The best restaurants in Piccadilly Circus, London

Piccadilly Circus is a very popular tourist destination in London, England’s capital – and rightly so. With close walking proximity to other popular destinations in the bustling metropolis, such as Leicester Square, Regent Street (infamous for the hundreds of shopping stores ranging from vintage shops to high-end designer names), and Shaftesbury Avenue, Piccadilly circus is a centrally-located area that deserves plenty of praise when it comes to London’s best areas. With shopping, restaurants, tourist attractions, cultural events, outdoor spaces, and beautiful architecture, there is no shortage of things to do here on a free Saturday. 

If you are new to the area or you’re just passing through London on your Europe tour, you might find yourself in the neighborhood during breakfast, lunch, or dinner time – luckily for you, there are plenty of options for you to quench your thirst or hunger. 

Kerridge’s Bar and Grill at Corinthia Hotel London

Corinthia Hotel London – By By Bohao Zhao, CC BY 3.0,

Located at the beautiful Corinthia Hotel in London, Kerridge’s is the perfect spot to join for a tasty lunch, exquisite dinner, or a cocktail-hour drink. We Recommend trying the 2 or 3-course tasting menu available Monday to Thursday for lunch and dinner, as this is the best way to enjoy the variety of dishes offered here for the best price.

For meat-lovers, you will thoroughly enjoy this restaurant – you can order the rib of beef with hand-cut chips, or the loin of venison with a cottage pie on the side. If you want to try something a little healthier than the meat-fest that is available here, try the mushroom risotto and the crispy egg. 

To pair perfectly with your meal, we recommend trying the Assyrtiko Thalassitis white wine or the Steiermark for the red wine. Both of these options pair well with either fish or meat to make your palette satisfied. 

Rochelle Canteen

Chicken dinner – By By Author has given permission for Mark Miller to release this image under a Creative Commons license. – From author, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Available for catering or a healthy lunch, Rochelle Canteen changes their menu every day to make sure they are only using the freshest ingredients that are locally spruced. The ever-changing menu means that you will never get bored eating here – as if the local, organized, and freshly sourced veg and meat could be boring if they tried! You can enjoy simple appetizers like bread and butter, olives, and salted almonds to help your hunger pangs while waiting for the first course of watermelon, feta and mint, or pork, rabbit, and prune terrine. For your main course, enjoy a roasted chicken with a tomato salad, or you can try the courgettes, peas, mint, and goat’s curd for the vegetarians out there. 

Scully at the St. James

Arepa – By By Andreadlserrano – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

If you are a little tired of the traditional British food in your London tour, maybe try to broaden your horizons for your next dish. If so, try the Scully at St. James’s, an Asian fusion restaurant that uses the owner’s eclectic palette to really put together interesting flavor combinations that are untried and unheard of. Using flavors that are common in various cultures and combining them into one dish, the head chef here has created memorable dishes like the oyster mushroom appetizer with aleppo pepper and yeast flake sauce, or the yuba tart with vegetable achar and bramley apple. For a main dish, you can try the arepa, eggplant sabla, and the bergamot labneh, a dish originating from South America that combines unique flavors to make a vegetarian friendly hearty dinner. 

Evelyn’s Table, Soho

Indian chinese fusion dish – By By scaredy_kat – Flickr, CC BY 2.5,

Nestled among the busy restaurants in Piccadilly circus, Evelyn’s Table is a great restaurant that makes you feel like you are dining in your friend’s house. Instead of a bougie and bustling restaurant with tons of tourists crowded around your dining space, you will feel like you are friends with an elite chef who has whipped up a gourmet meal just for you.

The food here is a type of Asian fusion that puts the typical noodle dishes to shame. The chef here has extensive experience with fusion cuisine – which diners can tell by the intricate and flavorful menu. The first course typically features fresh fish and fruitful flavors to make for a tangy and sweet starter. For the second course, you might find crunchy tempura and wild mussels, using fresh fish and locally sourced ingredients to make your mouth water for the following courses. 

If you’re thirsty during your dinner, don’t fret – you can pair your dinner with the perfect wine compliment for just £60 per person – keep in mind, in London this is a steal! 

Hide, Mayfair

Gejang – By By derivative work: Caspian blue (talk)Korean.cuisine-Ganjang_gejang_and_banchan-01.jpg: by LWY at flickr – Korean.cuisine-Ganjang_gejang_and_banchan-01.jpg, CC BY 2.0,

Located close by to the perennially busy Piccadilly circus, Hide is an all-day restaurant featured in a three-storey building serving up seasonal, local, and British traditional dishes with a twist. If you are a fan of the typical fish and chips or English breakfast, you will enjoy the twists on the classics here at this eatery – after all, it has been on the list of the best brunches in London for a few years’ running. 

For those who enjoy simple ingredients and simple plates that are flavorful, tasty, and filling, you will love eating here. For dinner, we recommend trying the charred octopus and toasted asparagus to use as starters. For the main course, try ordering the roasted king crab for a savory dish that is sure to blow your mind. 

Since seafood and the dishes here pair well with wine you might be wondering what kind to get – don’t’ worry. There are over 15 sommeliers working t Hide, on hand to help you wash it all down when it comes to getting the perfect glass of red or white to pair with your entree.

Honorable Mentions

These restaurants were not in our top 5, but they are definitely in our top 10! 

Nutshell, Charing Cross

Rovi, Fitzrovia

Carousel, Marylebone

Six by Nico, Fitzrovia

Kol, Marylebone