The Best Jazz Clubs in London

The next time you head to London, United Kingdom for a fun trip with your girlfriends, why not head to a jazz club? Instead of going to the same-old bars and pubs – even though they are GREAT – we recommend trying something new. If you have never been to a live music venue that you enjoy, we can guarantee your thoughts are going to change after you head to one of these well-renowned jazz clubs in England’s bustling capital city. 

The Basement, Shoreditch

The foundry inside – By User:Grim23, CC BY-SA 3.0,

The Basement in Shoreditch is one of the best jazz clubs that you can find in East London. After you grab dinner in the City of London, head to The Basement to enjoy high-energy live music that is sure to keep you awake for the rest of the night! If you want to have a chill night, then you can rest assured this is the spot as well – there are plenty of low-key nights at this jazz club that are ideal for date nights, catch-ups with old mates, and hanging out with family members. 

Waterloo Hidden Jazz Club, Waterloo 

Tower Bridge – By Rafa Esteve – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Everyone loves underground bars and pubs – and jazz clubs are no different. With an underground and speak-easy feel to this jazz club in Waterloo, everyone will enjoy the wide array of musical acts that they bring onto the main stage. With tickets starting at just £20 for the local acts, you can check out some London born-and-bred musicians who are on their way to becoming huge stars. Or, if you’re lucky, you can check out some recent award winners who enjoy the home-grown feel of this eccentric jazz club during the winter months. 

Gigis, Soho/Hoxton

Soho – By Leandro Neumann Ciuffo – Soho, CC BY 2.0,

Gigs in Hoxton is one of the best places to head for a drink – even if you don’t specifically enjoy jazz music. With a rustic interior that has wooden tables, red leather couches, bright murals on the walls, and a green back-lit bar, it feels like something out of a comic book strip and the 1960s. If you enjoy a chilled-out weekend night, Gigi’s is perfect for you – however, if you also enjoy some of the best live music that you can find in all of London, Gigi’s has a few raucous nights that is sure to keep you coming back for more. 

Mrs. Riot, Covent Garden

1907 Covent Garden tube station – By Sunil060902 – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Located right in the thick of things, Mrs. Riot is the perfect name for this bar. Not only is it really in the hustle and bustle of the shopping center of London, but it also is home to some of the most energy-filled live music nights in the entire city. Known for their great food, strong and tasty cocktails, and their jazz nights, you can be sure that everyone will find something they want at this cocktail bar. 

Toulouse Lautrec Jazz Club, Elephant and Castle

Camden Town – By By Horst Michael Lechner – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

If you are into authentic jazz music and want a low-key feel that solely focuses on the beauty of the music, then heading to Toulouse Jazz Club in Elephant and Castle is the place for you. Forgetting all of the hype surrounding cocktail bars – like bright lights, strong drinks, and loud people – the Toulouse Jazz Club merely focuses on jazz. For those who really enjoy listening to up-and-coming jazz artists and classic performances, head here for a dimly lit room filled with candles, low-key ambiance, and a small stage that is up close and personal for watching your ideal performer.

Oriole, City of London

Palace of Westminster

The Palace of Westminster in London, the meeting place of Parliament by Mike Gimelfarb – WikiCommons

The bar at Oriole is enough to make you come back night after night! With a wrap-around bar that has everything you could ever ask for, along with high stools, nearby side tables, and a brightly lit ambiance, you are going to feel like you’re at a swanky London nightclub. It comes as no surprise that with this extensive bar and talented barmen that Oriole is known for their cocktails – but with their jazz nights, they are adding another tool to their arsenal! 

Nightjar, Shoreditch 

Shoreditch – by Fred Romero – Wikimedia Commons

If you love hidden bars, hideaways, underground pubs, and speakeasies, this is the place for you. Nightjar is a Shoreditch speakeasy that makes you feel like you have stepped back in time – if you can find it! Created to help cure the overcrowding of nearby London bars for the locals to enjoy authentic cocktails, great music, and a laid-back space, Nightjar is one of our favorite date-night spots.  

Ricco Lounge, Kensington 

High street Kensington from a side street at night. Photo credit by Bruno Martins on Unsplash.

With trippy decorations, space-like wall coverings, red chairs, and leather sofas, the decorations at Ricco Lounge can make you feel like you have stepped into an alternate universe. With the focus on art eco and strong cocktails, you will love Ricco Lounge – especially since they are known for their swing performers and jazz classics on weekend nights. 

Ninety One Living Room, Shoreditch

Sagardi in Shoreditch – by Sagardi – Uploaded by them

Another Shoreditch favorite, the Ninety One living room is the perfect space to come in and listen to some old-school jazz without all of the hub-bub surrounding the performers. You can simply come here in your finest evening wear, book a front-row table, and sip on some wine while you listen to the latest hits and forever classics. If you love listening to smooth jazz while sipping a cocktail, this Brick Lane spot is the place for you! 

Old Street Records

Our last pick when it comes to the best jazz clubs in the bustling city of London is Old Street Records. With a dimly lit space that has a red undertone, red candles, wooden tables and chairs, and a combination of a sports bar/pub/jazz club feel, Old STreet Records is sure to be everyone’s favorite spot. You can head here for some local artists, new hits, and jazz classics. Want some more peace and intimacy? Head down to the basement to catch your favorite jazz singer with your date of the night.