Lisbon’s #1 Food Tour


2 hours / €55
11am every Friday

booking required
extra small groups

What's in our tour?

The Lisbon Food Tour is a chance to binge on select Portuguese specialty foods, to get to know Lisbon from the inside, to meet some colorful locals, and of course to eat well.

We meet by the elegant statue of Praça Duque da Terceira. Across the way stand the 2 halls of the Mercado da Ribeira food market: the hall of produce, and the hall of street foods. Both are awaiting us.

The group is small, and the guide inquires there and then as to what each guest wants to eat and explore. The guide also provides anecdotes to illustrate the vibrancy and diversity of Portuguese food – there’s a reason they say Portugal is where you can eat the Atlantic ocean.

Our first stop is generally a drink stand: after all, it’s past 11am, we want to drink. It can be fresh-squeezed fruit juice from sun-drenched hills around Lisbon, or it can be more serious – Port sherry from the Duro river banks perhaps. Or else we start with the fishmonger: we have plenty to learn about cod!

After our first stop, the format varies depending on the season and the wishes of each group. Still, we make sure we examine and we sample:
“caldo verde” wedding soup, or perhaps “polvo” grilled octopus
Portugal’s all-out star, cod – cooked 1 of Portugal’s 365 ways
food to escape religious Inquisition
local organic fruit
a range of sweets such as custard pasteis de nata, or caramelized almond tart
and beverages: fresh fruit juice squeezed to order, sparkling “green wine”, or Port sherry.

We take in the energy of Mercado di Ribeira: it’s loud, it’s busy, it’s entertaining. And generations live together.

We make stops at local eateries and drink stands, to sample the foods we’ve just picked, to discuss them, and to decide what we want to eat next. Like any food lover, each tour will make room for the particular season and the delivery of the day.

Your guide is a born-and-raised local with an infectious love of Portuguese cuisine.


  • ample samplings of iconic foods selected for this tour, and new foods you didn’t even know existed
  • anecdotes and fun facts about food and about Portuguese culture
  • face-to-face time with a passionate, local food expert
  • small group, 2 hours, all in English

Where and when?

We meet at the statue at 5 Praça Duque da Terceira. Closest Metro is Cais do Sodre (green line)

The tour runs on Fridays, rain or shine, for 2 hours
The tour starts on time at 11am

Look for our distinctive pink vest.

Why take this tour?

For its careful selection of iconic Portuguese foods: grilled seafood, sweets and desserts etc.
For fun culture shocks from the city where wine is best when it’s green, and with every day comes a new recipe for cod


Lisbon Food tour is €55/adult, €39 for kids age 17 and under


We meet at the statue at 5 Praça Duque da Terceira.


The Lisbon food tour runs on Fridays at 11am, rain or shine, for 2 hours.

Metro station

Closest Metro is Cais do Sodre (green line)

Additional information

Advanced reservation is required and can be made up to 48 hours in advance

Our food tour includes : a tour guide for your walking tour + a sampling of foods.

Food tour does not include : gratuities for the guide (optional)

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