How to find a job in Nairobi.


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Job seeking can prove to be a job in itself; especially when there are very many people looking for jobs. One, therefore, needs to be very creative and must do good research on how to look for a job in his or her line of work. There are very many ways that one can get a job in the city of Nairobi and here are a few of them!

1. LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is one of the most popular professional social media platforms in the world. It is on LinkedIn that someone can gain networks as well as opportunities in a purely professional manner. A lot of companies have a presence on LinkedIn, and it is also here that one can get jobs. Navigating LinkedIn is pretty straightforward, plus is not very technical and has a segment that is purely for jobs available in the various companies that one follows. People can also post their resumes and their expertise there. One can also filter the kind of jobs whose adverts they want to see there and this makes it very easy to narrow down the searches. Millions of Kenyans are linked in and many of these people have landed great jobs on this platform!

2. Newspaper classifieds

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Yes, people still put up job adverts in papers. This is one of the most popular and one of the oldest methods of advertising and even though technology has grown and almost overtaken the traditional media channels, most of these channels remain unchanged. Kenya has 5 major newspapers which every so often carries among other things, job adverts. People who post these adverts range from both county and national government offices and agencies, private companies, and even individuals. One can get long or short-term jobs, as well as permanent and contract basis jobs. Different sectors are also covered. One just needs to check the dailies regularly to find the opportunities.

3. Social media

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I know several people in Nairobi who have been fortunate enough to land great jobs that were posted on social media platforms. These platforms include- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Whatsapp. These are also some of the most popular platforms in the country. As the world is moving towards the social media landscape, so are companies and organizations. Many organizations have realized that social media is very important for their operations, and now on top of posting and sharing their activities, services, and products on these platforms, many also share available job opportunities there. These are then shared with millions of people on the platforms and even at this point, by word of mouth, and someone is sure to land a job there! There are hashtags and pages that one can follow online, like #IkoKaziKe, where people post the job openings they have in their companies and people then apply. Another way that companies are using social media is by engaging with influencers- these are people who have a very large following online and therefore can reach many people. These people will then post the job opportunities on their pages or profiles and people can then pick up the application from there. The job adverts usually have links where one can find more information about the job as well as the application process.

4. Online recruiters

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Nairobi is home to online recruiting firms and companies. Recruitment agencies are companies set up by individuals to help companies find the best people for their institutions. These companies are approached by corporates to advertise positions and then they will scout and recruit people on behalf of the companies, and of course, work together with the companies. They have a pool of human resource personnel who prepare the candidates and brief them on the needs of their clients and ensure that the people they are recruiting are up to the task and are fit and experienced enough for the roles. In today’s world, they often operate online to advertise the positions and have different requirements, although a majority of them have physical offices as well. Some of the most popular ones include Fuzu, BrighterMonday, Career Point Kenya, as well as Glassdoor.

5. Company websites and events


Almost all companies in Kenya and even those from other countries have a sort of online presence. One way for companies to showcase themselves in an individual and personalized manner is to have websites. Unlike other online platforms, company websites offer an individual to navigate through a company’s operations in one space. Many companies, therefore, have segments for available opportunities where people can access and apply for jobs. Many people have been recruited by companies through this process.

6. Professional Societies


Kenyans still rely on referrals for jobs. On many occasions, people will refer to former colleagues, mentees, or even classmates for jobs that they feel the person is well qualified for. It is therefore very important for people to create professional networks where they can grow professionally and also get referrals for jobs. Many professions in Kenya also have professional societies for example Institute of Human Resource Management (IHRM), Public Relations Society of Kenya (PRSK), Marketing Society of Kenya (MSK), Institute of Certified Public Accountants (ICPAK), Institute of Engineers of Kenya (IEK), The Media Council of Kenya (MCK), Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board, Event Management Association of Kenya (EMAK), Nursing Council of Kenya, among others. There are over thirty registered professional societies and council bodies, representing most professions. Each of them has its membership criteria and a person of a profession needs to check on the requirements and then register with the society. There are benefits for members of societies and some include networking and having access to available job opportunities. Most companies nowadays prefer people who are registered with a society of their profession, some even having it as a requirement, and they even send job opportunities to these societies for their members to apply!

7. Internships and competitions

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Every person who goes to an institution of higher learning- college or university or training institute in Kenya has to undertake an internship or industrial attachment before graduation. Some will take multiple internships even after graduation and in some cases, one can be absorbed into the company for a role during the duration of the internship or even after the person has graduated! If you are good enough at what you do, and the company has a position or feels the need to keep you, then they sure will!