Your plane just land from America and you decided to take 3 days in Paris before carry on your journey all around the world? You just decide to take a long week-end to enjoy the most beautiful city of the world? Here is your planning to visit Paris in just three days!

Day 1: Unmistakable Paris


Paris in 3 days

If I say to you the word “Paris”, whats the first thing that comes to your mind? The Eiffel tower? The Arc of Triumph? Notre-Dame? If you walk along the Seine, from The Eiffel tower (Trocadero Metro Station or Bir-Hakeim), to Notre-Dame. Cross bridges, enjoy the view of Orsay museum, Concorde Square (if you want to see the Arc of Triumph and the Champs-Elysée, just go on the square, near the Obelisk, you can walk through Tuileries Garden and join The Louvre and its pyramid, and then, finally reach this little island on the Seine and enjoy one of the oldest Cathedrale of France.

At night, you can go to Place de la République and just walk near the place, in direction of Oberkampf, and you will be sure to enjoy your first Parisian night. You can do Paris in 3 nights as well as Paris in 3 days.

Montmartre Basilica

Day 2: Montmartre and Museum

Prepare yourself to visit one of the most heteroclite places in Paris. In Montmartre, you will cross tourist, Parisians, artists and different kind of people. Get off the metro at Blanche station and climb the hill! You will cross mythic places, like the Moulin-Rouge, Café des 2 moulins (Rue Lepic, Amélie Poulain’s Café), mills, Moulin de la Galette (Renoir’s painting) and finally, the Sacred-Heart and its beautiful views.

You can decide to picnic in Sacred-heart garden or have lunch in one of the Cafés on Rue des Abesses or nearby. In the afternoon, you can visit a museum, make your choice, Paris is full of museums, big ones and little ones, from The Louvre, to Orsay and thousands of others. If you want to visit the Louvre or Orsay, I advise you to read articles about the best way to visit these museums, such that you will not lose time!

At night, you can just relax, because Paris in 3 days can be really tiring! Furthermore, if you want to discover Montmartre with a true Parisian, you can book a tour with Discover Walks!

Day 3: Left Bank

Left Bank is a good place to spend your last moment in Paris. You will be able to shop where real Parisian does it, you can begin your tour at Saint-Paul station on line 1, and then just get lost in streets near, and you will find hundreds of second-hand shop which make this place really famous!

You can have lunch in a Falafel place, on Rue des Rosier, which are the best of Paris! Then, you can walk and go to Place des Vosges ,the oldest square of Paris, with its pink buildings or you can go to Carnavalet Museum, in Rue des Franc-Bourgeois, which is a museum about Paris history.

At night, you can also have a drink at Bastille, which is closed to the Left Bank and which is a place where Parisian really loves to have a drink with friends! With this program, you will have successfully seen all of Paris in 3 days!

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