square feet. And seven (7) Yankee Stadiums can fit within! It was the world’s largest when it opened in 1992, and it might be again in 11 years since the owners aim to build 5 million square feet by 2025. This is enough reason to visit this great mall when you can.