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10 Best Bakeries in Bologna


The city of Bologna is in ItalyLatin Bononia is the capital of Emilia-Romagna region, located in the northern part of Italy. 

It is precisely to the north off Florence and sits between two rivers, Reno and Savena, to the northern foot of the Apennines, on the Ancient Via Aemilia.

One sure thing about Bologna is that cakes have very beautiful decorations. Above all, the taste is mouth watering. Every other joint has very welcoming staff. 

1. Impero

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Among the top bakeries in Bologna, Impero is top in service delivery. Everything they make tastes delicious from coffee to cakes and sandwiches is very delicious. The staff are appealing despite the many visitors, all leave the bakery happy about the services.

However, due to the demand of their delicious sandwiches, pistachio cosmos and other assorted items, one must be patient for service and also note that dine-in has a charge but take away is reasonably charged. 

2. Aldina Gluten Free

This is a bakery where they only deliver or provide take away otherwise known as takeout. It’s rated 5 stars due to the excellent services accorded to clients. The staff are very friendly and welcoming.

Piadina Vegetariano is superb, served warm is delicious. Their services are exemplary and the staff speak good English and provide an English menu (not common in Bologna!.

This makes it a unique place for everyone to visit and enjoy a takeout, eat-as-you-go kind of a meal.

3. Cremeria da Paolo

It’s simply the best in terms of gelatos. The best stop in Bologna! Of importance to note is that Bologna is regarded as the food capital of Italy, hence the best is better pronounced! The tastes are beyond phenomenal.

Their gelatoes are some of the tastiest things that one can find in the world menus.  All the flavors are amazing but what outstands is the pistachio salato and chocolate. It’s a bit far from the town center, but worth the travel.

4. I Conoscenti Bologna

Many locals and visitors love the place! Great vibe, beautiful, cool bar and restaurant, and all the staff are really friendly. The food can never disappoint. A place worth a treat for guests!

5. Paolo Atti & Figli

A wonderful place in Bologna center to buy bread, desserts, fresh pasta, and more. Everything here is delicious (both to eat and to look at), and the inside has the feeling of a traditional Bolognese bread shop. Definitely worth a stop-in!

6.  Missbake


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For birthday, wedding, engagement or any function cake, this is the place to place your order. 
The owner of Misscake is very accommodating.  Usually, the design of their cakes are beautiful and the flavors are perfect. You never go wrong with Missbake cakes.

7.  Forno Brisa

If you want your day in Bologna to start on the right foot I would definitely recommend this place.
Excellent service, first time in three weeks that I have been in Italy that people are really nice and welcoming to everybody! Fantastic croissants and coffee. Pistachio croissant is a must have!
Pane a lievitazione naturale, pizza in teglia gourmet, pasticceria naturale, specialty coffee, vini  and cocktail”

8.  Gino Fabbri – La Caramella


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Visitors are surprised and delighted to be taken to this little gem by a local from Bologna. From the outside the building is unassuming, even a little odd looking but a modern factory springing from the surrounding field.

They have a gorgeous displays worthy of the finest patisseries in Italy.  They are enveloped in the comforting smell of fresh baking. Delicious coffee, pastries and savories.  A little gem worth visiting!

9. Boavista

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Great aperitivo with quality food. Had a Spritz. Was one of the best ones I have ever had. Buffet is excellent and crew is warm and friendly and the overall place worthy the cost. 

The food was very good and of course a great value if you are very hungry. The service was exceptional. After the aperitivo, the servers make sure customers fill up enough plates before clearing everything.

Even after they take away the food, they ask if we want anything else. The most interesting part is even when a customer says no, staff still bring some bar snacks (olives and chips).

Passed this bar a couple of times and thought it was new. Went in for a drink and was pleasantly surprised. The place is not your typical Bolognese bar more in keeping with somewhere in London.

People visit this place for prosecco. In addition, one is given a substantial plate of tapas, which , to get nibbles with drinks is not unusual in Italy. Good bar with a good vibe.

10. Il Banco del Pane

The best place to stop by for a bag of gluten-free breadsticks and a olive pizza. The owner entices customers to visit many other times by being kind, giving the best service. Locals refer to the owner as really sweet! 

Apart from the owner, every member of staff is very nice. There’s also a map where you can leave a sticker saying where you’re from, which is cool. Worth stopping by–tasty and affordable.

A great place to stop off for a bite when walking along Via Zamboni between the Pinacoteca, the Opera, and the city center. Lovely variety of breads. Charming service.

Unfortunately, there is no where to sit so as you plan a visit, be prepared to pick and go otherwise eat as you stand.

Most of the bakeries in Bologna are a walk in places and normally, do not have a place to rest. However, their cakes are excellent with a mouth watering taste.