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20 Tallest Football (Soccer) Players Of All Time


Height in football is an essential feature that is important for several reasons. Tall players have an upper hand in aerial duels, especially in terms of attack and defence. As a result of their height, they can jump higher and easily get to the ball, which is essential for a team when setting up crosses and set pieces during an offence. The ability to cover more ground and reach higher to make saves makes a height advantage for goalkeepers. Taller athletes have an advantage because their longer legs give them the longer stride length necessary for speed which is important when running.

Although height is an advantage, it is not the only factor that determines a player’s success in football; players must also develop their physical abilities, tactical awareness, and physical fitness to perform at the highest level. In the end, a successful football team needs a mix of players with various qualities and skill sets, and height can contribute to a player’s effectiveness on the field.

As the sport of football develops, more tall players have chosen to play it rather than basketball, and they have gone on to achieve remarkable milestones along the way. Tall players have the dexterity, athleticism, and resiliency necessary for a team to succeed, as evidenced by the numerous victories they have helped their teams to achieve. Let us find out 20 of the tallest soccer players of all time.

1. Simon Bloch Jørgensen

SB Jorgensen photo by Hrse12 – Wikimedia commons

Standing 6 feet 11 inches, Simon Bloch Jørgensen is considered the tallest football player. He plays as a goalkeeper for Waltham Abbey in Waltham Abbey, Essex. Simon’s height is an important feature for him as a goalkeeper since it helps him occupy more space in the post that makes it hard for opponents to score.

2. Yang Changpeng

Yang Changpeng stands at 6’10.5″ and plays forward for Henan Jianye of the Chinese Super League. The Chinese centre-forward spent his entire career playing in his native country. His height helped him win aerial duels and is a lethal head scorer given his advantage to reach the ball at extraordinary lengths.

3. Kristof van Hout

Kristof Van Hout is a goalkeeper for Lommel and a professional football player from Belgium. He is regarded as one of the tallest football players in history at 6 feet 10 inches. Van Hout and Lommel agreed to a one-season contract on May 23, 2022.

4. Vanja Ivesa 

Vanja Ivesa  photo by Ultraslansi – Wikimedia commons

Vanja Iveša, a former goalkeeper for NK Opatija in Croatian football, is now retired. Iveša, who is 6 feet 9 inches tall, played professional football for nearly 26 years for a variety of clubs in Croatia, Turkey, and Australia. Iveša broke the record for the oldest player to have ever competed in the Croatian First Football League on February 17, 2018.

5. Tonny Brogaard

Tonny Brogaard is a Danish football goalkeeper who most recently played for Boldklubben Frem in Denmark’s first division. He is one of the tallest football players, standing at 206 cm (6’9″). Throughout his senior career, he played for Frem, Fremad Amager, Doncaster Rovers, Greve IF, and Avedøre IF.

6. Tomáš Holý

Tomáš Holý photo by EchetusXe – Wikimedia commons

Tomáš Holý is a Czech professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for EFL League Two club Carlisle United. Holý, who stands at 6 feet 9 inches and is one of the tallest football players in the world, is a strong goalkeeper with good kicking and shot-stopping skills. He naturally has an advantage due to his height when covering the goal, gathering crosses, and passing the ball far.

7. Kjell Scherpen

Kjell Scherpen photo by Liondartois – Wikimedia commons

Kjell Scherpen is a Dutch professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Vitesse, on loan from Brighton & Hove Albion of the Premier League and the Netherlands under-21 national team. Standing at 6ft 9 in, his performances earned him a move to Ajax in 2019. He was acquired by Brighton And Hove Albion in the summer of 2021, an English premier league team which in turn gave him on loan to Vitesse.

8. Lucas Bergström 

Lucas Bergström  photo by Evgeny Asmolov – – Wikimedia commons

After signing with Premier League powerhouse Chelsea, Lucas Bergström is from Finland and relocated to the United Kingdom. In 2019, Lucas joined Chelsea’s development academy from the Finnish club TPS. In 2021, he was elevated to Chelsea’s U23 team, where he contested against some of the world’s greatest players. His height of 6ft 9in contributes significantly to his ability to perform at the top of his game as a goalie.

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9. Jason Mooney

Jason Mooney playing for York City against Northampton Town at Bootham Crescent, York on 16 August 2014 photo by Mattythewhite – Wikimedia commons

Jason Mooney is a Northern Irish semi-professional footballer who plays the goalkeeper position. He began playing football in the youth division with Ards, where he won the Youth League Cup in April 2008. Standing at 6′ 8.5″, he is regarded as one of the tallest soccer players. He last played for Donaghadee FC with whom he signed in 2019.

