The Flea Market of Paris is an unavoidable sanctuary for antique and art lovers, historians, Parisian shoppers and more. The Paris Flea Market is the place you explore during weekends when you’re in the mood to mingle with Parisian crowds and to avoid big touristy landmarks. Still not convinced? Here are our top 5 reasons to visit the Paris Flea Market.

1.) Jump off the tourist track


Top 5 reasons to visit the Paris Flea Market

If you’re willing to visit Paris with a Parisian eye, here’s one good reason to visit the Paris Flea Market. In this incredible maze (over 2,500 stores and shops!) you’ll not only find interesting vintage artifacts but will be a witness to how Parisians behave during weekends. Avoiding tourist crowds might be one good reason to go there.

2.) Find good deals on vintage items and antiques


Paris is of course the capital of many things: fashion, art, food and wine… The Paris Flea Market embodies all these myths. You’ll find many antique shops with French furniture, wine shops, art galleries, vintage clothing… The difference with other Parisian shops? You’ll be more likely to find what you’re looking for at a very good price!

3.) Why not do it with a guide to knows their way around the market?


The Paris Flea Market is a maze. My idea would be to do it with a guide on a walking tour, and that way you won’t get lost. A guide will allow to know your way around the market and more, he’ll tell you about the history, bargaining – French style – and how to get to the market more easily. Learn more about this idea here: Paris Flea Market.

4.) Meet incredible people


One good reason to visit the Paris Flea Market is also… for the people you’ll meet there! Each shop in the market has its own story and each owner and people you’ll meet will have one to tell you – about them, about what they sell, about Paris. You’ll learn things about history, art and fashion… Things you’ll probably never find elsewhere.

5.) A real journey to the past


If you’ve seen the movie Midnight in Paris, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Instead of seeing fictional characters from the past, you’ll see actual history within the lanes of the market. So travelling through is my last reason to visit the Paris Flea Market. Everything here (or almost) is old and has a story to tell. You’ll learn about a piece of furniture made in the 18th century or find century-old watches, newspaper, items of everyday life. A travel into History is one thing to me: priceless.

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