Best Cafes near the Spanish Steps in Rome


Piazza di Spagna also known as “Spanish Steps” is well known worldwide.
In the centre of the square, you will find the famous Barcaccia fountain.
The fountain created by Bernini and his son Gian Lorenzo is a wonderful masterpiece to admire!
Let’s not forget the staircase with its 135 steps! Commissioned by Cardinal Pierre Guérin de Tencin and inaugurated in 1725.
The famous “Spanish Steps” has terraces and beautiful seasonal flowers.
Once in Piazza di Spagna remember to take some photos and then you must visit the many shops and “bar”.
You will taste good coffee, ice cream or you can even stop for lunch.
Let the adventure begin!
Let’s see together which are the best cafes near the Spanish Steps. You can sit and admire the beautiful area and relax while sipping a coffee.

A bit of history

Coffee by Engin Akyurt – Pixabay


In the past, the cafes were known as “Bottega del caffè“.
In these places, people gathered to have tea, coffee or to read, listen to music and play together.
In the eighteenth century, they became the meeting places of the bourgeoisie.
Today the cafeteria has common characteristics to the bar and the restaurant. It serves coffee, drinks, tea and biscuits, sweets and various foods.

Babingtons Tea Room


Latte macchiato by S. Hermann & F. Richter – Pixabay

If you are looking for a place with a British flavour and an adjoining tea room then you are in the right place.
Here you can taste many homemade desserts and biscuits.
You must definitely try the shortbreads! Without forgetting the sablè biscuits with chocolate and orange.. and the classic tea diamonds.
But besides herbal teas and tea, you will find many magical blends. In the shopping area, you will find tea services, accessories, shopping bags, mugs and mugs to buy.
Babingtons is located in Via Piazza di Spagna n. 23.
If you need to book a table, please call 06 678 6027


Antico Caffè Greco 

Caffè by Free-Photos – Pixabay

Antico Caffè Greco is a beautiful place to visit. Was founded in 1760 and overtime was continuously frequented by many intellectuals. Inside here you will find a private art gallery open to the public.
The famous Sala Rossa that you’ll find there appears on the cover of the single by Mia Martini published in 1973.
In via Condotti n. 86 you will find their very comfortable terrace where you can relax and sip an aperitif or a coffee.
The café is open every day, from Monday to Sunday. opening 09:00 – closing 22:00.

Caffè Ciampini di Marco Ciampini 

Coffee by grafmex – Pixabay

You will find Caffè Ciampini in Piazza Trinita dei Monti n. 2.
Between Piazza di Spagna and Villa Medici, you will find a beautiful terrace.
Here you can enjoy an aperitif, coffee, pizza, and more. Without forgetting the delicious desserts and ice creams.
For information and reservations contact the number 06785678 or write to

Bar Frattina 

Strada di Roma by djedj Pixabay

In Via Frattina you will find “Bar Frattina” born after the war in 1956. The bar was the meeting place for painters and directors such as Rossellini and Fellini.
The street is also mentioned in the stories of Trilussa.
In this historical place, you will find refined products. From the coffee shop and artisan-made ice cream.
Here you will find courses of the Roman tradition and artisan-made ice cream.
Without forgetting the cocktail bar.
For more information write a mail at

Numbs bar &  restaurants 

Coffee by youleks da Pixabay

Numbs is a bar and restaurant located near the Spanish Steps.
Numbs is open from breakfast to after dinner.
For breakfast, you can choose the classic Italian breakfast with cappuccino or croissant. If you prefer the international breakfast, you will find many good things!
For lunch or dinner, you will find typical dishes of Roman cuisine. With appetizers, first and second courses, you will love the Italian food. Without forgetting the cured meats and cheeses of Italy.
In the afternoon you can enjoy an ice cream, a dessert or an aperitif as an alternative to good wine.
The kitchen is open until 1.30 am, so you should definitely try it!



Caffè by Anastasia Gepp da Pixabay

Trecaffè literally means “three coffees”.
The bar is a place to sit and relax and admire the view.
It is located in Via Dei Due Macelli and is equipped with a refreshment point with coffee roasting.
Here you will find many tasty dishes to try, sweet and salty foods of all kinds.
I especially recommend you try their breakfast. It’s done in a workmanlike manner and you will not regret it!
For any kind of information, please contact 06 679 0741



caffè by Anastasia Gepp – Pixabay

In the heart of Rome, you will find the beautiful “Ginger” at a stone’s throw from Piazza di Spagna.
You will sit in this relaxing happy place and enjoy wonderful food for your soul.
You can have breakfast, lunch or dinner. Their healthy recipes and selected foods will do the magic for you.
Smoothies and milkshakes will refresh you. You’ll be ready to see the wonders of Rome.
Ginger is located in  Via Borgognona, 43-46.

Chez moi Rome 

bar by Free Photos – Pixabay

If you are looking for a place to relax after a long morning spent admiring Roman art then you are in the right place. At Chez Moi Rome you will find everything you need to recharge and proceed with the Roman tour. The setting is elegant and offers tasty cocktails and exquisite Japanese and contemporary cuisine. The sushi bar restaurant will welcome you with live music, voice and piano.
To book a table, please call 06 6992 2464
The sushi bar-restaurant is located in Via Mario de Fiori n.5