10. Tor Hogne Aarøy

Tor Hogne Aarøy is a Norwegian former football forward. Standing 2.04 m (6 ft 8+1⁄2 in) tall, he is considered to be one of the world’s tallest professional footballers. He is listed as the tallest player in the EA Sports video game FIFA 15 (6’8.5″). His senior career saw him play for  Spjelkavik IL, Aalesund, Frigg, Spjelkavik IL, Rosenborg and JEF United Chiba.

11. Costel Fane Pantilimon

Costel Fane Pantilimon photo by Ben Sutherland – Wikimedia commons

Costel Fane Pantilimon played professionally as a goalkeeper. Politehnica Timișoara served as a foundation club for Costel and it is then that he started his senior year. As a backup to Joe Hart, he joined Manchester City in 2011 on a temporary loan. In the 2013–14 League Cup, which City eventually won, Pantilimon was City’s first-choice player. Before his 2016 move to Watford, he spent one and a half seasons with Sunderland, remaining in the Premier League.

In addition to being chosen for the 2016 UEFA Euro, Pantilimon represented Romania internationally from 2008 until 2017. Standing at 6 ft 8 in, he is regarded as one of the tallest football players ever.

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12. Lacina Traoré

Lacina Traoré photo by Ailura – Wikimedia commons

Ivorian forward Lacina Traoré is a professional football player hailing from the West African nation. He is one of the tallest professional players at 6 feet 8 inches. Before joining Stade d’Abidjan in 2006, Traoré began his career with ASEC Mimosas, the football academy run by Jean-Marc Guillou. He played for a variety of teams, although his most notable clubs were Monaco, Everton, CSKA Moscow, and Sporting Gijón.

13. Stefan Maierhofer

Stefan Maierhofer photo by Werner100359 – Wikimedia commons

Stefan Maierhofer is a professional footballer from Austria who plays as a striker. He is now a free agent and was most recently with the Würzburger Kickers. Between 2008 and 2011, he scored one goal in 19 games for Austria. Stefan, who is 6ft 8 in, has used his height to his advantage and led his teams to success.

14. Zeljko Kalac

Željko Kalac coaching at a pre-season match between Sydney FC and Newcastle Jets. photo by Camw – Wikimedia commons

Zeljko Kalac is a former Australian soccer goalkeeper who is now the manager of Northbridge Bulls. Kalac is the tallest player to have represented Australia’s national football team, standing at 6 ft 8 in and nicknamed “Spider” due to his enormous, gangly build.

15. Nikola Žigić

Nikola Žigić photo by Ronnie Macdonald – Wikimedia commons

Nikola Žigić is a former Serbian football player who played centre-forward. Despite concerns that his height of 2.02 m (6 ft 7.5 in) deemed him better suited to sports other than football, Žigić once finished the season as the top scorer in the First League, domestic player of the year, league champion, and scorer of the winning goal in the cup final.

16. Fraser Forster 

Fraser Forster  photo by Solent Creatives – Wikimedia commons

Fraser Forster is a 6ft 7 in tall English professional footballer who plays goalie for Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur. Forster began his career with Newcastle United and spent time on loan with Stockport County and Bristol Rovers. Despite his big stature, Forster is extremely agile. In one-on-one circumstances, he appears to amplify his already massive stature to an onrushing opponent to prevent them from scoring.

17. Peter Crouch

Peter Crouch photo by Jan S0L0 – Wikimedia commons

Peter Crouch is an English former professional footballer who played as a striker. He holds the record for the most headed goals in Premier League history and is one of 33 players who have scored 100 or more goals in the league while standing at 6 feet 7 inches. Crouch, a tall forward with a lean build, was well-recognized for having a superb first touch and a keen eye for goal despite his height.

18. Dan Burn 

Dan Burn  photo by Nick – Wikimedia commons

Daniel Johnson Burn is an English professional footballer who currently plays for Newcastle United in the Premier League. Daniel Burn, who is 6ft 6in, uses his height to ensure his team’s defence stays intact.

19. van der Sar

Edwin van der Sar playing for Manchester United F.C. photo by Austin Osuide – Wikimedia commons

Edwin van der Sar is a retired professional football player who played goalie during his career. Van der Sar, at 6ft 6 in, was a large, athletic, yet slender goalkeeper who excelled at coming off his line to handle crosses due to his height and physique. An intelligent goalkeeper, he was also known for his calm composure, longevity, and ability to organise his defence, in addition to his reflexes, excellent positional sense, and shot-stopping abilities.

20. Asmir Begović

Asmir Begovic of Chelsea gives out orders photo by joshjdss – Wikimedia commons

Asmir Begović is a Bosnian professional footballer who plays goalie for Everton in the Premier League. Asmir’s 6ft 6in height has helped him reach lofty shots or crosses into the box. His big statute also provides a wider target for opposing players to aim at, making scoring more difficult.

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