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lisbon city guide catarina

Raised in a mix of Lisbon life and Portuguese countryside, Catarina became a fusion of both: an urban dancer and a biologist. It’s very common to see her looking up and down at every little detail of the city and for any animal or plant, as she goes around every neighborhood of Lisbon.
It’s also very easy to spot her, since recently her hair turned very mermaid-like. As a history lover and a proclaimed geek, she always has an interesting fact to tell to whoever listens, and so, being a guide, she gets to share some knowledge and her deep love for Lisbon and its urban, artistic and natural wonders.
Catarina has always travelled a lot, seen 3 different continents, and danced in Europe and India, but it’s true that there is no place quite like Lisbon. This is the magic she hopes to transmit to its every visitor.


Fahim always had an admiration for cities, no wonder he’s in the urban planning field. That’s why sometimes he might look like a crazy person just observing everything with admiration when roaming around cities.
He’s got a background from three continents! That’s why he loves travelling as he looks at the world as one big country, and Lisbon as home sweet home.
Get to know the funny secrets of how this city of sunshine and water life is what it is today… and please, interrupt him. Sometimes he talks a lot!

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RAIMUNDO lisbon city guide

Raimundo is a 25 year old graduate student of philosophy. Being raised in a town close to Lisbon, Raimundo always believed Lisbon was the place to be, moving to this great city when he was 18. For two non-consecutive years he lived in Paris and, while there, it was clear that only Lisbon could make him happy. He came back, settled in this great city, and everyday he still falls in love for it.
Raimundo loves meeting new people and getting to know their histories. Each tour is for him an adventure! Nothing makes him happier than sharing the love for this city, showing people why Lisbon conquered his heart.
He loves literature and music. Join him, and discover the secret melodies of Lisbon.

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andré lisbon city guide

Born and raised in Lisbon, André loves to get lost inside his own city. André is a singer and loves to be inspired by the little secrets of Lisbon as well as the amazing sightseeing to the Tagus River.
A bit shy but very communicative, André loves to get to know new people and feels very proud to share his thoughts on the city. André loves to travel but doesn’t like to do the typical tourist plan when visiting a new place. André loves to get lost in other cities and feel like a local. That’s also what you can expect from his tour.

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carolina lisbon city guide

Carolina is passionate about travelling and reading. She loves showing you the city and answering all the questions you can come up with.
“Thank you for a most enjoyable tour. Carolina’s enthusiasm and knowledge was most impressive, che was able to answer all the many questions about the history of Lisbon and Portugal that we threw at her.”
Having visited over 20 countries and lived in the North of India and in London, Carolina still says says Lisbon is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Biased? Maybe. Come visit and find out for yourself.

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