Best Cheese Shops in Los Angeles


Best Cheese shops in Los Angeles

Cheese shop by Sharon Hahn Darlin Licensing from Wikimedia Commons

Is there a cuisine that is more ideal than cheese? If so, we haven’t given it a go. Choose a cheese store from our list of the best in Los Angeles and savour creamy, salty, tangy, (and occasionally odiferous) delicacies.

These shops also provide some of the greatest sandwiches, cheese boards, and charcuterie plates in the city. All of these locations provide a wide range of alternatives for picnic ideas, dinner party menus, and—okay, fine—any time you want to indulge yourself. Some of them also serve as wine shops or lunch places. Even a vegan alternative is available! utter “cheese”.

1. The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills

Cheese platter

Cheese platter by Peachyeung316 from Wikimedia Commons

Welcome to the land of milk. The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills is a destination for anyone looking for a last-minute dinner party present or a hard-to-find cheese kind. It is filled with rounds, slabs, wheels, slices, and wedges of cheese. Additionally, CSBH’s twice-monthly cheese tastings are concrete evidence that Los Angeles has an epicurean culture if you know where to look.

The shop, which has French windows and a retractable roof, has the sensation of a secret hideaway. Years ago, a fine dining restaurant occupied the area, but it is now a wonderful venue for the gourmet cheese shop’s upscale events. Each CSBH tasting has a different locale-specific theme (Southern Italy, Bordeaux, Spain, basically wherever you’d like to go on your honeymoon), and it includes two delicate wines.

2. DTLA Cheese

Cheese cafe

Cheese cafe by Pfctdayelise from Wikimedia Commons

They also own the Cheese Cave in Claremont, and a love of dairy runs in the family—their father established Alta Dena Dairy—so Lydia and Marnie Clarke’s modest full-service, cut-to-order cheese store and cafe are tucked away in Grand Central Market.

Aside from a mouthwatering array of more than 100 cheeses, DTLA Cheese also provides a small selection of Nicole Rucker’s baked goods, made-to-order platters, a menu of sandwiches, and other cheesy treats from chef-partner Reed Herrick.

3. Milk farm

Cheese plate

Cheese plate by Missvain from Wikimedia Commons

Small-batch cheeses, charcuterie, and other handcrafted culinary items are Milkfarm’s speciality, with the majority coming from individual manufacturers headquartered in Los Angeles. To create the shop’s large variety of cheeses, each cheese is hand-selected, taste-tested, and curated.

Along with cheese and charcuterie platters, freshly baked bread, pastries, and other small nibbles, you can also find made-to-order sandwiches here. Grab a bottle of beer or wine and place a couple of food orders at the communal table inside the store. Additionally, you may register for workshops, “Meet the Maker” events, raclette evenings, tastings, and wine and cheese pairings.

4. Say Cheese


Cheese by Sarah Stierch from Wikimedia Commons

One of the kindest people you’ll ever meet behind a cheese counter is chef and owner Glenn Harrell. Stop in to pick up anything for a dinner party or picnic and you’ll probably leave with tons of gained information because he is knowledgeable and wants you to learn, too (and a few extra rounds of cheese).

You’ll be asked where you’re going, what you enjoy, and engaged in talks about consistency and odour. The experience isn’t hurried here. The store has operated without a hitch for just over 35 years, a remarkable achievement in a neighbourhood that is changing so quickly and proof of Harrell’s commitment to the locals and cheese lovers.


Cheese squares

Cheese squares by Famartin from Wikimedia Commons

This gleaming, modern newcomer cheese shop and homeware store have wine, crackers, canned goods, spices, dishware, speciality foods, and anything else you could possibly need to host a spectacular party.

The cheese selection is wide-ranging and international, and if you find one you like, you may even order a cheese plate for one (you know, to nosh and refuel so you can keep shopping).

