The top 5 pastries to try while in Paris are a must that cannot be avoided! Even if you do not consider yourself as a big food lover, let me tell you that there is no way you may resist trying the top 5 pastries of Paris. Those top 5 pastries somehow embody the culinary subtleties of French food that you encounter in the daily life of Paris.

My favourite pastry, and the must within the top 5 pastries to try while in Paris is the “croissant aux amandes”, the almond croissant. I find the taste of a warm croissant aux amandes absolutely stunning.

It is the perfect pastry to eat at breakfast if you wish to begin your day wearing a large smile on your face and feeling as cosy and relaxed as possible. But beware! Good almond croissant with marvellous marzipan are not that easy to come by.

One of the best almond croissant can be found in the Kayzer bakeries (metro station Maubert Mutualité on line 10, or Duroc metro station on line 10, or near the square Vendôme).

Top 5 pastries to try while in Paris

The following pastry in the top 5 pastries to try while in Paris is the famous ‘éclair’. As the translation of this pastry implies, the taste of it is as striking as a lightening!

There are several flavours of éclairs nowadays, but the traditional and most popular flavours are the coffee éclair and the chocolate éclair. Those rolled choux pastry filled in with thick pastry cream are often used as symbols to represent the typical French pastries.

The best place to get an ‘éclair’ is in ‘L’Eclair de Génie’ at 14 rue Pavée, near the metro station Saint Paul in the Marais area. It is closed on Monday though so watch out.


Now, one of my other big favourite among the top 5 pastries to try while in Paris is the lemon pie with meringue on the top! In French, ‘la tarte au citron meringuée’ is the must for people who enjoy delicate, smooth and subtle pastries.

The best pastry chef in Paris, Pierre Hermé, makes exquisite lemon pies. Waking up at the end of this dreamlike degustation is a very hard experience to endure but it is definitely worth it!


4th position in the top 5 pastries to try while in Paris: the fruit pie. If you think that you are likelier to enjoy fresh and light pastries because you fear getting nauseous if they are to fat and greasy, the fruit pie is for you!

It is not particularly complicated but it is delicious nonetheless. And of course its bonus is important: you do not feel heavy all day after eating it. Good fruit pies can be found in any good bakery that is not to close from touristic landmarks of Paris.


At last, the last pastry of the top five pastries to try while in Paris is the revolutionary and world-wide famous macaroon! I hope you are a very determined and efficient otherwise you will have a terrible time trying to decide which macaroon you are going to try.

In fact there are so many flavours that one can easily be overwhelmed by the situation. Choices will be hard but you must give it a try nevertheless. The two best establishments to enjoy macaroons are La Durée (one in the Champs Elysées and one near Tuileries metro station and square Vendôme on line 1), and Pierre Hermé (near Opéra on line 8).

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