The Ultimate Prague Shopping Guide


You might not immediately think of Prague when you think of the best European shopping – maybe you think of Milan, London, or Paris. Even though it wouldn’t be your first choice instinctually, it should.

With a plethora of markets, malls, boutique shops, vintage stores, and Czech-owned clothing stores, Prague has a host of shopping that will fit any person’s style, budget, and preference.

Curious about where to start? Well, keep reading to dissect the Czech shopping scene and educate yourself on the ultimate Prague shopping guide.

Here are some of the best places to go shopping in the Czech capital…

1. Pragtique

Image: Wikimedia

This shop is so cool – we feel cooler even just stepping foot into this brightly lit and minimalist space. With witty designs printed on T-shirts, cute tote bags, and various accessories, Pragtique is the perfect place to duck into when you want to get out of the Old town Square’s madness.

With two locations in Prague, one just off of the Charles Bridge, possibly the most iconic landmark in the city, and one right near Wenceslas Square, the second-most famous square in the city, there are two convenient shops that you can get to after a long day of sightseeing.

2. Fashion Arena

Prague shopping – By By Karelj – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Are you a brand snob? Well, look no further. Head out of Old Town and take the shopping shuttle to this virtual-suburb – that’s how far away it feels from the craziness of the center of town. However, the craziness has just begun.

An outlet mall of over 200 labels, this huge arena offers extensive tax-free shopping for those who are interested in high-end and designer brands.

3. Vnitroblock

Footshop Praha, Vnitroblock – By Jan Nosek / CC BY-SA (

This cavern provides a rustic and industrial vibe. With an open floor plan, specialty coffee, a dance studio, mini-cinema, and various events being hosted here, we love this open-air type feel and wooden accents, providing a modern vibe that makes shopping fun again.

4. Bohemian Retro

Zizkov kostel – By VitVit / CC BY-SA (

Into second-hand shops and antiques? Bohemian Retro in the Zizkov neighborhood has vintage clothing, both men’s and women’s, and many pieces of jewelry.

Recommended by The New York Times‘ “36 Hours in Prague” and the Irish Times, this store hosts an impressive collection of vintage clothing that is mainly from the former Czechoslovakia.

5. Rocking Horse Toy Shop

Vendor in Marionette Store Prague Czech Republic – By Adam Jones, Ph.D. / CC BY-SA (

Looking for a gift to bring back for your cousin? Go beyond the tourist traps and pass right beyond the gates of Prague Castle. Instead, head to this toy shop, a small boutique that is filled with wooden toys and games for children.

We are tired of toy stores that build all of their toys with cheap, hard plastic. I mean, I wouldn’t like that if I was still a child. You don’t have to worry about that here – all of the toys are free of cheap plastic, providing a handmade and authentic feel.

6. Wolfgang

Clothing racks in second hand shop Prague – By MAKY.OREL / CC BY-SA (

In recent years, Prague has been blessed with many young fashion minds and creative tendencies. Instead of just boring chain-store clothing, there are fancy boutiques that the younger generation would love to frequent.

This one of a kind clothing brand has three distinctive sections: Lazy, Fine, and Classy. Each section caters to the different personalities – or needs – of customers. With a simple, minimalist, and timeless apparel and accessories, we love this shop.

7. El Nino Snow and Skate Shop

Skateboards in a shop – By NoX / CC BY-SA (

Coming to fame within the past decade, this shop has been turned from a small one-floor shop to a three-floor store, offering a huge variety of urban clothing, snowboard and skate equipment, skates, sports shoes, and other outdoor apparel and gear.

Arguably the best place in the city to buy cool and stylish skatewear, the variety here provides a modern vibe, with many known brands like Planet Earth, Volcom, and Roxy.

8. Shakespeare and Sons

Bookstore Prague Czech Republic – By Adam Jones, Ph.D. / CC BY-SA (

Looking for a good book to read during your vacation? You’re probably happy to hear that shopping in Prague is more than just fashion, fancy glass work, and Czech souvenirs.

Although there are many bookstores that offer reading in many genres throughout the city, one of the most famous and infamous bookstores is Shakespeare and Sons. This shop has an amazing collection of English books for the throngs of tourists consistently visiting, and provides plenty of comfortable seating and nooks and crannies for some light reading during a rainy day.

If you get lucky while hanging out here, you might also be lucky enough to enjoy a live music show or an open mic. This is a great spot during your shopping, and especially for a solo traveler looking to read in a relaxed space.

9. Kotva Department Store

Kotva – By VitVit / CC BY-SA (

Kotva is a 5-story shopping mall where you can find everything – and anything – you may need at a cheap price. During the time of construction back in the 1970s, it was the largest department store in the Socialist Republic. Today, it focuses on fashion, brands, accessories, and some home goods.

Not just a shopping mall or a place for jeans, this department store is now known as a cultural monument. Come here when you are trying to find some basic pieces, searching for cheap souvenirs, and looking for a place to escape the cold weather.

10. Cerna Ruze

Praha Cerna Ruze front view – By Jar / CC BY 3.0 CZ (

Looking to go shopping in Old Town? Cerna Ruze is one of the best brands, offering a range of products from Bohemian crystals to modern fashion pieces. You get to buy something of everything at this extensive shopping complex in the heart of Prague, providing you with some of the best gifts to bring back overseas.

There you have it – a mini-guide on the Prague shopping scene! Check out one, some, or ALL of these unique and totally-Czech shops on your next vacation.