Looking for something more filling? Daily full-size cheese and charcuterie platters are available at KUSTAA, along with a variety of gourmet sandwiches that frequently feature—you guessed it—a lot of cheese. For optimal results, grab a dish and a glass of wine before heading to the terrace.

6. Vromage

Those who are vegan or lactose intolerant who have passed by the various cheese stores in Los Angeles and longed to step inside their dairy-filled interiors may now rejoice. The only totally vegan cheese shop in Los Angeles is Vromage. You read that correctly; Youssef Fahouri, the owner, creates and stocks a range of aged “cheeses” created from nuts and seeds.

There are just nuts and seeds at this location, including cashews, macadamias, pine nuts, pistachios, almonds, Brazil nuts, walnuts, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, \sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, and poppy seeds. Whew! Along with its famous cheeses, Fahouri also serves a selection of salads, gluten-free open-faced sandwiches, and Crunch Pizzas, which are made with vegan cheese and crackers.

7. Cheesemongers of Sherman Oaks

Seven cheese platter

Seven cheese platter by Andrea Goh from Wikimedia Commons

In addition to a substantial range of charcuterie (prosciutto, jamon, speck, pâté, and salumi) and accompaniments like honey, jam, olives, chocolates, and more, this Sherman Oaks store provides a wide variety of handcrafted cheeses from across the world. They’ll make a great, daily menu of cheesy $8 sandwiches using the same ingredients, and their picnic boards are a thing of beauty (and don’t even need to be ordered in advance!).

Want to enrol in a course? You may join the cheese club, which will send you over a pound of carefully chosen cheeses at the beginning of each month, in addition to the rolling roster of workshops that go beyond Cheese 101 (Goudas and Blues, anyone?).

8. Andrew’s Cheese Shop

Best Cheese shops in Los Angeles

cheese by Pfctdayelise from Wikimedia Commons

This modest specialized store has been a destination for local cheese enthusiasts for more than ten years. Purchase artisanal cheeses here. (The store’s catchphrase is “This Place Stinks!” (“Har har,” Find locally created spreads, jams, tapenades, and roasted macadamia nuts for the ideal accompanists.

You may ask any questions and get assistance from the team, which includes Andrew, in addition to finding your preferred cheeses. Check their website for a calendar of daily activities, such as classes and the well-known grilled-cheese-and-beer night. Also, don’t be surprised if Andrew has strong opinions about your choice of cheese; they are well-known for having grudges against a number of other well-liked creameries.

9. Farmshop

Best Cheese shops in Los Angeles

cheese shops by Andrea Goh from Wikimedia Commons

Brentwood Country Mart’s Farmshop, a restaurant, bakery, and market, is the one-stop shop for Angelenos with an expense account, from neighbourhood mums in Brentwood to everyone in Hollywood.

Jeffrey Cerciello, the chef-owner and former right-hand man of Thomas Keller, never makes a mistake and always puts a premium on seasonal, local foods. A gourmet’s paradise, the market side offers a wide selection of cheese wedges, crackers, locally and domestically created canned foods, pantry essentials, fresh fruit, and wine (so much wine).

10. Cheese Cave

Best Cheese shops in Los Angeles

cheese shops by Rama from Wikimedia Commons

Sisters Lydia and Marnie Clarke, aka DTLA Cheese, are the proprietors of Cheese Cave. The Cave, on the other hand, is where they started off and is renowned for having a wide variety of remarkable, award-winning cheeses, as well as boutique wines, regional beers, and artisan salumi.

Grab a slice to go or put together the cheese board of your dreams; if you know another cheese fan, buy them a gift card so they can enjoy the satisfaction of choosing (and tasting) these delectable alternatives on their own.

A visit to the cheese shop is a great idea whether you’re looking for a day out in the picturesque tranquillity of the country, want to watch and learn about cheese making through the viewing galleries and videos, want to learn more about local agriculture and dairy farming, or just want to buy delicious cheeses.